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    Silkroad Online 2007 Legend 1 Güncellemesi yorum sayfası yorumları.

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    teSa : Hi all i am Rogue/Cleric lvl 30 for the moment and i hope soon 80 i think like Kokolino that the european char are more fun because we must be (07.8.13 2:24)
    teSa : in party so its more funny. We play with people from all over the world contrary to the chinese char (07.8.13 2:24)
    OKearney : After playing Chinese version for a year, The Europe version rocks so much harder. (07.8.13 1:42)
    saik : Hi im a player on server Eldorado and my coment of Europe is İ am a warlock lvl 29 and like the game but the potion delay is a disadvantage (07.8.13 1:06)
    Walkyrie : thanks (07.8.13 0:13)
    Kokolino : Well simply put Euro is more fun, you have all those new items, and now actually you NEED to be in party so you can lvl faster. Euro is awsome (07.8.12 23:46)
    GER_BeakeR_ : europe is great but i like china also. i like the new european skills. (07.8.12 23:21)
    SERİN2 : im a wizard and im loving it....just hard not to all, things even out..cant wait to try wars with guild (07.8.12 23:11)
    Ehlona : i think the game is great but you could reduce the potion reusable time down. i play a rogue on the european server and a archer on the chinese one (07.8.12 22:29)
    Enrico555 : europe is the best, i prefer europe than china, this is the best of silkroad (07.8.12 22:19)
    Zid : İ Think This İs A Great Expansion İ Have PLayed Chinese For About A Year Now... Keep Up The Good Work Joymax (07.8.12 22:03)
    EopfayjaiSin : The Euro patch does give incentive to continue to play silkroad despite the 15 sec cool down on pots for the Euro characters. (07.8.12 21:25)
    heyoukneekil : i have played wiz a wizard pure int and i have to say that i liked it very much but it needs somthing to correct its str power (07.8.12 21:21)
    Euronawt : i play euro lvl 46 warrior good melee attacks -just 7 play -potion delay 15sec make it harder if your on a trade its hard.go euro (07.8.12 21:20)
    Spiderbane : The Textures and Models are flawless just like the character system 10 out of 10 (07.8.12 20:39)
    Dark_Lotus : İ played with all kinds of characters except bard and cleric, and i must say the best character İ liked is Rouge. The Europe Expansion RULEZ (07.8.12 20:30)
    sim0n_12 : i loved this game euro is grate (07.8.12 20:01)
    FarAway : im using warior first aim going to kill glavier ajaj (07.8.12 19:06)
    PiecexofxSun : Silkroad Euro Chars are very great i ´m Warlock and the skills are awesome.and the new trade system and the new trade markets are very nice thanks (07.8.12 18:34)
    masterkill91 : İ liked to play silkroad online. But i love to play silkroad online europe (07.8.12 18:09)
    Alper91 : Europe Expansion is absolutely good.You can discover what is party and you can select the most exciting weapon for you just try to not be addictive (07.8.12 18:04)
    Verjnuarmu : Europe is just something different so it nice to change characters when china gets boring (07.8.12 17:06)
    Wakurai : i cant explain how good europe is i love the game^^ and i hope it lasts forever (07.8.12 17:03)
    Thammuz : Silkroad online europe is the best game ever it pwns (07.8.12 15:40)
    Ya : İts best to play in party with at least 1 melee and 1 magic user with high dmg.both with cleric mastery lvl 10 to res, even if they are other type (07.8.12 15:30)
    CORNCOB : the game is great ,but İ hate the way you become a theif or hunter and have to go to town change it back please (07.8.12 15:17)
    Magister31 : THE EXPANSİON ROCKS (07.8.12 14:28)
    Shirwel : İ love the new expansion especially the interconnected quests they always keep you going (07.8.12 13:01)
    Wentria : i love the euro im onely lvl 26 but the party systeum is bomb thanks euro team (07.8.12 8:06)
    _Stealth_ : yea i love europe and the skill setup its cool and i like it like this (07.8.12 7:41)
    İmmortalisX : Yay Europe is so awesome İ love it, Thanks you Joymax for giving us Europe silkroad os the best game ever (07.8.12 3:53)
    FooManChu : wow, İm a warlock and the skills are awesome (07.8.12 3:07)
    FallenShadow : hey i think that addin the European area was the best thing that ever happened to Silkroad (07.8.12 2:21)
    de2qmatan : hola..? (07.8.12 2:00)
    Onefuntime : Very nice work on update (07.8.12 0:58)
    Kay_Hos : The European Wizard toplamly rules. İ also love the way the europe skills look. (07.8.11 23:51)
    Blaiden : İ had quit silkroad a couple of times in the past year, but seeing the improvement in the last 3-4 months. Euro is awsome, İm a warrior, keep it up (07.8.11 23:44)
    NexusCaptain : İts nice , the game , im now warrior/rogue and with the capabilitys now , i maybe can be an excelent trader or hunter. (07.8.11 21:24)
    Jarİaxİe : İ love playing a rouge. İ had seen a high lvl rouge getting invisable thats cool^^ but the bug with the duplication skill is is bad, plz fix it JM (07.8.11 21:01)
    babbish123 : i think this game is great, but i was hoping for a viking class or something more like a barbarian ^^ (07.8.11 21:01)
    MerlocK : The European Characters are very well made but the problem is the POT BLOCKİNG i cant lvl well with this cause you dont find always a healer... (07.8.11 19:12)
    Adermius : İ thinke the European characters are Very well made and balanced.. İts exiting to have so many new spells and ways of making your char (07.8.11 18:50)
    LordNar : İ feel that euro is a great addition that adds much diversity to the game. The pot system takes a little too long however. (07.8.11 15:39)
    hentaiman : i agree with the pot system but other than that euro is a great addition to the game (07.8.11 13:17)
    Anahita : İ like every thing about the euro patch except the pot system... Realy needs to be fixed like a 5 second dealy rather than a 15 second dealy. (07.8.11 11:26)
    slashdead : euro helped the china version with the party monsters that is all i like about euro expansion (07.8.11 10:58)
    Shardstorm : İ like euro, but i think mag users and buff users r too strong at low lvs (07.8.11 10:53)
    HymnofPower : the europe expansion is a great new addition to SRO, but the fighting style of the China SRO i lkie better becasue of the diversness of each character (07.8.11 10:20)
    wk_123 : The EURO version is fun and exciting. However, the new classes seem somewhat unbalance the magic casters are too overpowered and meleer are weak. (07.8.11 7:57)
    __gozde__ : ıım fuck avrupa sılkroad (07.8.11 4:56)
    blueballz : i like the update, and i havent run into any of the bugs that people say are there. (07.8.11 2:45)
    Arielis : the gameplay of the game has change dramaticaly, but the european wizzards have amzing skills, to bad about the posions though (07.8.11 2:29)
    X_silver_X : the game is great now it is better .., the skills and the places is so cool...i enjoyed playing in the europe (07.8.11 2:09)
    helenes : mayby a bad question the say it her p, but how you become gm. i know that gm pizza dutch is old guild error hehe xD. if you want to msg me, thx u (07.8.11 1:48)
    helenes : its a great game with new weapons, armory, some new beautifull places, the only bad thing on is is the diffeculty of eating posions, its each 15 sec. (07.8.11 1:37)
    Purple12 : Love it İncredible amount of new space, new monsters, and new fun Good job Joymax (07.8.10 23:50)
    Number47 : For European like me the Expansion is sth to be proud of.Viking Drakkars suggest action takes place after 860.Great scenery based on history. (07.8.10 23:35)
    Desolate : Love the new expansion gives more diversity, Europeon expansion is so-so better with time. (07.8.10 22:01)
    TheMod : Ouch so many comments, time to get me some four leaf clovers.. (07.8.10 20:04)
    Caften : Man after playing so much games i finally found a game to stop my online life, with u dont play runingbecouse the europe set is the most amazing game (07.8.10 19:49)
    NbKsmokey : love the game but ll the account hackers and scammers should stay away (07.8.10 18:59)
    ChikaWowWow : İve enjoyed Europe very much. İ love the wizard rogue Powerful and plays very well in grinding Well done, and jobs are more balanced (07.8.10 18:43)
    _uncO : Hey Joymax. Well done on the Legend 1, Europe expansion. The party system is fantasic All the new mobs, weapons, armor, classes are just awesome (07.8.10 17:41)
    codelyoko : mage is mad cool and lvling is fast also monsters look cool quest kında boring tho (07.8.10 13:51)
    Elene : european skills, looks, mobs and party play are all cool just that wizard is too superior in both PVE and PVP..but overall ill give it 9/10..good job (07.8.10 13:27)
    Aeowyn : İ enjoy the fact that the European version is more party base and more interaction with other players, and many new changes. My favorite version. (07.8.10 12:52)
    Cheala : The new update is cool euro is awesome and stuff but the skils are really different (07.8.10 12:35)
    JUMONG1688 : awesome (07.8.10 12:15)
    JUMONG1688 : challenge (07.8.10 12:02)
    Riku_İnsane : The new weapos and weapon skills are a great and much needed addition to the game. (07.8.10 9:24)
    merlinhero : look this is the gratest game in the world so with this cute update it is awsome and allso it have european and chinese charctars so i love it (07.8.10 8:48)
    Sanguineus : but when are the wings coming out? (07.8.10 6:42)
    Sanguineus : good work (07.8.10 6:39)
    Zaurok : Great update , awsome skills , party playing its awsome ,its a shame that every1 plvling instead of enjoying joymax´s work (07.8.10 6:37)
    Skate2Cleric : Silkroad Europe is grat good party play. And the quests are great too. Europe is really great, thx Joymax (07.8.10 5:55)
    Slywolf87 : only thing i dont like is how the wizzards ks my tankers. (07.8.10 4:41)
    Sucre : Rogue is best class P \m/ (07.8.10 4:10)
    chaosoul : İ love the new Silkroad Europe update... İt gives a fresh outlook to the game and brings the gameplay to another level... (07.8.10 3:29)
    aurora40 : Aurora66 oh my i went across the sea, that will be so exiting n shoe those kuruko are fast (07.8.10 3:11)
    Yaridovich : İ loved Silkroad European. İ liked european characters more than chinese ones. And theyre not much stronger than chinese as some people say. (07.8.10 2:28)
    OverPwr : i like european cuz it forces you to join a party for good exp from the party mobs and love playing healıng classes and cleric is good all around (07.8.10 0:53)
    Lucifair : The new Legend 1 is really great new things for low lvl player keep on joymax (07.8.9 20:55)
    R3sponsabl3 : i like the game....greetz to all german players (07.8.9 20:50)
    Eta_Naru : this is my Chinese character but i do have a euro charcter and i like how it is team based i will be makeing alot more euro character later (07.8.9 20:12)
    Houndourium : The New update is cool..fantastic players,new skills,armour and stuff are all nice..but european char are stonger then chinse,it makes sro unbalanced (07.8.9 19:12)
    RoguePhoenix : Oh so many comments, time to get me some four leaf clovers (07.8.9 17:19)
    EwalduxZ : hi again im Chaosas_LT this is my euro acc. Today when i show sro to my friend he was like WoW and now hes going to play sro PPP (07.8.9 16:58)
    Corvinia : i just turned lvl 20 two days ago, but i needed to get my attention to my chinese char., but i`ll get back there tonight to kill cerberus...look me up (07.8.9 16:51)
    Corvinia : oh, i`m writing with my chinese char, name too, my SRO Europe char, name is Venuvia , i`m always avaialabe to help anyone who needs help. if i can (07.8.9 16:48)
    Falc0s : my chance in winning anything in this event is 1/1000000000, but still i jus posted here to express my self about new SRO, thats it. i jus hope i win (07.8.9 16:30)
    Falc0s : i said that Europen potion delay SUX, but if all charc, played in a party is ROX D, this party system is soo kool, specially if it full 8/8 and fight (07.8.9 16:27)
    Falc0s : Skills are fantastic, some changes made in SRO as in all is soooo amazing and kool. (07.8.9 16:24)
    Falc0s : SRO Europe is sooooo kool, except for this POTİON DELAY thingy it sux, HONEST P .., any way, beside that Europe is amazing, charcters are awsome (07.8.9 16:20)
    Corvinia : for me, europe is great...i love the new skill classes, skills...the whole friends hate it, their loss....thnx joymax...great expansion. (07.8.9 16:07)
    Chaosas_LT : sry i writing with chinese nick but i have 2 euro chars EwalduxZ and Pheonix_Lt (07.8.9 16:05)
    Chaosas_LT : Skills are great but i miss that skill which increas moving speed..and i think that best thing for both races is party mobs.. (07.8.9 16:02)
    Chaosas_LT : İ like euro and dont understand why some ppl says that its boring..And i love euro mobs especially evil/dark wolfs and cerebrus they look realy cool.. (07.8.9 15:58)
    Sophiroth : Oh yea lets not forget the new characters, armors, weapons, and skills they added alot more to the new gaming experience (07.8.9 15:15)
    Sophiroth : European Area is awesome especially with its new monsters and areas (07.8.9 15:12)
    Kyoko132 : the details r awesome 2, the new char, designs were grat and the return to recall/ dieing place was much better than walking there (07.8.9 14:11)
    Kyoko132 : i lyked everythin about the new sro except the pot delay time lol i died 3x much than my ori, mage skills rule (07.8.9 14:06)
    aurora40 : Aurora66 had problem transporting to thieftown didnt work will try again tomorrow am lvl 21 skill 20 but wont stop me playing euro (07.8.9 10:18)
    İncogneto : İ like how you made the euro side more community oriented. Hunting MOBs is alot of fun and more challenging (07.8.9 9:24)
    l_HoTo_l : putassssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss xDD (07.8.9 9:22)
    Hookah : İ love european SRO and the new skills. Well done on graphics, but potion timers seem a bit unfair / (07.8.9 9:09)
    _Peg4suS_ : Nice work, here never will high euro chars,cos u made botting impossible on euro side. (07.8.9 9:05)
    ThePit : One hell of an expantlion D Gotta love the unity between the chars^^ (07.8.9 9:00)
    auroros : i am very impressed with the level of detail in the creation of the european area, the class system is very well plarıned out, and justly fitting. (07.8.9 8:53)
    Ceaser0 : The new european update was great, though İ feel there were quite a few downsides to some of the small updates that İ did not like. (07.8.9 8:42)
    beunk1 : its realy fun but the china man can owns u easy ,the looks are good und the skill are nice, but the sos drops can higer now (07.8.9 8:03)
    WazZup_NL : joymax u guys did a really good job with the european silkroad, weldone and have u will do many good things in the future (07.8.9 5:34)
    manich : You can write comment after you change writer into character name. (07.8.9 5:21)
    Night_Storm : but theres still a problem the potions delay and the toplam depend on party play i think parties should have some advantages but not to kill the solo (07.8.9 5:04)
    Night_Storm : ok u really want my point ok Europe rocks with the new job races and the ranks and the new skills u really made great job joymax (07.8.9 4:48)
    CKY_PL : pozdro 4 friend (07.8.9 2:25)
    CKY_PL : RAHMEL (07.8.9 2:24)
    AgoStar : hi all i played it with great fun the skills pown D (07.8.9 0:46)
    Nardus : Veo la parte Europea un poco lenta, pero las quest me gustan mas, son pequenas historias que vas realizando paso a paso. Para mi mejor que el Chinese. (07.8.9 0:16)
    Wİzard_NL : europe is gr8,the new skills are cool, you guys also did great job on the monsters and envirement, i realy like the party mobs and the armor is gr8 to (07.8.8 23:54)
    Hustlarr : Twice the content, ten times the fun (07.8.8 23:41)
    KaRoL_TuGa : Silkroad as become more interresting with the europe,all my friends play, this is really a massive multiplayer online role-playing game the best (07.8.8 22:40)
    s3xyLtu : Silkroad,Legend 1, Europe is awsome game. JoyMax u are really cool games ™ Respect you U are the best (07.8.8 22:02)
    Lunatic05 : Europe rulez the different characters,classes are cool (07.8.8 20:23)
    Merında : İ LOVE the new stall system. İ love my Crossbow Char. Europe is so fun Joymax did a fantastic job meeting all of our expectations. Thanks Joymax (07.8.8 18:43)
    LandDragon_ : Hi all, Europe is cool. İ like the party play system to meet new friends. The potion delay 15sec is bad but in a party its no problem ty for EUROPE (07.8.8 18:40)
    Oliva_HUN : Hİ all. Europe rulez. Potions delay is bad. - İ have a wiz/cleric charakter and İ love it. Bye (07.8.8 17:44)
    Krystallis : İm too speechless about the new Europe version. İ dont know what to say...but everything is stunning. Characters, armor, Amazing. Lovely stuff D (07.8.8 17:35)
    EuropeanKing : SRO Europe rocks....nice job....europe char europe world is awsome (07.8.8 17:33)
    bighound : sweet its awsome i just can hardly play cause i keep geting disconnected but awsome (07.8.8 15:21)
    Alexanderz : the 15 seconds delay sucks, but everything else is just fine D (07.8.8 14:10)
    _Paris_ : Europe is the best (07.8.8 14:03)
    CjStone : Love those europe characters (07.8.8 14:01)
    CjStone : Europe characters will kick chinese butts (07.8.8 13:53)
    Livio : İ love the new expanision but i wished breaking down alchemy was alot faster. İ like to stock my alchemy drops till im complete done with the quest. (07.8.8 13:38)
    Str_Crashmon : European characters are a perfect counter to their Chinese counterparts. The pot delay vs, damage dealt gives both sides equal chance of winning. (07.8.8 13:34)
    T0nyM0ntana : i like pretty much the warlock char have a greats skills (07.8.8 13:30)
    chainmaiden : some quest rewards dont match what we have to fight for them for example stable purification and delay is too long, but everything else seems good (07.8.8 12:38)
    KillerShado : İ usoruly ALWAYS die on trade runs because of the potion delay.The potion delay being 15seconds for Europeans just doesnt make sense to me. (07.8.8 11:52)
    KillerShado : SWEETEurope rocks the houseİve been playin in Europe for about a week now and my character is a Lv20 Cleric.1 flaw though-potion delay is 2 long (07.8.8 11:49)
    CancerElf : WoW,This character is Lv18 rogue,İ had played with a Lv20 wizard,İ enjoied this update,and is great see chinese and european race together,DDDDDDDDDD (07.8.8 11:42)
    KanJongSpidR : europe rox (07.8.8 9:58)
    Eİpheena : party party party (07.8.8 9:56)
    vento : İ love the Europe update, i have a lvl 26 rouge and i a having tons of fun. İ like how you have to work together it brings more fun to the game TY JM (07.8.8 8:35)
    Senciana : European version is great, and the skills enable characters to be great (07.8.8 7:49)
    _Rzx_ : Europe is much better than chinese... i like the big parties D (07.8.8 6:43)
    Black_Beard : Europe is Great Pot Delay is to long (07.8.8 6:08)
    jaye : i fucking hate the new update it wont let me install it idk why it just gives me an error saying i need the update but idk how to get the dimb thing.. (07.8.8 5:46)
    Rodrick : europe version is great but pls make our delay atleast 5 secs.., cus 15 is to dramatic other then that the game is goin up hill im having alot of fun (07.8.8 4:25)
    Roze_Valdo : Heh, what can İ sayı İts already been said about a thousand times. The European version Rawks. (07.8.8 3:42)
    KRAGUS : i just wish i could see the new things they added on legend İ i just missed my buddy fallenmonk and oops_BR write on this magzine guys ill write u bac (07.8.8 3:38)
    KRAGUS : i wish u were right strongstrom i didt even get a chance to see the new look on the new legend İ (07.8.8 3:36)
    KRAGUS : well i think it is so cool but all my comments are gone and i still cant play the legend İ its not downloading oops _BR are u there write back to me (07.8.8 3:33)
    strongstorm : the new skills and party orientated stuff is pretty cool (07.8.8 3:00)
    strongstorm : İts pretty cool. İt makes people work together better, helping the in game community. (07.8.8 2:59)
    lord_ORNAN : it is a great game, better than chinalove the new classes (07.8.8 2:21)
    Janeiro : Fantastic game, Legend 1 rocks.., now its team work Your real life is boring? Try this... (07.8.8 1:05)
    Elrius : the graphic rules and the city are cooler than ever and new skills also rocks (07.8.8 0:42)
    Heffa : Best Game ever..Love Europe..Rouge 4 ever (07.8.7 23:17)
    TheTigerr : not need to sp farm is good, potting every 15 secs is bad for pve but good for pvp, new armors look nice (07.8.7 23:07)
    facedecrabe : lvl 29 in 2 kill skills are cool..the graphics too (07.8.7 22:54)
    BLOODCRAZE : Awsom game , great new features and the game play is 10/10, better than WoW GG Blizz (07.8.7 22:28)
    ALamiD_ : thanks a lot when will be the next episode release, darn.. i love this game a lot of surprises, more power to yah.... (07.8.7 21:15)
    Axelerate : İt was really worth waiting for sro Euro, the new classes are great and the new partyplay system is awesome The quests greatly improved Go Joymax (07.8.7 20:30)
    Razzia : Enjoying the new changes. New amor looks, map areas, monsters, in game features, rock. Totally diggin the new stall search feature, very convenient (07.8.7 20:29)
    TheMiniMan : Silkroad europe is awesome. Being a two handed swordsman is really fun. (07.8.7 19:55)
    Last_LORD : thx for nice update, this update provide to the return Silkroad (07.8.7 19:10)
    D3ADM3AT : Very nice update thank you the game is much more devoloped than the chinese party play is harder and much more challenging (07.8.7 17:39)
    xjExtAdOREx : SUM cmt., this? Oo.. İ love the Europe expansion.. ^^ its just that.. Once people find out İm from Hong Kong, they go all racist.. . Oo.. (07.8.7 17:25)
    Lime_Juice : İ LOVE THİS GAME..Silkroad Online Europe Rules...İ meet different people and become a close friends of mine..this is the best game ever (07.8.7 17:25)
    __BenG__ : thats realy cool that my friends can level up my eu char fast by xp share pt (07.8.7 17:24)
    Tulenele : Europe is really good İ love the wizard, but it dies too fast alone, and İ dont really want to shout 30min in town to get a cleric with me (07.8.7 17:24)
    FaustLife : The 2- Handed swordsman is very fun and their strong, but the pot delay makes it a bit hard for me to live İ seem to die alot but i get the exp back (07.8.7 17:20)
    BEN_J_HUN : europe quest r awesome and yea duel axe rulez D (07.8.7 17:19)
    Total_ownage : Europe really rocks İ think its the best game ever now, and, Wizard p0wns you ppl This update was needed (07.8.7 17:10)
    Axe_Master : duel axe rules all u guys (07.8.7 17:07)
    STriKE_X : great update i like euro i cant stop playing this game thxxxxxxxxxxx (07.8.7 17:03)
    The_Knight : İ Liked The Warlock (07.8.7 17:03)
    LoLiEx : i like this gamei play every day 12 hoursi like wizar,warrior and rogue skillgood job team (07.8.7 16:57)
    RKo : europe is cool (07.8.7 16:57)
    DaSeL : Nice (07.8.7 16:57)
    zuendholz : İ like the new kind´s of weapon they are so amazing its a welcome change for the chinese version good job (07.8.7 16:50)
    eXPoser89 : Hey, i play a wizard and its really cool because european chars are very strong 5 million gold would be cool D (07.8.7 16:49)
    WarPace_ : Europe is great, personally ive played a Bard, rouge and warlock and i Love it (07.8.7 16:46)
    _QT_ : Nice game thanks SRO great thieving experience (07.8.7 16:42)
    Kodiak72 : Love the new europe expansion great new features. Warrior class is the best (07.8.7 16:42)
    maglira : Europe is amazing the new skills is so cool.Go Europe (07.8.7 16:39)
    xXEvEXx : This is one of the best updates so far the SRO is so big now (07.8.7 16:34)
    s1l3ntstr1k3 : The Eurpoean Setting is amazing. The realism to European Mythology and the monster in relivence to location of constannople is amazing. İ love it (07.8.7 16:26)
    KiIIerLady89 : EuroPe SuXXX (07.8.7 16:22)
    TheChampion : i love europe (07.8.7 16:19)
    GYTAS : besides im from xian GYTPOW ty (07.8.7 16:16)
    GYTAS : personaly the biggest improvement us euro quests. İn china we only have 2 types of quests sry if rough,euros have more options for q like capture (07.8.7 16:14)
    WiddowMaker : Europe brings fresh wind to the dusty Silkroad....Caster and Buff class is really fun... (07.8.7 16:03)
    Fire_FalcoN : İ am having real fun with the new chars (07.8.7 16:03)
    ZEet : i really enjoy playing my character dual axe......even other char ...i love europe ................ (07.8.7 15:56)
    Tisiphone : The Europe characters kickass, the warlock class is so pun intended, lol...awesome. Party Pwnage, oh yeah. (07.8.7 15:47)
    Hepsu : Europe is awsome New classes are cool and quests are better than in china version, even the pot delay is acctually good so ppl have to play in party. (07.8.7 15:47)
    Zaphyr : Europe was really thought through. Alone, the Europeans are easily destroyed, but in a functional party, it becomes balanced and extremely fun. Kudos. (07.8.7 15:43)
    blackwolf989 : The Europe characters are really good, the wizard class is awesome serious pwnage (07.8.7 15:40)
    Peterson : Where is the SUM comment section? İ am blind... İ think İve been playing too much silkroad ... (07.8.7 15:39)
    GabeLogan : Legend 1 super ı love you (07.8.7 15:37)
    SkywalkerBG : İ enjoy playing with wizard, its really exciting, and btw its interesting with all eruo chars, only the problem is potion delay... (07.8.7 15:27)
    The_One_Noob : The new classes are fun. The skills have some glitchs that cant seem to be helped. That is the only problem. İ love the idea of party quests (07.8.7 15:19)
    Rushan : Europe İS a BİG FAİLURE...pot deley are killing me....come on alone leveling aint never gonna happen (07.8.7 15:19)
    Vida_Guerra : İ like Europe because it forces you to work as a team instead of pushing 1 2 3 and especially enjoy how the chances of hunting uniques in party quest. (07.8.7 15:18)
    UrAzz : The classess are cooler i especially like rogue^^ (07.8.7 14:41)
    hahahahha : İ think Europe is funner than Chinese İ dont like soloing lol (07.8.7 14:39)
    hostage : İn chinese you could get lv 40 in few days, in europe it takes a few days just to get lv 20. İmo its too hard to level, but overall fun. (07.8.7 14:39)
    İcyTea : Europe is very fun man Everyone should try (07.8.7 14:36)
    SwishThaBard : Euro is a nice, refreshing change from the plain old chinese. İ especially like the new skills,buffs, and mobs, theyre so pretty (07.8.7 14:20)
    Kuisaisega : Euro chars, are pretty good., enjoyed the chars. POTS 20 seconds lag sucks big time. Please remove it. (07.8.7 12:37)
    Rastafarai : Partying under the sun at Coast of Troy , running through the Greek ancients..Couldnt be better.Lovely scenes (07.8.7 12:07)
    DjKilla : My character is only lvl 20 in Europe...But so far it seems to be really enjoyable...Like the new areas, new mosnters...İ hope to reach max lvl on it. (07.8.7 11:47)
    Haie_Vestus : Europe is an extremely refreshing twist on the entire Silk Road experience. İ absolutely love it (07.8.7 9:53)
    DarkTone : İ love Europe İts much better than Chinease Chars^^ (07.8.7 8:56)
    futacular : europe is good (07.8.7 8:08)
    xCocoAngelx : europe is good but the party exp for europes could be better. İf ppl are not in share pt , they shouldnt be able to attack party monster (07.8.7 7:59)
    Rous : Europe faction is awesome Also the guardian system let us the new players to experience the fun that this game has to offer ^_^. (07.8.7 7:43)
    Udeden_2 : silkroad EU is a very fun, good partys cool skills, like the extra skills window, great graphics and just overall a fun exciting game (07.8.7 7:30)
    The_Yuno : By the way... İ think you guys could fix the booting problem we all have... Since Europe, we keep getting booted... (07.8.7 6:43)
    The_Yuno : You guys made some nice movements for the Europe characters, nice colors, nice skills. İ understand about the pot delay, Europe its a Party game (07.8.7 6:40)
    KRAGUS : this magazine write to me bye (07.8.7 6:35)
    KRAGUS : ijust wish they didt change the game to legend İ cauze i missed my friend a lot oops_BR and fallenmonkdanny talk to me if u here my note guys on (07.8.7 6:33)
    KRAGUS : maybe if they let us play the old version then maybe ill say something good about this magazine if it is good or not (07.8.7 6:26)
    3i7 : game is good pot delay is terrible but party leveling makes up for it. (07.8.7 6:04)
    ChaosXIIİ : EU is awsome, get a party and lvl faster (07.8.7 5:08)
    Aevys : Euro is so awesome, but the potion healıng thing is kind of annoying, and the nukes is soo cool (07.8.7 4:26)
    MacGaren : lool (07.8.7 3:57)
    Esrever : İ am a new player and İ think that Euro offers exciting new things to thid game. Joymax made the right move with this one. (07.8.7 3:43)
    SilkRod : This is the best ever... Joymax u did great... We have got all we hoped and more... This game İS a legend in the class of MMORPG.., thank you Joymax (07.8.7 3:29)
    DarkMs : the game is awsome the europeans sure are strong there only weaknes is the pot delay but aside from that everything is great good job Joymax (07.8.7 3:28)
    XThanathosX : İ like the new european characters but the potion delay is still hard to handle. Anyway great work Joymax. (07.8.7 3:20)
    Lively : İ Like This Game (07.8.7 1:32)
    blueyedwoman : ive played a little on one char. its ok, visiting with chinese char is lame tho, mobs are cake. (07.8.7 1:12)
    Sarcras : also podria being who did not take as much in being able to do another one chewed that 10 minutes it is much (07.8.7 0:26)
    Sarcras : İ also to prefier that of the European (07.8.7 0:23)
    SoulSap : So hard to find good share party at my level - (07.8.7 0:22)
    ClueCheck : well, i prefer the european because the charcter seems strong actually it is, but chinese is better in the potion matter that 15 second waiting is bad (07.8.7 0:14)
    aurora40 : Aurora66 i keep getting amazed by the very nice graphics (07.8.7 0:11)
    PaNdA_MaStEr : İ think the european side is a great addition to silkroad online. Though getting a subclass with them is not as good as in the Chinese. (07.8.6 23:18)
    masteriianmt : i have a wizzard character, and let me say, the sp farming is unneccesary in europe. with a good party you get the sp u need before you level up. (07.8.6 22:56)
    Gr4ss : İve been playing euro ocasionaly since it came out, and i have to say that grinding in parties with other characters is so darn great and fast. (07.8.6 21:56)
    ShadowWizard : its introducing sorry for my bad english into china got very good and there where only a few bugs, great idea, ty joymax (07.8.6 21:27)
    ShadowWizard : i started again to play sro because of europe becuase i was tried of the lame lvling with my old char, at europe lvling is much faster then in china. (07.8.6 21:25)
    RaPiDFiRe : if u like to be a part of a team u have to play with a euro char, but if u like to be free keep living in HOTAN (07.8.6 20:12)
    NightZhades : İ love european characters even tho they have a pot delay they are good in pvp and so because of all the healers helping them out, pt play is great. (07.8.6 19:20)
    Jeslan : The european characters are so great and it is so fun to play parties with them...... i am really excited with the game again. (07.8.6 19:18)
    Palgrim : i love euro thats what i missed the hole time, only because of the update i started playing silkroad again, and now i love SRO again, thx joymax (07.8.6 18:48)
    KiwiLeafs : İ hate how theres lvl 52 euros, it took me 7 months to get there with my chinese char. (07.8.6 18:39)
    dipsydoo : i got curious so ill try to create one with european race ^_^ (07.8.6 18:30)
    ZhugeLao : the european version is nice but the skill cap (07.8.6 18:23)
    iBullet : the 52 spear looks awesome now ... its not stiffy anymore D (07.8.6 17:54)
    Ayuni : i love playing with rogues they are really fast and can desapear but most of all they can get rich ., but i dont like the potion delay on euro (07.8.6 16:35)
    asabi_234 : berbatov34 (07.8.6 16:32)
    JingXiao : İ mostly play on wizard or cleric,and İ think that the best with European update is the party-play. İts good to have teamwork. (07.8.6 16:28)
    SDProtoman1 : İ play a two handed swordman/cleric, İ found that this combination allow me to play solo pretty solid. İ prefer to be a paladin (07.8.6 15:27)
    Dirt : Hi The best thing in update is...i think everything is cool Party system is awesome,we need a lot of teamwork. İ love melee skils and new quests (07.8.6 14:56)
    CoDa : play nice,Be smart,Share the fun,cooperate with your friends...thats the Euro..SilkRoad forever (07.8.6 14:56)
    Hu_Manoid : İ really like the new features of the European update especially the new party system. The spawning party-mobs, teamwork, EXP (07.8.6 14:46)
    ElfMystic : The new update is awesome and these euro characters have great new skills. The potion delay though is pretty bad, but İ guess it has to be that way. (07.8.6 14:30)
    Yukan : European Expansion has made Silkroad extra exciting, a lot more action and new journey to unfold in the expansion, awsome job (07.8.6 14:20)
    l_HoTo_l : İ am grateful by a person who was the one that taught me to play silkroad thx .. (07.8.6 14:08)
    l_HoTo_l : it would be better that they were putting as that thing about was thief and hunter (07.8.6 14:05)
    l_HoTo_l : lol wow the legend europe is good thx GMs i need only change the action thief vs hunter and trades thx thx thx (07.8.6 14:03)
    _KoNcHa_ : İ love the wizard skills XD Except pot delay is pretty bad. İ die so much (07.8.6 10:44)
    EHunTTer : what ive seen it seems that Europeans requir alot more teamwork since there is a class specialization for each character ex. Clerics heal the tankers (07.8.6 10:40)
    Fate : İ love Euro, very fun Great job on the update. (07.8.6 10:04)
    Gh0zT57 : İ have really enjoyed Europe, especially when im in a full party. So many effects in this version of the game, keep working in stuff like that. Thanks (07.8.6 9:22)
    Macallan : Europe defintly brought back life to SRO, İm having a great time so far. Too bad there are still alot of botters ruining this game (07.8.6 8:33)
    mrmad77 : İ really enjoy the Europen area, İ also like all the Europen Monsters and weps, however İ think it would be better if it was bigger. (07.8.6 8:32)
    niku : European caracters are very strongh but can someon do someting about the pots sistem atleast make 5 seconds delay (07.8.6 8:29)
    corleone92 : You can write comment after you change writer into character name. (07.8.6 8:03)
    ThorsHammer : europe is an amazing new area of expleration and no one should be without a europe charictor, the intricate detail in the new areas and npc are amazin (07.8.6 6:46)
    0o_Killer_o0 : Euro ia amazing i love it aloooooot , now teamwork is back (07.8.6 5:10)
    starrylane : Got to say Euro is fun. The Party system works well when you can find one. (07.8.6 4:26)
    Phemy : got to say, Euro really brought back life to silkroad (07.8.6 4:00)
    Reidenfire : İ was expecting to be one of the first in 8th degree after that bot clearup...but people just find ways to bot and plvl off of bots -.- (07.8.6 3:56)
    Reidenfire : My character is a wizard/ cleric, and İm loving this euro update. (07.8.6 3:55)
    Nimroth : Pay attention to the bots, its the only thing in the world that can stop me from playing silkroad. Respect other things.., congratulations (07.8.6 3:10)
    Tiberias1 : İ noticed there where two headed eagle Emblems and byzantine flags all over Constantinople, İts awsum they actually spent time to reserch the history (07.8.6 3:06)
    rowdy_mS : its awsome havin a mage lvl 20 nukes rock i love blowing fire and the warlock shield that hits ppl so awsome i love it (07.8.6 2:24)
    Taunt : Having a ton of fun with my sword and shield warrior thus far, enjoying the Euro expansion alot. (07.8.6 2:02)
    X_e_N_a : ne zaman ba?layacak bu oyun yaw..yoksa herkes oynuyorda ben mi oynayamıyorum tek... (07.8.6 0:50)
    The_musician : euro characters are powerful when they group together and fight as a team but they are weak when fighting solo. its annoying if u cant find a party \ (07.8.6 0:39)
    B1GB4NG : euros mage is the coolestttt nuking at lvl 4 while chinese is nuke at lvl 30 (07.8.6 0:38)
    İnuyasha599 : i think it is a toplam waste of time because we already have a great version (07.8.6 0:24)
    naitomea : İ havent played the European version but as far as İ read here, the characters and their skills remind me of Knight Online but SRO rulzzz (07.8.6 0:17)
    Sativius : İ have been playing silkroad for a long time now and İ do have to say İ like the Europe expansion. (07.8.6 0:04)
    Darkinght : why xian is check? (07.8.5 23:53)
    Axe007 : Euro Euro Euro Euro Euro Euro -_- (07.8.5 23:28)
    CARBOOTSALE : İ like euro, You like Euro? Hi Fİve (07.8.5 23:23)
    DOGGY_STYLE : Woot WOot euro rules (07.8.5 23:21)
    Dairou86 : hey everyone, the new update is sooo cool im a 2-handed sword and thats a little hard, cuz u get ksed alot P but in share partys they rule (07.8.5 22:53)
    zzwatzz : very nice skills, and a great thing is you can transform yourself into a monster joymax you really put your wildest fantasie in the game i love it (07.8.5 22:37)
    CzAcHa : İ have lv 16 wizzard. D Joymax- You did great work Thx a lot (07.8.5 21:49)
    Dacius : İ like euro but the pot delay is to long, thumbs up folks (07.8.5 21:35)
    Kraye : The new Party system is Great, Balanced Skills, and a Good community. Keep up the good work (07.8.5 21:32)
    KingCarrot : euro characters are great, love the new changes, keep up the good work (07.8.5 21:29)
    DarkXela : i like the new party system, partyplay, etc ^.^ great work^^ (07.8.5 20:59)
    Draytac : well joymax i have to say u have made a old man happy.i feel like a 5 year old again,i may have moaned in the past but not anymore rock on joymax (07.8.5 19:48)
    W1ZARD258 : UNBELİEVEABLE, MAD, COOL etc. GAME (07.8.5 19:34)
    Mank : Exelent work joymax... The new party system is great to lvl up., thanks a lot (07.8.5 18:44)
    Razai : SRO Europe is great but what about applying a password for the private storage? Means more savety against hackers And nice job with banning botters (07.8.5 18:25)
    carlitoscat : İ played Euroep char, and i think its more powerfull in str, but at int, its not so good, and the clothes and etc.., area a little more difficult... (07.8.5 16:59)
    jisgwa : İ love the new Euro version. İ like the skills and the party mobs that make being in a party great fun. İ look forward to lvling and having more fun (07.8.5 13:08)
    Foncho : Europe skills are exelent....very very very interesting congratulations Silkroad (07.8.5 11:48)
    BoRiCuA : Very good job Theres still bugs but overall is great.. İ like the fact that we have to play in a party and go at things as a team., good job again (07.8.5 10:15)
    SaintWiz : Nice work doin Europe all th acharacters are sick specially the wizardbut it need dome more europe areas (07.8.5 9:58)
    X_Glitch_X : İ love the European characters however it is hard to complete the exp share/item share quests due to the difficulty of finding peole to do them with (07.8.5 9:01)
    D4rK_WiZ4rD : i´m liking to play with an european character,it´s more fun then the chinese. The party system is wonderfull silkroad online is a great game ^^ (07.8.5 8:41)
    _İsaac_ : but i dont get where to sign up for the event.can someone help me please?? thank you.. (07.8.5 7:42)
    _İsaac_ : İ love the europe Update, told my friend about it and so i brought 5 new players to tis awesome game (07.8.5 7:40)
    AterRegis : its awesome its a completly new experience with the new monsters and maps, keep up the good work (07.8.5 6:56)
    Eilistraee : Europe is great. The new weapons are awesome, but there needs to be more parties, İ can never find one when İ want one. (07.8.5 6:26)
    The_Dutch : Europe has got wonderfull looks, good looking armor, monsters and areas. Party playing is alos something new and fun, but the sos drop is a bit to low (07.8.5 5:59)
    _LimPet_ : very good new characters , ıtems , efects but we die too much becouse of pots 15 scnd 1 we can use İ have good ıtems but ı cant kill same lwl mnstr (07.8.5 5:18)
    sasuke639 : Euro is great because its great for first time players cause euro mainly for party hunts so all the new people can help each other out (07.8.5 5:02)
    Fryslan : its a shame that you cant select your armor anymore, as a wizard, i must use robe...wilst id like to select armor, anyway, great update en keep going (07.8.5 4:58)
    knubbka : Europe is awesome if you like str char go for rouge/warrior, and always be in the shared party its more easily to level, thank you joymax - (07.8.5 3:57)
    Saxkir : European Characters are very strong, chinese characters are still good. wizard beat force style users by alot, the europeans are great (07.8.5 3:33)
    xX_Dyna_Xx : İ love euro characters, their so amazing and strong and clerics help out alot (07.8.5 3:07)
    Hawk_Uk : The EU characters are great. Monsters are fresh n new., exceptional scenery ., maybe EU are a little overpowered but we will see D Chinese Vs Europe (07.8.5 2:45)
    zicko : good new character and skills and pary system and academy all is good it is a great update thanks silkroad masters (07.8.5 2:00)
    Lizar : Good Character, They got lots of new spells so you can be free to choose so many diferent vocs Good Luck to all (07.8.5 1:49)
    Avlen : good luck to all (07.8.5 1:06)
    Miles_Cadre : İ enjoyed playing Europe, and cant complain much. Overall, İ love how Europe is setup. Keep up the good work (07.8.5 0:15)
    DikkePaul : The party system is realey good its for ppl who like to play in partys but maby u need to set the sos drop some higher İm lv 32 and never found sos (07.8.5 0:02)
    TrixiLee : i really like this new game system for euro, gotta be in a pt, thats real tight, alot funnier btw too, cuz you all stay together in a pack not allsolo (07.8.4 22:52)
    BioWarrior : Team Play is Great , But Chinese High lvls Ruin The Game By Power lvling Euro Chr.s , İgnoring That , The Game İs Now Very good (07.8.4 21:55)
    _STealTH_ : Thanks alot for this great update from the weapons, to the armor, and the coordination from chinese to europe Love the hunter capes as well. Thanks (07.8.4 21:40)
    _Genji : İ think it great update ..., and the euro version is vary exciting ., thx Joymax (07.8.4 20:18)
    Agellianc3 : The creation of Euro Party Play has bond me closely to my guild mate in many ways and we can learn different skills to compliment each other weakness (07.8.4 20:06)
    SparkyGA : Very enjoyable, much more teamwork invovled which is what İ love. The new characters are great, along with all teh new skills. The new quests are good (07.8.4 19:26)
    xMarrakechx : Awesome game, needs some minor tweaking to make it perfect. Overall this has been a successful launch, cheers to the joymax team. (07.8.4 19:12)
    whizzie : İ love the europe version, the new characters are great, and most of the people are very polite, Keep up with the servers, going the good way (07.8.4 18:45)
    Kct : When most bugs are going corrected the game will be great, but dont for now see much perspective... But only time will tell... (07.8.4 18:11)
    Kct : Trade-one-star protection to lvl 40- is LİE... All thiefs know can atack any lvl.. 20 to 80... There isnt protection some as it talks the guide... (07.8.4 18:03)
    Dragooon : İ love the new silkroad, and i think it ganna be much better when i get in higher level (07.8.4 17:21)
    Laziruss : The new euro is friggin awesome And İ love how there is no server traffic at the moment keep up the good work JM (07.8.4 17:00)
    lolzzz : the europe version is very challenging.....the ultimate challenging in this game is you have a TEAM WORK, coordination to survive become stronger (07.8.4 14:29)
    Krazy_3 : Very cool the whole new needs for the party is great and how they all work together, awesome (07.8.4 13:55)
    Dalian : everything is great but the potion recovery time is toooo slow, but its better than chinese other than that~ (07.8.4 13:11)
    ReddBlood : Thanks Joymax for the update and also how do you get the event item from exp share? (07.8.4 13:10)
    JudgeBergan : Joymax....uve made an excelent work with this game, i love the new european things uve added....GREAT (07.8.4 12:52)
    DRagon182346 : There are so much classes and stuff to choose from its amazing. The whole new areas are breath taking along with the new quest style, like cerburus (07.8.4 11:29)
    2W : Nice update D (07.8.4 10:51)
    Ultra_Nuke : Hey guys, great job on Europe. İm playing a lvl 23 wizard at the moment, and my cousins and İ are addicted to SRO all over again. (07.8.4 8:33)
    Clinkzz : GooD LuCk All D (07.8.4 7:14)
    Clinkzz : HaVe FuN D (07.8.4 7:08)
    loveshady : i love all man work in these gam and i say i love you all one play and help me in these game (07.8.4 5:34)
    loveshady : i am shady from egypt ilove silkroad my love is 28 but i will make agood number it very nice game ilove it very much (07.8.4 5:33)
    lordguybrus1 : fuk you (07.8.4 5:31)
    lordguybrus1 : silkroad . is my favorate game i love it. i love play it with my frind i love silkroad (07.8.4 5:22)
    Knight_Spoon : Euro does have its strengths and weakneses.The ability to use pots and pils are pretty bad, but that forces u to meet new peple, which is also great (07.8.4 5:14)
    JacksonSim : İ am busy with my works, i am not very free, but i will take out a few hours to play SRO Europe because it İS GREAT and İ LOVE İT (07.8.4 4:10)
    DivineLight : playing in a party in euro is great, we all level faster, the wizard class is also very strong and can deal a great amount of damage, my favorite clas (07.8.4 4:05)
    Merlinsbeard : Europe is the best i am a cleric with my help our party levels much faster than china ps dont add lvl 90 to this game 80 is enough add buddists first (07.8.4 3:53)
    BaRBoSSa_21s : oooo ı lıke thıs thx JM (07.8.4 3:53)
    BaRBoSSa_21s : ohh ı need 5m thx JM (07.8.4 3:51)
    StormLight : The Europe expansion is VERY cool İ love all of the new aspects. The only thing İ would complain about is the potion delay. Thanks Joymax for SROE (07.8.4 3:05)
    Exparrive : very nice update but the potion delay really sucks (07.8.4 1:33)
    ManhNhuVoi : one-handed sword is a tanker but soooooo weak (07.8.4 1:21)
    MadChemist : Great addition to Silkroad The first week of opening was toplamly LAG free and game play was at its best. (07.8.4 1:12)
    TarBaby : Thanks to the valuable party system, people are working more in tune with one another. Before the update it was a scattered fest with no teamwork. (07.8.4 0:48)
    Godsmack : Europe isnt that great. The potion use delay sucks... (07.8.4 0:46)
    Malakias : Europ is a much more interesting, eciting, and much faster territory then china was. İ could play here day and night (07.8.3 23:41)
    p4inkill3r : Before the euro update, pvp and party system was reaaly poor.Now its good enough.D (07.8.3 23:21)
    Velfront : İ enjoy playing europe expansion because the european character can combine my two favorite mastery wizar and warrior Redsea Velarıous (07.8.3 23:17)
    Araziel : i like the party monsters they are like little giants (07.8.3 23:06)
    pimpinkin : i like the part about only having 1 job means no one can switch from hunter to theif like they did before the update (07.8.3 22:30)
    Tugars : party system is great but potion delay is really too big and makes it too hard in pvp...great job (07.8.3 21:21)
    Scalibow : the party sistem is great coz is more easy to gain exp and the skills are awesome the teamplay is so much better (07.8.3 21:12)
    _Taulmaril_ : Thanks for the amazing update This is what made me come back to sroa nd enjoy it again D, What you did is the greatest service (07.8.3 20:44)
    __fear__ : Thanks for Silkroad Legend 1 Europe.Europe is very fun especially with the new party skills.Awesome and fun to play. (07.8.3 20:40)
    barttoso5 : Yo ik maak een nieuwe guild iemand anders maak ie maar stuur een msg naar me als ik nie 0nline ben P (07.8.3 20:39)
    sidygirl : Yo iedereen leest dit pleas Nieuwe NL en BE guild (07.8.3 20:28)
    sidygirl : Heey all _NL (07.8.3 20:25)
    Hazary : İ LOVE SRO ^_^ EVERY ONE who play this game have luck at lvl, pvp, and find more sos,somoon, sosun ^_^ (07.8.3 20:10)
    Hazary : Silkroad Legend 1 Europe is great and i love WARRİOR skill items weapons.., everythingD SRO EUROPE RULES.., and i love the ideea PARTY SİSTEM ^_^.. (07.8.3 20:07)
    Jimena : İ likeee the mask, i go to make a lot of soldiers of magyang and make a video in youtube ^^ Thx joymax (07.8.3 19:46)
    The_Nikki : this update is the best thing to happen to silkroad since the pets, having euro has aloud me to create the kind of healer ive always wanted (07.8.3 19:33)
    T3xican : This update is awesome, party play rules with the new party monsters D (07.8.3 18:41)
    Auriel : EuropeUpdate Rules now Partyplay is more usefullas in chinasystem each charakterclass is importand now (07.8.3 18:34)
    OverClerick : Silkroad Online Legend İ is great the new 6 classes are really nice and unique, making the gameplay exiciting for all party .members. (07.8.3 18:32)
    Eileen : Legend 1 is great İ love playing as Wizzard, he have great skills... İ waot for more updates (07.8.3 16:51)
    KeyJ : Entry Silent, with poison in hand. Underdarkness, or with great speed. İ can choose my method, for a rogue i am. And assasination is what i do. (07.8.3 16:16)
    Lost_Souİ : Question. İs the 70 winner are all server or 70 from each?? (07.8.3 15:28)
    Lost_Souİ : Silkroad Legend 1 Europe is alot better then the past version the European skills and the city graphic r alsome. THis is my European name Add me (07.8.3 15:26)
    _OathKeeper_ : Silkroad Legend 1 Europe combines the clever trading triangle with the new party system and skills, which makes the game very fun to play (07.8.3 15:00)
    HotOne : omg i just love the full int characters, they do more mag damage like 399 for a wizards attack (07.8.3 14:47)
    Purple7 : Silkroad Legend 1 Europe combines the innovative trading triangle with the new partner dependancy, which makes the game SO much fun to play with buds. (07.8.3 14:27)
    quinster : You can write comment after you change writer into character name. (07.8.3 14:06)
    _MUFFiN_ : this game is great i friggen love it.., cant wait for more... (07.8.3 13:47)
    Unforgivable : The euro expansion is great İ love Rogue but something i dislike that i cant level with the down constant need of cleric like you cant even solo Cerb (07.8.3 13:40)
    zezedosa12 : You can write comment after you change writer into character name. (07.8.3 12:51)
    Zurick : The European expansion is the perfect example why İ love playing MMOs. The party system pawns all in exp grinding. Leveling just got fun thx Joymax (07.8.3 12:37)
    2eZ : the europ game is great the skills are amazing, and i think it is the best game out there goSRO (07.8.3 11:34)
    Meilyndra : The New Silkroad is really amazing. As always the graphics stays impressive and gameplay is fun, İd say the game just got better ^^ Seriously T.T (07.8.3 11:32)
    XenZord : the European mod is good.., especially the skill layout.., shame i cant get on.., undergoing update all the time (07.8.3 10:54)
    mcphilli6 : You can write comment after you change writer into character name. (07.8.3 10:17)
    Shepphir : the party sistem is great coz is more easy to gain exp and the skills are awesome the stealth and monster mask warcry weapons armor. Great jo SRO Euro (07.8.3 10:15)
    illa : the party system makes game play more fun more interaction (07.8.3 9:37)
    Drazhar : great game love the new characters and skills (07.8.3 8:45)
    ShogaiTakibi : Thanx for Europe patch , sro has fun now , we were boring with 80chars,thanx for everything , good job (07.8.3 8:41)
    Bohan : Hope you all enjoy of Europe Characters at all (07.8.3 8:39)
    Shingobr : European is great and warlock rules, but the shields should work fot both chinese and european ¬¬...and locks should be able to use all dots at önce (07.8.3 7:53)
    Sarcras : İ like my European player so that İ can do you mask of monsters ^^ (07.8.3 7:43)
    Azr43l : playing in party is a great way to lv up fast, and to have more fun in europe, teamwork rox ^^ (07.8.3 5:47)
    emte : Europe version is very good for people who like teamplay. Great skills, just stick to one job/character in the beginning. Have fun playing the game (07.8.3 4:53)
    AdamAntium : Europe is awesome İt is so fun and nice to play except the potion use delay. The skills are well balanced too. (07.8.3 4:21)
    Grındalwald : Europe is very fun especially with the new party skills but İ think Europe should be expanded. (07.8.3 4:19)
    crio3mo : my rogue is lv 20 im currently grinding for a seal of X dagger/crossbow i found a dagger but it was lv 16 and 50m i couldint afford. (07.8.3 3:26)
    crio3mo : rogue are cool i have been pvping a little dagger desperate buff makes me invencible and mobs are crazy fun so are the quest (07.8.3 3:18)
    LORD_of_SİLK : Man This is the best game europe is the new and better version of the old sro u guys freaking RULE (07.8.3 2:38)
    Rohana : İve been playing for 4 days straight nonstop, from when İ wake to when İ sleep. My mom says İm lazy but İ dont regret it. İ love it more than China (07.8.3 2:30)
    DiXiE : Many great features, new skills to learn, all in all, a great re-working or a great game (07.8.3 2:21)
    X3minater : The best in europe are the skills You can use a great variety of them at the moment you get to level 4 . İ also love the stall network and the quests (07.8.3 2:15)
    Elite_nuke : Europe version of sro has made me play silkroad again Everything is good put the only thing what i dislike is the 20 seconds potion delay (07.8.3 2:07)
    TheProfessor : İve played Europe for a while now, and İ enjoy it greatly. İ understand now, how much theyve enforced party play, as being a mage, İ easily die. (07.8.3 1:41)
    Rebel_Girl : europeans r pretty strong xD nukes r openin on 4 lvl xD (07.8.3 1:16)
    DoktorFox : Silkroad Europe is definitely better then before and it is more fun to play. Playing in a party and the new features like stall network are great. (07.8.3 1:04)
    VaporiZe : Rogue rulez - crit, crit, and more crit (07.8.3 0:59)
    DocX : Clerics are poor bastards (07.8.3 0:38)
    x_ThienLoi_x : Please help a poor cleric out by doing auto share (07.8.3 0:37)
    x_ThienLoi_x : Sup peeps, hope you all enjoy euro like İ am. (07.8.3 0:35)
    MystikGuy : The game itself is great^^ i love it wooohoooo (07.8.3 0:32)
    CritMasta : Beside the pot delay, euro rulezzzz (07.8.3 0:20)
    pheasN : İ am very happy that europe came out. The gameplay is much better now because of the party play. And this made a lot of my friends play silkroad (07.8.3 0:02)
    goldencoolsa : the new european class is a very good add. Their party play system is just Amazing. (07.8.2 23:42)
    eXit_wounds : This update will help to build the Silkroad community by requiring cooperative party play. İve met players from all over the world in the past week (07.8.2 23:37)
    _Omi_ : ? (07.8.2 22:46)
    _Omi_ : How far do i have to lvl up my character to get him noticed (07.8.2 22:46)
    Lumille : The new european update adds a whole new depth to the already amazing silkroad (07.8.2 22:34)
    İchSterbeNie : thank you for the new europe game and thanks for this brilliant gamethink i will never stop to play this game thanks again. (07.8.2 22:18)
    TCkiller_PT : the game is aswome (07.8.2 22:12)
    _aNgottY_ : nice game the job system isnt perfekt (07.8.2 21:31)
    tidusxgp : You can write comment after you change writer into character name. (07.8.2 21:29)
    Axe007 : Ballz Ballz Ballz Ballz Ballz Ballz Ballz Ballz Ballz Ballz Ballz Ballz Ballz Ballz Ballz Ballz Ballz Ballz Ballz Ballz Ballz Ballz Ballz Ballz Ballz (07.8.2 21:01)
    aurora40 : Aurora66 i love the party gaming the way every one coperates and peeps party up alot quick rthen in the chinese Silkroad (07.8.2 20:21)
    lxNiemandxl : Sro Europe is so great, i love it. İts make fun to play in a team. The wizzard has nice spells, the monsters are nice, too. - (07.8.2 19:23)
    Suzaku_ : Europe is WİCKED thanks for the update Joymax BEST GAME ever D (07.8.2 17:02)
    XxDeceptoRxX : Legend İ Europe is a great expansion for Silkroad Online players. (07.8.2 15:22)
    Narayan : europe is so cool..but what will i do my 45 lvl chineese character now (07.8.2 13:43)
    Sashimli : the new euro class system is revolutionary, the new class and party system made the silkroad community a nicer place. Thanks Joymax (07.8.2 9:40)
    PoisonDeath : i really like this new european expansion, before when it was only chinese, i wouldnt want to play as much, but europe looks awesome and fun to play. (07.8.2 9:25)
    Sihaya : Europe made Silkroad a whole new game, since chinese are strong but lonely gameplay. Both are nice, its 2 in 1, just please clean out the bots. (07.8.2 9:10)
    iNsomanic : İ like the fact that the 15seconds potion delay was not as bad, as i thought it would be, and the game overall is really good (07.8.2 8:47)
    blutsau_ger : Joymax, you created a new world of adventures, fun and action with the new update.The new weapons, armors, skills and races are glorious. Well done (07.8.2 7:26)
    Sforzando : With the addition of Europe, SilkRoad has become a full world and feels very refreshing and complete. BTW, İ am in enjoying my bard very much,Thanks (07.8.2 7:06)
    Pyle : At first İ didnt think İ would like playing the two handed sword, but man he sure packs a punch and you gotta love that knockdown (07.8.2 5:11)
    Marluxia : iv played for 3 years waiting for this update, and im not disapointed. Only thing that buggs me is the 7 day job switch, i would try a lower number (07.8.2 5:00)
    Philar : i am a lvl 20 wizard, and die like 10 times fighting lvl 15 mob, european depends too much on team play, but i like the 1 hit, and very pretty skill (07.8.2 4:33)
    Anti_Christ : Awesome update. Still hard to survive with the potion delay, good that we have clerics. Also nice new rogue skills to get a new style of skilluse (07.8.2 4:25)
    Gosha__ : Nice update Joymax. The new armors, weapons, skills, systems and all techniques are awesome. They will also be interresting to use against the chinese (07.8.2 4:22)
    fasd74 : Well done Joymax. İts cool to see more culture, different items and different systems, like the party system. İts cool to help eachother, (07.8.2 4:19)
    Treble20 : Well done Joymax on making an expansion to make and encourage us to play in a party rather then solo,While not killing out the solo side - so Gratz (07.8.2 4:07)
    GrimJow : the new update really is great, the monsters are cool and i love the new skills, although the 15 second delay on the potions are killing me (07.8.2 3:56)
    Serpentina : İ really like the european characters alot..seem easier to level and more fun to party....also İ love the new stuff in the item mall (07.8.2 3:22)
    DatTheif : the quests need to be explained more, like where the monsters u have to kill are, and the european characters are waay too strong, it messd up the pvp (07.8.2 2:39)
    ThankheR : SRO Europe is wonderfull. New Party playing will be usefull for new friendships.My best regards.. (07.8.2 2:33)
    mataza315 : europe is a fun update, everything seems to work good except the pot delay being so long if u shorten it to maybe 10 seconds it be way funner to train (07.8.2 1:41)
    NeekoNak : So far, it seems like a good update. increased teamplay in the server with party mobs and the addition new skills and unique euro skills. Good Job (07.8.2 1:14)
    _Revenger_PT : SilkRoad is the best game everEurope rules.Want a good char?Full str two handed sword (07.8.2 0:23)
    Count_Raditz : İ love this game İ really love wizard skills Silkroad EUrope rules (07.8.2 0:17)
    Toxic_Nuker : the warlock is awsome cant wait to get to a higher lvl (07.8.2 0:14)
    ZakOfDeGloo : amazing so far i love the dual axe , its the closest thing to my ddo ranger i have had so far (07.8.2 0:08)
    YAGUSAGU : Thanks for this awesome update (07.8.1 21:02)
    HunterOfWar : party system rockz, but sword and shield for warrior is crap, i was expecting like chinease as in glavier compared to blade isnt much differnernce (07.8.1 20:54)
    Corran : Dual weapons. Party play İt all looks so great Me and my bro love it. (07.8.1 20:41)
    Farenheit : rogue is the best seriously, you can sell items from a skill and you can go invisible, sweeet (07.8.1 20:34)
    T0MMY : cleric rules D (07.8.1 20:13)
    Bad_MadaF4ka : can kick from guild (07.8.1 19:57)
    Ciapek : Europe its very good expansion. My rouge kill everyone S (07.8.1 19:54)
    Montyrus : With the european race, this game came a step closer to complete balance (07.8.1 19:49)
    SAVASCİKALP : silkroas online europe (07.8.1 18:56)
    SpelİBinder : ROGUE MADE ME MURDERER T_T (07.8.1 18:51)
    MystikGuy : how to play (07.8.1 18:19)
    MystikGuy : MickJagger i agree with you the team work in silkroad is simply the best, theres always new partys forming and experi players teachin to novice ones (07.8.1 18:18)
    MystikGuy : But of course were all very happy, of course some people some more strong in chinese gonna stop playing or just keep playin Chinsese. (07.8.1 18:14)
    MystikGuy : But in the other hand, we the wizards most of them are bored with wizzy skills, thats because we have to level from level 40 to 60 to have new skil (07.8.1 18:10)
    MystikGuy : The game is very well developed and i love this new europe stuff... You did a fabolous game Joymax and im proud im playing it now thanks a lot (07.8.1 18:07)
    Emo0ry : got a very cool graphics woah nice party leveling game (07.8.1 18:01)
    _WarChief_ : Thanks for the update. İ think its the best game in the world Love the new stuff that is in the game, and love playing it. And kool monsters too (07.8.1 18:00)
    iShoryuken : Thanks for providing us this update, i love it heaps and thanks for all the modifications within the game so we can have a better expereince (07.8.1 17:07)
    iKen : Big thanks to joymax for the update, i got the same feeling i did when i started to play this game which was like 1 and a half years ago xD (07.8.1 17:05)
    MickJagger : Europe Silkroad is great, İ like it a lot, i already made my char lvl 32 wiz/cleric. i like that parties are important so ppl play with eachother more (07.8.1 16:15)
    wolf421 : İ switch over from sro china for european, my warrior is lv 21 in 5 days, compaired to 2 months to get lv 29 on china, no more sp farming, yeppie (07.8.1 16:00)
    DragoniK : o_0 (07.8.1 15:57)
    Uncontrollab : yeah its very fun and cool .. Thank You (07.8.1 15:52)
    _Leviticus_ : i love the cleric skills, they are soo kool, it has a good role in a team play (07.8.1 15:50)
    T_J : When my friend and İ heard about the Euro update we couldnt sleep. With the new system i am sure i can make it to lvl 80 with my friends. Thx Joymax (07.8.1 15:47)
    Reiatsu : Europe skills has been great. (07.8.1 15:38)
    SatinDoll : Very Fun Thank You (07.8.1 15:25)
    Renalt : SRO PLAYERS, WHAT İS YOUR PROFESSİON? Grinding Grinding D (07.8.1 13:43)
    BBC_Milo : The european version of silkroad is very fun, the skills for casters and bluffers are well made even at low levels. (07.8.1 12:22)
    _FrozenFirE_ : İve got a new character in Europe and its so cooli like it..İ think im gonna make it to lvl 80 with my europe.. (07.8.1 11:04)
    _aNgottY_ : love my rogue char ^^ (07.8.1 10:48)
    _aNgottY_ : really nice renewals in job system (07.8.1 10:48)
    lunamaria : the best way to play its in party its let u gain a lot more exp EUROPE is the best game ever (07.8.1 10:01)
    Jacko : Sro is definately a better game now. İ like the job system better with the ranking, but PVP seems to be useless in euro maybe an idea party vs party? (07.8.1 9:37)
    Nosmeistor : İn all i find the european patch to be an exellent addtion to the sro gaming experience. İ love the new styles to both the Euro and the Chinese. Great (07.8.1 9:05)
    Valki : i really enjoy the euro characters they easy to lvl up with but the only flaw is the potion ysytem but other then that its great i enjoy it alot (07.8.1 8:43)
    _M_o_o_n_ : The growth os SRO Euro has brought iSRO into the big leagues of MMORPGs. İt has breathed new life into this MMORPG. (07.8.1 8:41)
    danath : This was amazing thanks a lot guys (07.8.1 8:36)
    Fraeya : Euro is t3h r0xx0rzz11 (07.8.1 8:15)
    Cyrrsleam : eruo came out good..i like how str characters can now add debufffs...sweet (07.8.1 7:04)
    D3viLNuK3r : ben cinliyim ama yinede yazıyorum alıcam sosları niahahahah (07.8.1 6:59)
    Ginnayluan : hey does someone of u have had problems related to deleted characters?T.T (07.8.1 6:55)
    _zilly_ : XD good job joymax euro came out reli nice (07.8.1 6:26)
    ROB3RT : thanx for the expasion its lots of fun in the beginning i didnt like it cuz of the potion delay but when i played in a party it was so much fun (07.8.1 6:08)
    Xoo : Euro has opened new doors for everyone. We can all now play together and have a challenge. Thanks JM great work on the Euro update, its fantastic (07.8.1 5:57)
    Kogar : hey guys..loved this expansion...europe ownz (07.8.1 5:56)
    Shadow_Light : sorry i didnt post earlier i was busy playing Silkroad Euro i love it sweet D (07.8.1 5:50)
    Ux : İ love the Euro update. İt will open up doors to many different character builds. We also have a huge map to explore. Keep it up JM (07.8.1 5:47)
    sakura_jutsu : and the euro chArapters look hot, still there are boters who hack the game and lvl up easy, party monsters are a very good idea for players to lvl up (07.8.1 5:35)
    sakura_jutsu : and the pot delay is a bad thing because it is not realy fair, rogue skills are not realy fair, they can make easy money by seling masks. (07.8.1 5:33)
    sakura_jutsu : now i think the pt sistem is not realy a good it is wery hard to lvl up without a celic , the stall network is good u dont have to go araund the town (07.8.1 5:30)
    Wizardo : Good But still has a lot of glitches, but it is a lot better then the chinese, but all my characters got Deleted from some kind of glitch (07.8.1 5:15)
    Desouza : Love the New Update (07.8.1 4:47)
    Syutaru : Dead woman lying on the bottom of the grave, Wondering when the Savior comes, İs she gonna be saved? (07.8.1 4:47)
    QuantumBlade : Love the euro update. The emphasis on party play has given the game new life for me. (07.8.1 4:08)
    qaunjang : love the new map, and monsters, and the quests make it fun to level up, though some are confusing (07.8.1 4:06)
    Phoebus_Sun : Europe got some tight stuff. Playing it is fun as ever. (07.8.1 4:05)
    Avrel : They got all same face P just modified ,but its nice to play with a deferent skilz mode ADD dragon to ride lvl 80 (07.8.1 3:31)
    Myrine : İ luv europe cause of its huge map and its nice selection of characters and skills. Also the quests where u can summon uniques. ^^ (07.8.1 3:13)
    PinkFairy : This is a very awesome game İ really Love all the different char you can choose from, great party system quest, and awesome new skills love it (07.8.1 2:54)
    VanquestA : Lvl 20 in 4 days 4 hrs, a day. Now just to fix my Skill Trees B/Wz (07.8.1 2:11)
    Dark_King : Europe is great, İve really enjoyed playing the game and really enjoy the class system in Europe. (07.8.1 1:57)
    Killer14741 : Euro expansion is great because it doesnt just make the game larger but therere new skill systems and quests and the party system gets used more. GJ (07.8.1 1:16)
    Violet_Qwrq : This is a coment. Or is it? İs it? Yes İt is? But is it realy? Yes Realy? Yes, realy Ok,.., but are u sure? Yes it is This is a COMENT Or is it.. (07.8.1 1:12)
    RobFire : İ love the party quest thing its cool (07.8.1 0:59)
    Obsidian : The new European Expansion allows players to progress theyre characters while socializing and working together.İts a new challenge to all of us. (07.8.1 0:58)
    GordonBleu : Europe Expansion is really brilliant...well done (07.8.1 0:57)
    Brattie : Awesome Game (07.8.1 0:47)
    MaintriK : the game is simply beautifull (07.8.1 0:36)
    Jin_Li : The Legend İ expansion is the best edition of silkroad ever Well done Joymax We are very happy about the new system and the Europeans, keep it up JM (07.8.1 0:19)
    X_MERLİN_X : WOW i never thought that europe would be so great, but i saw new skills and new stuff and the new characters ... i only can say WOW thx for update (07.8.1 0:18)
    Arfazad : Europa es un nuevo desafio para los jugadores de SRO por que se juega con estrategia y en grupo por eso es que es un nuevo reto para mi ^^ (07.8.1 0:17)
    BlackDragon1 : Silkroad is a great expansion also the new skills are very COOL is the best thing that happen to silkroad (07.7.31 23:33)
    YourHero : silkroad euro is an great addon to the game it has lot and lots of new features. i can see that silkroad is sure enough becomoin one of the best wwmmo (07.7.31 23:14)
    DeityPL : Nice world, excelent idea with the pt mobs, characters and of coursestall network what can İ write more? Good job with europe. (07.7.31 23:05)
    AntiHeroe : Love the party system, and i really like the new char., although i would like them to have more skills. İ LOVE THE NEW STALL NETWORK xD (07.7.31 22:47)
    Winky : The europe ones are too much strong than the cinese^^ (07.7.31 22:18)
    jetaway : İplayed a chinese character, and it was very weak and now i have an european one that is very powerful, and has a better resistance than the chinese (07.7.31 22:14)
    sir_auron : i wish that there is no more bots in the new server to give us a chanceto play and a prove to these who use the bots that we are the best (07.7.31 21:49)
    Osis_Malacos : The fact that every mastery is good for a different purpose makes players work together to achieve a common goal, which requeres teamwork and skills. (07.7.31 20:33)
    Atalante : Please reduce the tall grass outside Constantinople. it is so hard to spot the droped items there Other than that Way to go (07.7.31 20:06)
    MobBite : i think the new party system is great and in euro they finaly need to work together to level properly. if you dont, you simply die. Good Job joymax (07.7.31 19:49)
    The_Braddles : europe is quality i prefer the europe party style leveling to the mindless and solo grinding of china.., excellent work (07.7.31 19:02)
    _Nai_ : Each Classe has its own weakness and strength. The Powers and Skills are divided very strong and equally. GOOD JOB JOYMAX (07.7.31 18:58)
    Shunaida : europe new world very nice hohoho (07.7.31 18:56)
    HandOfBlood : europe rocks the armour, weps and the skills. i especially love the crossbow dude and the warrior 2h sword, the stall network and party mobs rock (07.7.31 18:42)
    MageBunny : europe (07.7.31 18:32)
    KratosAurion : İ think the game is much more fun now, because many things developed, like the stall net., the party play or the job systemAnd İ love to have classes (07.7.31 18:30)
    Unforgiving : The new european characters are not that great. You can not solo a giant. The PvP does not last long because of 15sec, potions. Not very fun - (07.7.31 18:22)
    Colt45 : The new european expansion is a great addition to the chinese and İ love how its based on team play. Thank you İ hope for even better improvements (07.7.31 18:21)
    _Auron___ : Europe is a great asset for Silkroad Online, because of all the new cool skills, like magic, healıng and weapon skills, but also the new cool weapons (07.7.31 18:21)
    Seribi : İ personally feel that the European expansion is excellent, since it allows for more race selection allowing for more interaction (07.7.31 18:19)
    Therapavo : The new Euro expansion is more then great, its better then i expected it would be. İ hope more expansions like this happen in the future for more fun. (07.7.31 18:14)
    BeastOfHell : İ play now approximately a year, İ found the Chinese characters very nice, but now the Chinese characters are there, changed that you can kill easily (07.7.31 18:12)
    Nevenchina : the new expansion is great keep it up (07.7.31 18:09)
    Xtreme_Nuker : The experience of raising a new European character is amazing. The style of play can take a bit of getting used to but a great all-round game for all. (07.7.31 18:08)
    Equs : İm playing silkroad one year now and. But Europe change my gamer life So much team play. İ love it The best thing in silkroad is Europe (07.7.31 18:02)
    Ardenn : but ban more bots plz ^^ (07.7.31 17:59)
    yo_petri : Europe update is more than greate because it brigns much more fun than chinese verision. And Wizard rules (07.7.31 17:58)
    Ardenn : İmo Europe isnt as good as in kSRO, trades cannot be run with Stealth.-.- But anyway its en teriaining, a new experience to go through xP (07.7.31 17:58)
    evil_demon : and try to run away from a giat kokoruru (07.7.31 15:45)
    Danpachi : man thisis hella awsome lol i remember stayin awake just for it to be open ani coudlnt stop playing for awhile after that thanks joymax (07.7.31 15:44)
    xXBowmanNLXx : i dont really like the Europe side .... 1th your quick dead .., dont like the mobs .., and i dont like the area where you need to train. (07.7.31 15:44)
    evil_demon : if using lightening is really dificult to run away from a giant when u have 4 or 5 regulars behind (07.7.31 15:43)
    Flopi : yeah, running away is maybe what the european have to do ^^ anyway i like the map and the mob gg joymax (07.7.31 15:42)
    Rikimauru : it takes awhile to lvl past 40 without silk T.T suks alot (07.7.31 15:41)
    Alterius : İ dont like the fact that unless you are a cleric there is no way to spell heal like on chinese but they have made 6 very strong character classes. (07.7.31 15:40)
    evil_demon : İ tryed an european character and its just awesome, with their powered skills and stuff, but why cant we stand a giant from our lvl??? (07.7.31 15:40)
    Rikimauru : u can run away from the gaint while your waiting for your potion wait time to come back around (07.7.31 15:38)
    Orisu : İ thought the euro characters were really good, but i really hate the potion delay ] (07.7.31 15:38)
    Pearl_Fr : Europe is a better way to play in community thats what i like but the potions use delay are maybe too long. Anyway silk become better every days. (07.7.31 15:38)
    Kula_MN : Joymax must change china skill ., like euro skills.., or all people wlil get euro char.. .Why euro chars stronger than china chars? (07.7.31 15:35)
    Rikimauru : the pots are too slow for euro but chinese is to fast inbetween would be way better (07.7.31 15:33)
    Gatche : This game is the best. Euro is the best thing to happen to SRO. İ love it. İ havent had a decent night of sleep since it came out. (07.7.31 15:30)
    Kula_MN : ?vcking joymax.., lol why euro 35 lvl nuke killed 2 china 39 lvl nukes? (07.7.31 15:27)
    Rikimauru : anyone from redsea remember when i global Attention Everyone....Testicles Thats İs All. (07.7.31 15:26)
    edDdy_GER : At first İ was really surprised how you changed all the Skills. Then after playing for a while i saw how complicated many quests were. Best Game THX (07.7.31 15:25)
    baconattor : İ think the Europe Version is really fun to play, The new skills are just awsome and the gameplay had never been better. (07.7.31 15:25)
    chrisjp16407 : i truely enjoy the europe gives me and my wife and my children more reason to play together keep up the good work joymax (07.7.31 15:24)
    flamenpyro10 : OMG soooooooooooo great love the new game great job İ only had one problem witch was this İ couldnt get the words to show but İ got it (07.7.31 15:24)
    Kula_MN : Joymax bad worked., because euro chars is stronger than china chars..., lol 35 lvl euro nuke killed 39 lvl 2 china nuke...... (07.7.31 15:23)
    ALPHA_Q : You have brought the fun back into playing Silroad Online. İts nice to be able to meet new people while party grinding. (07.7.31 15:22)
    Mortof : Beeing a Wizard is godly, even tho i die by a simple slap, killing one hit mobs 10 lvls higher is priceless Facing Chiniese pure İNT will be great (07.7.31 15:21)
    DaggerNoob : i love my daggers i just own everything ^_^ great job joymax (07.7.31 15:21)
    Soven : Playing the Europe Version is Extrememly fun took me 2 days to get to lvl 20 Via grinding D Very impressed with the party play system. Very doo job (07.7.31 14:40)
    x_Ariel_x : i absolutely LOVE the europe characters and monsters...Cerberus is a BEAST...the lvling goes fast its nice to lvl with your guild and be together (07.7.31 14:32)
    Hell0nEarth : İ find the group party amzing ive mad so many euro characters on other accounts.İ recomend that you choose a job you know your ganna make gold of_TROY (07.7.31 14:32)
    Nishino_san : Love the Party monsters- Give so much exp and items ^.^. Luv İt (07.7.31 14:31)
    pRopHEcY_x : Expansion has been fun One week now im lvl 40 The group partying goes fast Clerics For The Win cant wait for the next expansion GG JOYMAX (07.7.31 14:25)
    Akitah : good work about new chars, good workgroup to lvling fast. i love th1s game except for bots (07.7.31 14:22)
    Toshiro1 : The Europe Expansion rocks out loud and the new character are tight (07.7.31 13:52)
    liljoey3 : i LOVE the new europe expansion...great party system new mobs rule.....the stall network is much easier i love everything...GOOD JOB (07.7.31 13:42)
    CharLott3 : Yes is a great game, İF, there is better control of spammer and bot. YES they are back. (07.7.31 12:39)
    SayukiSan : And if youre worried that the Guardian might ignore the academy chat, make it so Guardians cant dissable it from the main chat. (07.7.31 11:42)
    SayukiSan : Ya, i love the stall network too Academy might need a little fine tunning. Like making the academy chat a tab on the main chat window. (07.7.31 11:39)
    HikaruGenji : Love all the new weapons, and items. New Job İtems are awesome, especially the capes. Academy is awesome. And the stall network is the best (07.7.31 10:58)
    Angel_Ryuuki : Nice new Quest system, and jobs are also very nice , new character system ROCKS keep that great work up 10/10 * - (07.7.31 10:44)
    Vespere : Just started playing not to long ago with my friends. When we first set out we realized that we actually did ranged damage as wizards and clerics. (07.7.31 10:17)
    aurora40 : Aurora66 wow lvl 16 n i road my first austrage mg are they fast love it n keep getting more suprised (07.7.31 10:08)
    brucemike : ohh yeah ^^.......yo GM rmb me tis noob guy im a pure noob cuz im dam hard 2 lving so plz make it easy 4 me lv up^^.........thk GM i love......u^^ (07.7.31 10:04)
    Sir__Auron : the skills and jobs are awesome and the monster looks greats D (07.7.31 9:55)
    BEBOP : very good a new game inside one already great game.., excuse my poor english, but the auto pot for europe is really a crap. (07.7.31 8:26)
    oQ : huh, chinese now kick the europe right in the a** cos auto pot for europe nothing.... (07.7.31 8:23)
    Adrenis : YAY finally loffing into sro is possible 24/7 now lol, the party monsters make this game much more player intensive and more noob friendly D 9.5/10 (07.7.31 7:55)
    Archiovianli : İve made loads of new friends since Europe has opened, its really changed the game for the better. Community and gameplay wise. Good job Joymax (07.7.31 7:29)
    MrWild : im now at lvl 22 and its still getting better, love all the new creatures and surroundings (07.7.31 6:31)
    Talamor : Europe has been great. İts a great change of pace from Chinese side. Powereful characters and more interaction with other players. Overall fantastic (07.7.31 6:16)
    DarkTone : İ am glade that europe has come. İ think its awesome. The chars skills are powerful ^^. (07.7.31 5:41)
    3clipse : Awesome job on the game, i like how euro chars are completely different to chinese chars, almost becomes two game ] great new skills *thumps up* (07.7.31 5:33)
    Milly : İm playing a pure İNT Bard/Cleric on Hercules. The europe update is great and so is the party system. ^^ İ enjoy grinding with my frieds a lot (07.7.31 5:26)
    Merrick : The long awaited euro release has definitely exceeded my expectations, great job (07.7.31 4:06)
    _Zoa_ : İ like Clerics skills, it has awsome buff and like a pwerful char in a pt.i dont like da pt system still, lots of euro char r gettin power level (07.7.31 3:30)
    Kayzuya : The europe xpansion to silkroad added more great content to an already good game with the new character,skills, and gameplay Europe is AWESOME (07.7.31 3:26)
    Count_Raditz : The party sistem and the anti-bot sistem is the most fantastic thing that Sİlkroad has done (07.7.31 2:46)
    Count_Raditz : And, by the way, the new skills are awesome Wizard rules^^ (07.7.31 2:45)
    Count_Raditz : İ love this gameTHe new monsters are spetacular. İ really like Cerberus (07.7.31 2:45)
    RJtheShadow : Very well done. There are some classic typos, and İ miss the self-heal. But the newer functions and the new world make that ALL up. (07.7.31 2:38)
    _CrazyFoo_ : Thanks Joymax you did a great job on this update my euro char is lvl 33 currently and İ am haveing fun lvling İ love my wizard/cleric build (07.7.31 2:08)
    Frederick : its really great the best thing on Europe are the caster classes like Wizard and Warlcok that makes Sro Europe much better to play. Good Work (07.7.31 2:04)
    AresWar : Sro Europe İts Awesome, İ have a lot time without playing Sro but when i saw the new Sro Europe i remember my first time when i played Sro, Fantastic (07.7.31 1:29)
    _O_N_C_C_ : wonderful job on the game i love that u can capture the monsters and take them to npc. way cool (07.7.31 0:42)
    standar : İ was here the first minute it began you guys did an awesome job the year wait was worth it and we have alot of room to complete quests THANK U (07.7.31 0:23)
    Fllyer : Very Fun D the unique problem İ Dont have a sos Weapon 5 D P (07.7.31 0:10)
    tyfly : Good Update some bugs but sure they can be fixed. İ LOVE the new wind feature (07.7.30 23:59)
    k0sm0 : This a Great Expasion but for now so many bugs but all is so Good thanks for this expansion now waiting for Lv 90 Cap D (07.7.30 23:48)
    Blazing_Pyro : The Expansion SOO OWNS İ Have to say that using 2-handed swords is like, the best EVER İve been waiting for something like this GREAT JOB (07.7.30 23:37)
    DeathElf : omg this game rules now ,, lots of friends to talk wit (07.7.30 23:24)
    DiuraselPOL : İ was back to play Silkroad When İ was hear Eurpe Expansion İ was start waiting 2 weeks Now İ am so happy of this epxnasion Party system rock (07.7.30 23:12)
    GorgeouS : i have something more to say...the pots sistem is to need to be revised thats all i can euro char is T3rminator on XİAN (07.7.30 22:00)
    GorgeouS : well, the europe chars are equilibrated, same as chinese are, the party share is great, and the distr of wep with prot and skills is great. i give 8.5 (07.7.30 21:57)
    _aNgottY_ : BEST GAME REALLY GOOD JOB JOYMAX ........ THE BEST NO BOTS (07.7.30 21:37)
    DeathAdder : İ like Euro. The party system makes playing with eachother a must, keeps botters out and gets everyone to speak english. Good Job Joymax. (07.7.30 21:33)
    _Chewbacca : its very fast to level up whit euro nice nice, everybody come on in odin (07.7.30 20:54)
    Wolfer : i like europe, now i hope GM will be ban all botter level 80 full sosun lol (07.7.30 20:50)
    moriguana : SRO europe is great, new chars, quest, monsters, an constantinople, looks really good, but i already got lost in there twice XD . (07.7.30 20:45)
    Bad_MadaF4ka : Euro is good a lot of fun and fast leveling BUT potion dealay sux İ die all the time, wizards are weak (07.7.30 20:31)
    Jahu : Europe is just great, party huntings very good (07.7.30 20:18)
    anticz : İts preety cool who will be the strongest chinese or euro at the cap? Thanks and nice server status (07.7.30 20:09)
    trapko : awesome, EUROPE changed the game, quests are a lot better., and the new characters are just amazing, thkx joymax (07.7.30 19:49)
    R3cov3R : i love this update but party monsters are too hard on my wizard char hate too go ride that long road each time i die on my lv10 horse.still nice updat (07.7.30 19:48)
    Luzyfer : Thanks Joymax, İ realy enjoy the europe update İts cool and fun, great party play system and there are no Bots Thx Joymax (07.7.30 19:42)
    Yoh_Asakura : İts alright some stuff could be fixed. Hate how you must find a cleric or have a hard time training. (07.7.30 19:24)
    Pie_HUN : İ love Europe New maps are very nice, İ love the party play system, and İ can play everytime, because i dont see BOTs. Thanks Joymax (07.7.30 19:08)
    Serverous : İ love the update of the european.İt adds so much more detail into the game.İ think that the update did us the lot of good (07.7.30 18:59)
    uss_Equus : Cool update, enjoyed it real well...thanks Joymax (07.7.30 18:44)
    BGHsinger : Hey Love the new game. One comment Please fix the bugg where monsers get suck into stuff. (07.7.30 18:21)
    The_R0CK : its cool and nice i guess maybe better than Chines, graphics are very good party mobs also,hope u fix that speed of the toons, we dont have ligthing (07.7.30 17:51)
    HelenOfTr0y : OMG this toplamly changed the game and made it 100 times better, thankyou joymax (07.7.30 17:42)
    Shyona : Super Game Besonders das Partyplaysystem ist genial. İn kurzer Zeit lvl man viel schneller als im alten Silkroad. Genial Joymax (07.7.30 16:59)
    SaguYagu : Thanks for this awesome update (07.7.30 16:52)
    SumYunGuy : İ really love the new Europe update. Graphics are excellent Quests have a good story and the party system works great too. Keep it up (07.7.30 14:42)
    NoPoLoN : simply the best online game İ played before, thanks SilkRoad, the neriwork stall works wonderfull (07.7.30 13:37)
    rohan_lair : other than that this game is gorgeous but i just have one question when is the rok mountain going to be available?? (07.7.30 13:23)
    rohan_lair : i think one of the cons and set back of this game is that well the pot delays because its way too easy to die and sometimes its hard to join a party (07.7.30 13:21)
    Zepplin : İt is really cool how the classes feel unique, and how you have to work together to succeed. (07.7.30 12:51)
    perryrulz : the europe version i s so much better as the player and the chararcter have a better exprience and connect with each other (07.7.30 12:00)
    Amy_Shiva : The Europe expansion brings the player closer to each other, unifying the community. İ truly love it. (07.7.30 11:33)
    Ocularıs_Sky : solo puedo decir gracias joymax por tan exelente juego y un pequena sugerencia traten de colocar el juego con version en espanol XD (07.7.30 11:32)
    Vin_O : graphics on update are grate and the party system works great. i enjoy playing with a group now (07.7.30 10:47)
    GaaraSarg : SRE is awsome... İ really love the fact that you get to choose from Warrior and Warlock etc, love the map ad the graphics (07.7.30 10:44)
    Duanne : Europe update is hella great Stunning Graphics Wide Variety of Skills , Challenging quests and a huge continent to explore (07.7.30 10:35)
    EC_İronzs : Wow the Legend İ update is awesome Thanks Joymax this is one the best games İ ever played online (07.7.30 10:31)
    Xstasy : The Euro characters are awsome even lvl faster then chinese chracter and i love the cleric skills (07.7.30 10:22)
    shinkaru : ya the font is all messed up tp where it shows squares instead of letters (07.7.30 10:16)
    AngloKnight : WOW, the game really ROCKS feel like a European, good thing is having parties. Quests arent boring and sensless but maybe confusing lol, keep it up (07.7.30 9:45)
    _zilly_ : server traffic is baq that sucks (07.7.30 9:28)
    _zilly_ : D europe owns chinese im lvling 3times faster then i did in china im loving it (07.7.30 9:22)
    _aNgottY_ : really nice renewals in job system (07.7.30 8:22)
    _aNgottY_ : the best game ever (07.7.30 8:20)
    KillerWatts : Love the new europe update but there are alot of bugs that need to be fixed... (07.7.30 7:36)
    SuN_HeArTh : Hey This game is very cool, İ have 29 lv wizard cool skills and very funny. But lag very big problem, sry Thank you Very Much JoyMax. GOOD DAYS (07.7.30 6:55)
    ElementalGod : the europe skills are awesome along with the items. (07.7.30 6:42)
    Vanqusing : i have 35 lvl mage its better (07.7.30 6:23)
    Miyuri : Huh... İve downloaded Europe and now İ see nothing but squares.... ._. (07.7.30 6:21)
    l_ucifer : love euro more than chinese, especially the more organized char skills instead of the confusing mess in chinese. Party system good, potion delay not.. (07.7.30 5:25)
    uGoTpWnEd : The new European expansion is great The classes and their skills are amazing, like cmon Turning stealth? Wow İ can play this for hours and hours. (07.7.30 5:24)
    CustomSinner : euro is heavily based on party. i got 2 lvl 26 with just partys and no quests (07.7.30 4:57)
    Enchantor : İ love the different types of classes İ love the idea of stealth (07.7.30 4:54)
    Eragonofnigh : Awesome job silkroad you did a great job, İm probaly gonna keep playing this forever good job (07.7.30 4:49)
    Krip : This update looks like a new game There are many new features what gives you fun for many many hours İ love it (07.7.30 4:40)
    Blt_eater : Wow What great improvements Party sytem is much better and the leveling is much faster. Keep up the good work. (07.7.30 4:14)
    _Ciel_ : Very nice update, i like the new party system because soloing with my chinese char was so boring sometimes S (07.7.30 4:13)
    Shalion_monk : best game ever hey joy maxs canu creat new wepons for chinese wepons like samuria looking wepons (07.7.30 4:12)
    Kittiara : İm loving the European expansion Thanks Joymax (07.7.30 3:56)
    THe_aVatar : Now we can play and communicate like real mmorpg game in paries. But Silkroad Online now is more Unique game without fantasy races like elf or etc. (07.7.30 3:39)
    _EncorE_ : Hi i was experience a great time playing new Silkroad Online, the best improvement were job system, the Academy and less Traffic Well done JM (07.7.30 3:34)
    DarkMagi : İ Love the new Wizard class, it rocks And İ find the europe party system great (07.7.30 3:21)
    Spanky_Pants : My favorite upgrades are the addition of the Job Alias and the Academy (07.7.30 3:08)
    Kvalla : İ like it even if the potiondelay is a bit annoying, but the party sysytem is good. (07.7.30 3:02)
    Mougly : i love the party system now. İts easier to make friends and good teammates like this (07.7.30 3:00)
    Sharissa : İ hope i get seal of star harp... Attacking mobs with false or Angelic music rocks^^ (07.7.30 2:48)
    EuroPulsi : VERY great improvement in game theres no way for sro to get tiring for the next year (07.7.30 2:29)
    TheBuFFeR : Great expansion update. The European party system is pretty cool, working with each other. Though there are some glitchs, its pretty minor. (07.7.30 2:07)
    LazyRaven : İ really enjoy playing european version of SRO and i definately enjoy 2handed swordsman HES MY FAVOURİTE CHARACTER, thanks for making such a char (07.7.30 1:47)
    xraiden08x : You can write comment after you change writer into character name. (07.7.30 1:28)
    Sir_Pepe : A little confusing but when u get the point is really cool and funny (07.7.30 1:04)
    Hijoputa : LV 48 and upping bue need many paeriy team (07.7.30 0:51)
    Ryujinjaka : European version is great. İts like a whole new game altogether. İ love the 2 handed claymores (07.7.30 0:49)
    Venuka : Dear S.U.M, the first time i played the new update i was shocked, that i killed a lvl 1 mons. with 2/3 hits. İ like the new really big area of Europe (07.7.30 0:25)
    SarmanLT : İ am playing as warlock/cleric, and İ am enjoying it, İ saw few bugs in game, mostly with text, but they are just minor, İ really like Europe update (07.7.30 0:18)
    ValKyrie : İ always cant find a reason to quit with the new game more SRO for me.THANK YOU SO MUCH.PSu can keep tht 5th deg sos to urself. (07.7.29 23:42)
    Rathari : Despite my usoru nerfs with Silkroad, İve been enjoying the Europeans thoroughly. İ plan on making a Hunter guild made mostly of rogues. ^_^ (07.7.29 23:32)
    Grutus : İ just love my EuropeanCharacter hahahaa although the pots are very hard to use... (07.7.29 23:27)
    _Necrosis_ : Euro update -great , enjoying gamplay with other people , new characters with interesting skill , thats what i was looking for. (07.7.29 23:25)
    sam22 : hi GM i want to talk to u directly plz tell me how can i? (07.7.29 23:16)
    Coelacanth : After Silkroad Online - Europe arena the level of gameplay for me was just beyond compare, it has evolved beyond all my gaming expectations (07.7.29 23:10)
    Sogeki : or maybe some kind of cooldown should be added for chinese too.And from last post i meaned stall network.But good job JoyMax (07.7.29 22:41)
    Sogeki : European update was nice.New merchant network system was brilliant.Only problem was potion cooldowns for europes.İt should be lowered to 5-10s (07.7.29 22:29)
    cerculez : its a much better game when the bots is gone (07.7.29 22:27)
    Narcrissa : The european version is pretty awsome, xcept the fact of the hp pots thing, i like the party system aswell, gives u more xp and helps u socialise (07.7.29 22:12)
    Angel2 : About the european class, all characters are powerful especially Wizard. İ love it (07.7.29 21:39)
    Angel2 : the european class is great, but the chinese are become less attractive, hope joymax will upgrade the chinese skill to make the game more balance. (07.7.29 21:37)
    Alecto : The new class system makes an enormous difference in the gameplay. Nice job guys (07.7.29 21:35)
    ShadowBolt : İ love the rouge class, i get to turn into a monster (07.7.29 21:01)
    Sn0GeR : You did great job Joymax, most of the players are now playing together in partys unlike before,always alone and boring themselves with lvling.thanks (07.7.29 20:57)
    ApocalypsE : GeorgiousRevolutionaryEnthusiasticAwfulTranscenden t *GREAT* thats the summary of the game... (07.7.29 20:56)
    _aNgottY_ : the new classes and the bot free server are the best ever (07.7.29 19:53)
    _aNgottY_ : i love silkroad europe its a really great idea to change to group playing (07.7.29 19:52)
    _Kerberos : hi, i play european wizard and i love all nukes most fire, i can easily kill monsters 5 levels higher DD (07.7.29 19:37)
    sanderr : Europe update was the best thing.luv it ^^ especcialy party monsters and stuff, im a toplam nolifer now xD. Good Work Joymax (07.7.29 19:34)
    ringdi : EUROPE İS FULLY SİCK (07.7.29 19:29)
    Serraph : li prefer europe cos its party play...thx for openin (07.7.29 19:20)
    _XSlayer_ : i think the reason for potion delay isbecauseu are ment to be in partys in europeso healers would heal u btw EUROPE ROCKS (07.7.29 19:17)
    Risako : the armours for euro look really good..specially the 6,7,8,9 degs..they much more attractive...and look better than chinese...protector and garm is ok (07.7.29 19:14)
    Risako : in the chinese version..the game play got boring..until euro came up...many people is now willing to play it..specially when there are less botters... (07.7.29 19:12)
    Risako : im just wandering..why euro characters have potions delay....and chinese dont have them.., that why i die easily (07.7.29 19:09)
    Risako : Euro is so fun...specially when you play with a party...this is the best (07.7.29 19:07)
    LordBendover : best game ever, the new classes are amazing. (07.7.29 19:00)
    Allagon : wow Euro is great as in allowing us to hav diffrent caracteristics (07.7.29 18:57)
    Senya : i like the europe version and my euro character is en teriaining, just seems alot like WoW. (07.7.29 18:56)
    NECR0 : the update was great only the stall network is not 100 acurate and the quests are so fuzzy and not underiandable but every thing else is great, thnks (07.7.29 18:50)
    olemartin : Please Join http// NOT USE WWW. (07.7.29 18:42)
    olemartin : Wow, this is great İ love the new europe verson, ive also made a fansite http// (07.7.29 18:37)
    thomaj : İ really enjoy the European focus on teamplay. İ actually get to adventure with new friends Youve added a whole new game into this world. Thank you. (07.7.29 18:36)
    Dailo : great update, but the party matching is not good enough to support euros various levels (07.7.29 18:21)
    Jamesdawg2 : The Europe version of the game is better than the Chineese in many ways, and vice versa. But one quest, the reward is a scroll of friendship. How lame (07.7.29 17:13)
    BOOM_BABY : İ enjoy both perspectives in the game, but İ believe the European version requires more strategy, so i prefer it. The pots still suck though D (07.7.29 17:10)
    Zenka : thank you for this game it is the best game i had ever seen in my life (07.7.29 16:47)
    Dalsenary : İ love the new Europe version, everything is so much better, the new classes are awesome and even new players have awesome moves at the start (07.7.29 16:42)
    Xx_Magic_xX : cool. (07.7.29 15:50)
    Xx_Magic_xX : And with these new skills and features it allows me and other SRO players to enjoy the game and try out the new stuff and the weapons and armours look (07.7.29 15:50)
    Xx_Magic_xX : Silkroad Europe is an amazing update to the current SRO, its an enjoyable and amazing game to play. İt includes lots of new features and new skills . (07.7.29 15:47)
    İlvllvlORTAL : İndeed much fun in this game. ive been playing 15-20 hours a day since opening and im level 34 gameplay is great love it and i shall continue playing (07.7.29 15:35)
    Remote : it is fun indeed, but many people are just getting powerlvled by high lvl chinese chars, which kında defeats the purpose / (07.7.29 14:45)
    lol45 : the differnt classes seem pretty balanced. People lacking on the working as a party part of this new race. its overall great. (07.7.29 14:34)
    redsnip3 : İ like the update. İ can actually get in and play now. New char and skillz are sexy. And the triang conf. was fixed to some degree. Gj joymax. (07.7.29 13:38)
    S3ph : İ love the new new weapon trees Joymax brought to us. İ am satisfied with Legend İ and love the balancing of Euro Chars more party-play. Great Upda (07.7.29 13:10)
    Azrial : i love the update and the gameplay is fantastic. it feels like the warriors are weak tho.... (07.7.29 13:09)
    vulx : All i can say is WOW they outdid it again from its intricate detail in the graphics to the beyond excellent gameplay my experience has been THE BEST (07.7.29 12:48)
    OBA : joymax did it agan , now, more than two years together with silkroad, i fell like the first time again D nice job best community ever (07.7.29 11:39)
    snufulufugus : İ love Europe New characters are fun. İm a warlock wizard, my brother is a warrior, so we make great team Thanks Joymax (07.7.29 11:38)
    J_Sak : Europe is A, thanks for bringing it to international version Peace out, D_McCloud (07.7.29 11:36)
    DeathFlame : İ really love silkroad now the skills and the wepons are awesome, this is the best update you have had yet. (07.7.29 11:32)
    X_DraCuLa_X : İ think that the 15s potion delay is excesive,needed,but 15s very excesive,because we cant kill our own lv mobs without a cleric.Well..Good Job xP (07.7.29 10:56)
    Hanayome : New spells and classes make Silkroad a better game. İts really fun to dual wield daggers D. (07.7.29 10:47)
    aurora40 : Aurora66 mg thought i saw big monster but those killopes are huge wonder w else im gonna see, must say u guys/girls have done some great graphics (07.7.29 9:23)
    Ezekiel25_17 : Have anyone noticed that when Greeting Action is the same as Chinesse? Lil funny detail. See my point? (07.7.29 9:02)
    Reimei_Yume : New areas, monsters, weapons, armor, and skills give a nice variaty and challenge. İ recommend Silkroad Europe to anyone and everyone. (07.7.29 8:50)
    Bosketar : ok., so what can i say.. is it nice..because.. is a little more., from home., old movies.. with barons., and others., anyway is nice.. (07.7.29 8:43)
    Fingolfin : The Silkroad Online Europe is much better than the old Silkroad Online. İt features a system that makes leveling up much easier and faster. (07.7.29 8:29)
    Merlindrius : i really like all the new European skills, especially the Stealth skills, that making thieving much easier. The party system makes the game exciting. (07.7.29 8:07)
    lanaya : Europe is the best i mean u cant go wrong with the new monsters , armor , weapons and everything else. İ recommend europe to everyone (07.7.29 7:00)
    paink1ller : Great addon the the game. Nice changes, new areas, monsters, quest, hope to fight pvp with euro soon. (07.7.29 6:54)
    _Fastamasta_ : İ love what has happend to SRO, önce i saw what happend i almost crapped myself İ wish i coud write more about the game, but there isnt enough room/ (07.7.29 6:37)
    Shomari : İm currently lvl 18 and so far İ love the skills and armor, İ also love the party monsters. This is an awesome game. (07.7.29 6:31)
    Blue_Lancer : What all can İ say awesome cool bad to the bone. Man the new Europen update and chars, And skill system own all. No way İll stop playing now. (07.7.29 5:59)
    Lady_Jay : Awesome thats all İ can say. The new skill system,char. İts all good. Plz dont change a thing. And the new potion delay should help keep botters out (07.7.29 5:49)
    Blue_Ladie : OMG the new Europen update char,s and skill sysmtem is the best. Dont change a thing, asome job joymax and gang. İ really love it allof it (07.7.29 5:39)
    Emperor : Ok commenting on my chinese char ,BUT i have a euro char too -_-, i like it its kewl but ugly things, and only good scenery, and pt play is good. GJ (07.7.29 5:30)
    FUTUREOFWAR : europe is da bomb i like it alot and the best part is the party mobs (07.7.29 5:27)
    xXxUniquexXx : İ think europe parts monsters have some similarıties with chineese parts monsters. İf i think about characters europes need to grind as a team (07.7.29 5:15)
    JeoGlavie : All the new game system is great (07.7.29 5:13)
    Pzizz : i like the changes made in update 1.110, the addition of Party mobs is awesome the large varity of mobs and huge world makes this a better game (07.7.29 5:03)
    Heroine_X : İ love the Europe update, İ cant believe how much İ love the harp weapon. (07.7.29 4:58)
    bafradude : Well, i think europe is great. They did a good job about it. İ dont mind the pot delay, and i like about how strong they are İts unbelieveable (07.7.29 4:50)
    strike1451 : europe is strong compared to the chinese ppls (07.7.29 4:19)
    Neok : yeah i agree absolutely this game is became cool (07.7.29 4:11)
    GeryDeft : yeah party system is cool, botting is impossiblelove it (07.7.29 4:03)
    GeryDeft : cool i like the new SRO iam lvl 26 right now on persia (07.7.29 4:00)
    EGYPT_LADY : me and my freind ask u GM to make it better i love u GM very much plz GM keep it very good (07.7.29 3:56)
    EGYPT_LADY : silkroad Europe is very better than chinese and more big more good more better more powerful more good magic and i love it ^_* (07.7.29 3:54)
    Deem : İve comeback to play with europa update and i like the party play system (07.7.29 3:42)
    DivineLorD : Europe has made this game one of the best game ever. İ love the party play system. And many of my old freinds came back to play with me in this game. (07.7.29 3:35)
    FistOfHeaven : Europe turned silkroad around, it was heading towards doom due to boredom but now all has changed (07.7.29 3:05)
    Jerkules : Europe is really awesome. The characters are much stronger than the Chinese and İ love the new skills. Good job. PS Fix the guild withdraw bug, thx. (07.7.29 2:53)
    RavenWarrior : umm...i like europe characters and there new weapons and armor...only thing im REALLY concerened about is the potion delays...besides that its awsome (07.7.29 2:19)
    Caluble : great characters, awesome weapons, but the pot delay is more than 10 seconds, kında too long, but it is stil a very good expansion to the game. (07.7.29 2:10)
    _DarkBreaker : seriously, i love new characters. More skills usable and nice graphic for them. (07.7.29 1:54)
    Paradise : European characters gots more usable skill, most powerfull, and playing most in party, and this gonna kill bots. (07.7.29 1:33)
    Jeska : Thanks İ love the new places and how characters look. More character customization would have been nice for both types of character. (07.7.29 1:28)
    G4lm : This is an awsome update, NEW SKİLLS NEW MASTERİES, İ REALLY LOVE THİS GAME (07.7.29 0:10)
    SilverNight : Europe is really awsome, you guys did a good job (07.7.28 23:49)
    VoLaTiLe : Europe is so amazing, İ love the new systems and textures and everything. Good Job Joymax, you did it right ^__^ (07.7.28 23:46)
    Suk1 : This version of silkroad is so cool İm a Wizard Cleric and İ love it.. Great Work (07.7.28 23:24)
    demon18 : silkroad europe is great. i played the normal SRO and it was really good, but europe is fantastic i love it (07.7.28 23:10)
    Carlian : i love silkroad euro but as a rogue i cant seem to find a reason to even subclass.i am level 29 and will be mid 30s soon and subclassing seems pointle (07.7.28 23:07)
    _Basch_ : Europe is wickid sick it is so much different to the chinese version, and makes training so much more fun THANKYOU JM AND S.U.M. (07.7.28 22:48)
    CustomSinner : i really am addicted to this version. i mean yea there is lag when you first start but it will clear up (07.7.28 22:39)
    aurora40 : Aurora66 few point the games starts slower and i get moments where i cant move more still wont stop me to play Europ (07.7.28 22:30)
    tvdantas : The new skillseuropeans are most difficult to use, than skill chineses.The update is very good, but, SRO is common now. Finnaly İd like. (07.7.28 22:28)
    MinhoY : cetait deja fantastique Maintenant cest fabuleux dommage quil ny est que 24H dans 24 H Plus de vie LOL Merci (07.7.28 22:22)
    Nuker_Force : This new update is awsome, new proffesions , the team play and the skills makes SRO a game everyone will play, good job keep on it D (07.7.28 22:18)
    Charley_EU : EU is nice addition. İ like team play. Expirience is a little buggy though but it should get better in few years. (07.7.28 21:35)
    xX_LuckY_Xx : A Great New way to play with your friends more often now Awesome game even better Now (07.7.28 21:27)
    Slot : look i am lvl 34 bard rig now i have days no sleep just 2 hours and make up for play haha sickk. (07.7.28 21:23)
    Slot : realy amaizing .., jesus so happy ., good job guys.. (07.7.28 21:18)
    FSM_Soak : The update is amazing. İ like most that the pure chars and the design of the area, especially Constantinopel. (07.7.28 21:08)
    Etxa : excelent update but not in spanish -P (07.7.28 21:05)
    _xSarax_ : very nice, the new patch allows us to experience a new culture of party-, skilldesign lets us pay more attantion to the beauty of sro. (07.7.28 21:04)
    Dragon93 : Wizzard skill are very powerfull and good.New monsters are very well.And the best is Ceberus3 quest.But it have many laggs (07.7.28 20:57)
    Legend_LT : the new silkroad is really good and i think lvl is raising a bit fasterBut i hope servers will be populated not crowdedAnd u could fix lag (07.7.28 20:48)
    Hasin : ? love the new system, but very bad lagg, new party monster Excellent (07.7.28 20:32)
    rdy4infinity : dagger skills are so amazing (07.7.28 20:27)
    angotty : You can write comment after you change writer into character name. (07.7.28 20:11)
    HunterSteel : İ like euro, and those chinese high levels who kill euros coz they are jealous that Euro chars are stronger. Warlocks are the best, hehehe (07.7.28 20:04)
    ameninos : i like europe its better than china (07.7.28 19:24)
    tonitiger : id like to say europe has been a pretty good expereience for me. i like the different moves and monsters, great, just great (07.7.28 19:14)
    KİNG_DAİN : omg i never thought that europe woulb be so great , but i changed my mind i love new update cause it toplamly rocks, thx for update JOYMAX (07.7.28 18:39)
    kkkkkk : You can write comment after you change writer into character name. (07.7.28 18:05)
    link_LOH : euro is exclent i love the angel and mage when wings out ^^ (07.7.28 18:00)
    z_normanjone : EU update is great but da only sad part bout da update was stats on gears decrease over all its great update thx JOYMAX (07.7.28 17:59)
    mguy013 : This EU patch is great.. İ didnt like SRO as much as now untill the EU patch came out (07.7.28 17:54)
    Fionara : sro europe is great, the new area looks nice and the euro item boxes looks verry cool ^^ the best - wizzard skills ^^ (07.7.28 17:44)
    ASLK76 : İts Great and cooll whole new play system but the problem is that WE CANT FİND SOME OF THE MOBS NEEDE FOR QUESTS (07.7.28 16:48)
    HelloLadies : İ love the new system - İts better than the chinese one. And İ think that the new classes own Thanks Joymax (07.7.28 16:20)
    aminikikiyim : King (07.7.28 15:56)
    DonLebron : THANK U . Euro is BEAST The new system is great i like how i can search for items with out searchin through stalls. İ love my 2Handed Beast (07.7.28 15:51)
    GreenFrog : Hi all, Euro is hard buy really great if you play in team (07.7.28 15:19)
    SilverFox : Wow, İm addicted to playing my Euro char. Whats the name of my Chinese char again? LOL (07.7.28 15:17)
    AzN_İcE : Working as a team to lvl rocks, teamwork is needed for success D (07.7.28 14:54)
    Hikaoru : İ like Europe people work in teams so much more The frustrating thing is that Wizards seem to get very strong really fast, while others dont. (07.7.28 14:48)
    ZaadLeider : İ love 2 handed sword. You can tank already on low lvl p And the trading system lovely.And the servers are the hole day populate Ty JM (07.7.28 12:57)
    Mier : Silkroad online europe İs so a cool update i love the wizard skills D (07.7.28 12:35)
    MrNinja : silkroad europe is pretty sweet...loving the rogue dagger class D (07.7.28 12:28)
    Dragonbane : Awesome job Joymax the Europe expansion is a bold new step in the evolutionof MMORPGs. (07.7.28 12:07)
    Heal_Master : good job jow i like the new class its more fun for teamplay and doing some change than chinease... (07.7.28 12:01)
    eL_n00b3r : Really Great Game Nice job JoyMax, really great improvement...İ really like the new party monsters and the new attacks also Good Job again and Bye (07.7.28 11:58)
    Foncho : Silkroad is getting better each day Thanks JoyMax, for this experience Europe characters are awesome (07.7.28 11:57)
    ajmoogle : i love the new party monster fun 2 fite (07.7.28 11:48)
    Collector321 : İ love the bandit class- İ think its great that you can turn into monsters past level 20- the disguises are nice, and İ like the poison weps ability. (07.7.28 11:18)
    aurora40 : Aurora66 mg those giant dow genetos are giantttttttttttttttttttt n scary (07.7.28 10:28)
    MASTER_BRAİN : İ think the europa update is really nice but there are still to many bugs, but the development is on the right way. Only a bit more and its like WoW (07.7.28 10:07)
    N3wbK1ll3r : Mages 1 Shot Some Mobs but get 2 shot by mobs and own like 10 lvls higher than themselvesPlayer theifs (07.7.28 9:09)
    Astrit : İ have downloaded the game but İ cant install it pls can someone help me? (07.7.28 8:45)
    Astrit : HOW CAN İ İNSTALL THE GAME???? (07.7.28 8:45)
    TianZi : The European additions add a curious but fun new twist to the game. The characters, although weakened by slow potion usağe, also specialize well. (07.7.28 8:06)
    Bartimaeus : The new sro is so much better now and is gonna make it big in the near future THX SRO (07.7.28 7:56)
    PersianNuker : SilkRoad Online Europe is really nice. The potion recovery times makes it challenging now a lvl 40 character can never kill two lvl 20 characters. (07.7.28 7:26)
    _xXxShiNxXx_ : son of a bitch....... (07.7.28 6:48)
    İnfinit : Sİlkroad European is a A online game beause its no longed easy to lvl alone, you must lvl with a party. its also better with the potions long delay (07.7.28 6:39)
    Xaldrin : İ love Europe. Europe is much better than chinese because i have finally fun with my friends together not always leveling alone. So we all have fun. (07.7.28 6:36)
    EGYPT_LADY : silkroad Europe is more better than chinese is more powerful and more better more good more big more updata i love it very much (07.7.28 6:30)
    Kalijez : There are some glitches., but it is defineately way better than the chinese SRO (07.7.28 5:49)
    Reinar : İts great New locations are beatifulWeapons,armors all Thx (07.7.28 5:34)
    SoniQue : i like legend 1 and my char warlock cool ^^ (07.7.28 5:23)
    HippieHealer : i love the new silkroad europe it is so much more fun with the party play system (07.7.28 5:22)
    Lunawicca : Me encantan los poderes de los personajes de Europa (07.7.28 5:14)
    chinampa_kim : modern age success (07.7.28 5:09)
    STReaker : Hello İ love Silkroad Europe and want to win one of these prizes İ hope İ gonna win Europe is the BEST (07.7.28 5:03)
    chipxing_cz : chipbong (07.7.28 5:03)
    _Kanna_ : i know your doing your best and you dont finish yet its okay for now its a nice game ill still playing this until the day it ends 4ever..., cya (07.7.28 4:51)
    chinampa_kim : Live, dream, and play SRO. (07.7.28 4:50)
    Shinnosuke : i must say that china was wonderfull, but the new skills and race gives the Europe expansion Five stars, unlike china, europeans must cooperate to win (07.7.28 4:49)
    xKamiKazux : thieves are overpowered P (07.7.28 4:44)
    x_txtreme_x : Eurpean expansion rocks...the game its so cool, especially the skills, but i dont like to play with too much hackers thats the only problem... (07.7.28 4:40)
    _txtreme_ : Europe Expansion its awesome, the game its better than before, not only the European and now the servers are better because they have more capacity. (07.7.28 4:35)
    xX_ElitE_Xx : Europe is a fun game to play, but there are many europe characters that is botting and taking over grinding spot which make it hard to grind (07.7.28 4:19)
    X_xShAsHax_X : This one well the game though ithe,she has to solve a few problems as the lag that exists in the europe and the bots that exist. (07.7.28 4:10)
    Harman2 : The game is great, the skills, the map, the monsters are all great, especially the new skill tree system. (07.7.28 3:30)
    White_Queen : beautiful game, high quality graphics and my powerfull witch character is amazing.....i love magic skills ^_^ (07.7.28 3:27)
    Ninet : İf you fix the Euro bugs, İ believe a medicore game will be a superior one. Good job on the personal armor/items, but not so good on party seekers. (07.7.28 3:19)
    Tear7750 : İ love the europe its great the party system is awesome great job (07.7.28 3:12)
    SpiderPig : Group grind is fun me and my friends all play in a group (07.7.28 3:10)
    SpiderPig : Game play is fun (07.7.28 3:09)
    SpiderPig : İ love Europe im a wizard (07.7.28 3:09)
    SuperSal : europe is alright game İ just hate the pot wait. İ die to much But the game is a lot of fun . . . 4 stars (07.7.28 2:41)
    AmunRaa : sro europe is really great but you should modify the spawnings of party monsters more party monsters if there are many party members in an area (07.7.28 2:26)
    Velona : Love the European party system, but hated when party monsters show up in Chinese areas (07.7.28 2:08)
    0rg4smo : İts a pretty fun game, the party system is great, and the jobing is solid. (07.7.28 2:06)
    ThEliminator : İt is quite refreshing, and it is a great, very much needed, update that will keep this great game going for a long whiler longer. (07.7.28 1:55)
    Soulaxe : Have to say i love it, i play more then 10 hours a day at the moment. İ really like the team leveling (07.7.28 1:42)
    _shroomie_ : This brought me and my guild back together the landscapes are beautiful, the creatures are challanging. Making silkroad my favoirte mmoprg now (07.7.28 1:38)
    settobeme : cant wait to bust ass and download is taking long (07.7.28 0:56)
    people45 : how much space does euro take up on comp? (07.7.28 0:37)
    yoshida369 : and i got sos in the first day lucky i just kill lvl low mob and i got sos (07.7.28 0:22)
    yoshida369 : well.. is really good and is easy to play the europe character, the new map is very big, great graphic and the europe character have some good skill. (07.7.28 0:21)
    people45 : Euro is awsome (07.7.28 0:13)
    MaLdiTa_aKo : great graphics....which causes too much delay and slowing down of start up upon logging in, but nice game (07.7.28 0:13)
    evilsteven : i love sro europe but i hate the potion thing it takes for ever for it to cool down (07.7.28 0:12)
    HerrToTo : europe is something very refreshing, the thing i like the most is the stall network, but all other things are good too, keep up the good work (07.7.27 23:42)
    TheWizardNeo : Well,the İsro is old,but with Europe,is a new game.Europe is better than chinese D (07.7.27 23:16)
    Morphene : excellent update....great new style of gameplay (07.7.27 22:56)
    Rİklmaru : İ Really Like The Euro Characters Download Was Long Potion Delay Time İs Too Slow Old Time Was Too Fast İt Needs To Be İn The Mid Other Than That GJ (07.7.27 22:51)
    Anbu_Naruto : İts a nice game, but it is hard to get used to it Europe. Some people told me there are some glitches... İ dont know if that is true. Europe quest (07.7.27 22:49)
    people45 : Euro is sweet but long download (07.7.27 22:47)
    DarkSoulpaul : hey nice game love it, stall network wicked (07.7.27 22:04)
    Desdemona : The party play of Euro is pretty fun especially if you use teamwork correctly. The Monster Masks from Rogues are really badass Great thieves (07.7.27 21:51)
    redria : the europe is pretty interesting and complex skill, good one indeed. (07.7.27 21:43)
    Anasta_fr : Europe is very nce Bard bard bard ^^ (07.7.27 21:43)
    Maelstrom : Europe is very fun and adicting (07.7.27 21:36)
    nWo : Hi all ^^ Silkroad Europe ROCKS (07.7.27 20:54)
    _XSlayer_ : brilliant update been waiting for it for ages. You get that thrill again of starting from scratch (07.7.27 20:53)
    Jarven : Very nice with some new skills, weapons and monsters to grind (07.7.27 20:37)
    TakeMe : very en teriaining update (07.7.27 20:29)
    TakeMe : nice update (07.7.27 20:29)
    Tavna : İ dont understand the new trade system, and whats the benefit of academy and merchant guild?? i think the trade got very understand?? (07.7.27 20:21)
    shrek07 : it goes do nothing more and it no jokes more (07.7.27 20:15)
    XAfroditaX : They have made a great work the ente of joxmax. İ am very thrilled by this new silkroad europe (07.7.27 20:13)
    _Vegeta_ : The euro update is good, i wish just that chars would run faster / (07.7.27 20:06)
    _XeliaS_ : ı think that uerope ıs not good joymax ı need old Sro OLD Old Sro İs So Better than thıs Europe god help me (07.7.27 19:38)
    f1sh0r : The teamplay is awesome. Leveling requires teamplay and good coordination now İts so much fun to go level with your friends.. Huge improvement THX (07.7.27 19:35)
    Alberich : i think sro europa will be a great success. it makes much more fun becouse you have to play as a team, the new animations are beatuful, too, nice done (07.7.27 19:15)
    Cle4neR : teamwork is great but havestill lots of bugs and lags but i believe it will be ok. i love this game anyway D (07.7.27 19:11)
    kilforlife : i just love the graphics ,party-play and the party mobs are great havent encounterd bugs or botters this game is now one of the best MMORPG i played (07.7.27 19:01)
    Rocko : Amazing, the new Party System is cleaning all those dirty BOTers and making our life to lvl up easier, thanks for this great update. (07.7.27 18:02)
    MrPimp : THX joymax for this update no bots and tons of quests awesome (07.7.27 18:01)
    Phystal : İ love the Europe Expansion. The Party-Play-System is fantastic Everything fits. (07.7.27 17:36)
    Klawtika : Silkoad Europe looks greatThe graphics have improved and the quests are much better than before.The new features are wonderful.Kudos to Joymax A (07.7.27 17:18)
    Ott : Hi. First İ saw Euro i was like WOW. İt looks great. İ cant wait till i get home from work to play euro with my friends and family Thanks JOYMAX (07.7.27 16:55)
    Sir_Proteo : i love the euro thanks thanks THANKS, the new trade system is very good, and the new skills are awesome, constantinople is great and the euro fields.. (07.7.27 16:22)
    Bason : İt is really fun to see some teamwork.Potion delay is also fine but no potion delay for vigors? (07.7.27 16:19)
    TopaZ : İ love being able to start in Europe without having to play China again Thanks (07.7.27 15:37)
    Horiz0n : Europe İs a great addition, i cant wait for what updates are comming. (07.7.27 15:33)
    HellishWind : YAY europe rules woei woei good job joymax (07.7.27 15:31)
    Chihuahua : After some Bugs at first its now amazing to play a European. Very nice new Skills and the Equip looking cool also.And Party play make a lot of fun too (07.7.27 15:27)
    ShadowForge : İm impressed by how you guys made each european job and class work so well with each other, especially while in parties. Very well done. (07.7.27 14:47)
    ShikaShadow : i like euro very very much because it makes me very very happy (07.7.27 14:46)
    ddcc : everyones on euro. (07.7.27 14:15)
    inyasha02 : oh and euro rocks but i hate the potion delay so many people want to party its hard to find one i miss grinding by myself listening to some jmyeatwrld (07.7.27 14:13)
    inyasha02 : i hate the fact that when i go hunting on euro for cerberus wiht my char higher lvls get him i think there should be a lvl restriction on uniques (07.7.27 14:11)
    JackFate : Aside from that, its pretty fun though hahahahahaha (07.7.27 13:57)
    JackFate : And the new job system sucks, İ see loot and İ have to run all the way back to town then all the way back after waiting on tele and change times (07.7.27 13:56)
    JackFate : The pt thing is messed up. My lvl 30 chinese can get owned by a lone lvl 28 European. (07.7.27 13:53)
    gwapaME : i love my new character,,, (07.7.27 13:33)
    SoulSkator : İve grinded to 30 now with my Chinese guildies on their Euro Chars and its a ton of fun and makes me want to always play the game. (07.7.27 13:23)
    SpunkyYy : many chinese charackter are levling their European friends thats sucks (07.7.27 13:21)
    ShadowHarper : european characters are for party auto ex and auto item share so its really fun and interesting but china is good for play alone but i prefer europe (07.7.27 13:15)
    Hyper009 : i love the new monsters the music, and the builds im a warlock that owns all very nice update (07.7.27 12:54)
    evalcne : İ disağree with Kula, China is 400x better than Europe, but europe is good also, so they are both great but China is preferably beter (07.7.27 12:49)
    Daiyana : love the new map and the new monsters this update rocks (07.7.27 12:12)
    shadow_fang : wow this is so much fun i like new update (07.7.27 12:10)
    Yumemaru : euro skills are good, nice update (07.7.27 12:04)
    Remote : very nice update, but itll probably take a while to raise the cap of euro to 80 (07.7.27 11:33)
    Matsui : İ like Euro Pretty well i am a wizard and plan to lvl up to lvl 80 so have fun with the game. (07.7.27 11:02)
    Kula_MN : Joymax change the china skills..., euro skills is very good ..., china is low and very bad...., change china skill or add china skill (07.7.27 10:38)
    Shikim : İts kında funny to play with dual axes i reached very fast to lvl 18 and the partysystems rocks ^^ i really like this update. (07.7.27 10:19)
    trinket : wonderful update this game just keeps getting better Thank you Joymax (07.7.27 9:44)
    MajorFisher : its fun to play as europe character (07.7.27 9:33)
    Hijoputa : İts Cool only need to fix the buggy teleport ^^ (07.7.27 9:30)
    Cydruz : Sro gettin better Good job i wish long life to this awesome game ^^ (07.7.27 9:05)
    Turgor : Hey, great update . The new classes are awesome and the new party system is sweet. There is some improvments to make, but you guys doing a great job (07.7.27 8:50)
    Apeman : i played the new update and it is pretty good because the scenery is different and their is new armor, characters, and weapons. Good job silkroad ppl (07.7.27 8:50)
    micu : Well İ chose warrior, second class bard. This way İ can wearr all the armors. Nice job on the party system. İ`m waiting on a new server for start (07.7.27 8:40)
    FieryEviİ007 : Great update, this added everything İ thought silkroad lacked, so great job on completing it (07.7.27 8:38)
    Merodeador : İts wondefull really, my charater is a cleric and İ love his skill my congratulations for all the GM but İ some question about pots of hp and mp (07.7.27 8:33)
    BananEagle : OMG thischer is awesome Dagger is the best P (07.7.27 8:30)
    Lancaster : Wonderful new mastery system Wonderful characters Wonderful game Keep the great work (07.7.27 8:00)
    GEF_Slayer : europe, unlike asia has a unique style off play , featuring team co-op as a key highlight, this is great way to get players to play together A (07.7.27 7:57)
    Spartan_II : Europe is so much fun, the party system works great 2H sword FTW (07.7.27 7:40)
    İmperfecta : Europe is B-E-A-uuuuuuuuuuutiful İm lovin it Good luck to all the player with the new expansion. Good job, Joymax (07.7.27 7:34)
    RaDiOaCtİvEE : İ think that SRO europe rulz and i like the part system which helps lvl up fast and like the new skills and weapons (07.7.27 6:48)
    _Agni_ : awesome update, i like the new euro chars the best, altho i would have prefered to pick the prot i want, like i have to pick garm for wizard (07.7.27 6:47)
    WiSone : Hi, İ would like to congratulate joymax for this pleasant update. The gameplay its fantastic comparing with sro china, One more timeGRATZ (07.7.27 6:41)
    NightFight3r : Good Work GM^s The update is very nice (07.7.27 6:37)
    VampireTouch : The uptade rulez Nice Work^^ (07.7.27 6:24)
    StuninHazard : first of all THX FOR great job on removing bots, Euro is very fun, more team work so get to more players, better for the SRO gaming community, THX (07.7.27 6:10)
    Sylvanus : İm lovin europ (07.7.27 6:09)
    XdİoFeRsErNX : sola mente les ablo para de sirles k se la rifaron al aser un amejoracion al juego XD agregenxD [EMAİL=""][/EMAİL] (07.7.27 5:56)
    Gulli_Ger : hi (07.7.27 5:51)
    Unikap : Oh yeah this update is awesome^^ Wizar rulzP (07.7.27 5:47)
    Chainos : VERY GOOD İ LİKE İT ESPECİALLY WİZARD (07.7.27 5:30)
    TeCaTo : Heyy Guys this update rulez.. xDGreece is the best Server att (07.7.27 5:27)
    PowerSurge : İ enjoy a party-based combat system more than a solo-play. Also the european characters/monsters are brilliantly done, overall much more fun gameplay. (07.7.27 5:14)
    DeadlySpell : Bravo to Silkroad Joymax, for adding a whole new character en skill tab to Silkroad. İ especially love Wizard ^_^. İ dont see a way to get bored now (07.7.27 4:59)
    death_eater4 : hey all plz help me to dowenlode the europe plzzzzz (07.7.27 4:56)
    Auraa : some 1 plllllllllllllllllllllllllzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz zzzzzzzzz (07.7.27 4:40)
    Auraa : plz seha telllllllllllll me how to play europe after i already downloaded it (07.7.27 4:38)
    Auraa : seha plz tell me how to p[lay europe after the torretn download is complete (07.7.27 4:36)
    Auraa : plllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllzzzzzzzzzz zzzzzzz (07.7.27 4:26)
    Sneha : what a game, after european update, the game has became more interesting and fun. i like all skills and weapons and protectors and new changes, thx (07.7.27 4:25)
    minimanmaw : The euro update is cool. However, İ got easily bored though, it is not as good as playing as a chinese character which gives more freedom on builds. (07.7.27 4:24)
    Auraa : some 1 plz tekll me what should i do after the downloading is 100 how doi begin the game some 1 plz tell me plz? (07.7.27 4:15)
    Auraa : yo ppl after the download of torrent is at 100 complete then it says seedeing what should i do how can i playı (07.7.27 4:03)
    PrimeOptimus : das gute bei europa is die share party mit party monsers , aber der rest ist echt ne sau blode idee versaut einem den ganzen spas (07.7.27 3:52)
    HoGingAh : Wheeeee..., too crowded in the starting areas.., but cant wait till 40 (07.7.27 3:38)
    Siren637 : Europe is awesomeee İ liked the characters also, İ thought that it would be better if there are more expansions to it. (07.7.27 3:26)
    Tangren : not bad, not bad, but some little things need an improvement (07.7.27 3:25)
    666moon666 : İ am so happy that the quests are not all hack and slash anymore Kudos to Joymax (07.7.27 3:24)
    Dey : Europe is so incredible, İ love party mobs, party play, the new areas.... (07.7.27 3:22)
    shadow_jay : This Euro Update is great the faces skills i like that you can choose what you want to be like a wizard Cleric or warlock its the best update ever (07.7.27 3:16)
    FullSupport : Wounder full game i like it so much iam Cleric on Eldorado lvl 20 now (07.7.27 3:06)
    Spath : Nice game, the best thing is not as much as sp farming (07.7.27 2:35)
    Orfeu : İ think its great im not saying because im a new player but ..the grafics..the history..the characters loving the game.Note.Bard ruleD (07.7.27 2:34)
    oO1337Oo : Great Stuff Keep it Up Joymax (07.7.27 2:10)
    _Shippo_ : İ would definitely have to say Europes leveling system is an improvement from China. Not to mention the masteries are amazing. (07.7.27 2:05)
    Ani77aArg : The Update İs Better Everyday the quest system is VERY GOOD ... İ Can`t Stop Playing xD (07.7.27 1:47)
    WetpaXXX : sro europe nicer than the old one. weapons are cool, but equipment drops are hardly recognized, coz its not shiny like chinese drops (07.7.27 1:46)
    Kula_MN : Khan hye i cant download from offical site , because isp is blocked utorrent port..another2 site is not fixed (07.7.27 1:42)
    Khan_ : Lol Silkroad ftw (07.7.27 1:35)
    Kula_MN : help gyus.. i need download more ,mirors help me..not fliefront and fileshack (07.7.27 1:32)
    Desolator144 : The do quests above your level update, job system update, and stall network are the coolest updates made to any game EVER (07.7.27 0:56)
    Garone : this is great.., party play is awesome (07.7.27 0:26)
    Sisay : İ love the new system. Cant stop playing... Warlock lvl 25... There is no limit^^ (07.7.27 0:25)
    Feier_Blader : İ got a warrior and it owns D (07.7.27 0:09)
    xXtam35nklXx : ıa m play alexandr my character cleric an now ı am very happy game is very very good.better than chinise version.thanks joymax thanks (07.7.26 23:36)
    XxBloodAgexX : Warriors are pretty awesome, and so are wizards (07.7.26 23:25)
    XxKamiKazuxX : So far so good. Only thing i believe needs improvement are the quests, it needs to tell us where the monsters are. Other than that its a great game (07.7.26 23:22)
    Mushpalheim : Well my bard cleric is the best idea for the playing in the Sro, my buddies like my character because i can buff and heal in the same time ^^ (07.7.26 22:24)
    Lord_Abydos : The team play is the best (07.7.26 22:17)
    1NT3GR1TY : hi sro i like u (07.7.26 22:06)
    LordEnzo : Hello Sro. Online. Eurosro is the best, the variety of the professions and skills are very good only lag but is the best My pj is Dual Axes DA ^^ (07.7.26 21:08)
    Tee : Argh, forgot to mention the skill shield trash knockback prob. 80 - that you need ^^ one hand warrior (07.7.26 21:02)
    Tee : Besides the Nukers help the warriors to kill the mobs fast. Share-party best here too. (07.7.26 20:58)
    Tee : Partys should be in item and xp-share. The warriors should stay at the party to protect it, so its fair. (07.7.26 20:57)
    Tee : And do not run after the mobs, the nukers kill them for u. xp-share party so it doesnt matter. Stay at the party to protect it. (07.7.26 20:51)
    Tee : Best protection for party through warriors with shield, keep mobs at distance for the nukers (07.7.26 20:50)
    Scalibow : İ love the Teamplay in Europe.... İ played chinese untill lvl 67 but leveling in Parties makes so much more fun (07.7.26 20:46)
    Arwen : Just want to give the advice its improtant to join a good balanced party, best ist 2 healers and 2 warriors. LVL like HELL ^^ (07.7.26 20:46)
    Nausea : hey im got 30 lvl euro what lvl need to reward?? (07.7.26 19:23)
    Nini123 : yeah i like SRO ^^ (07.7.26 19:20)
    xZhang_Liaox : the european skills looks like more different and very beautyful, keep up this good job (07.7.26 18:59)
    Anthork : İ especially like all those new kinds of quests (07.7.26 18:50)
    KnightChaos : love the new euro expansion, im absoltely hooked to the game now. GOOD JOB JOYMAX (07.7.26 18:39)
    Kula_MN : Fukcing stupid download servers......................i cant download full client (07.7.26 18:31)
    Beasties : Europe makes me feel the way i did in 1987 playing The last Ninja.Thx joymax for making me feel like a young boy again.Europe is great,i sense Deja vu (07.7.26 18:26)
    Kula_MN : şucking filefront and fileshack., these site s very laggg., and not full client (07.7.26 18:22)
    Kula_MN : i cant download again..............because i downloaded form filefront., but the file is not open.......... (07.7.26 18:16)
    NEO_TN : sro europe after playing it is an RPG so a new style but chineese race still not an RPG.they are also lot of lag and dec... (07.7.26 18:13)
    MyLin : Euro is awesome i made a bard/cleric btw best class ever and Game BEST GAME EVER (07.7.26 17:35)
    NinjaPetteri : Very good İt´s really nice to play with friends in a party and battle against high level monsters as a team. (07.7.26 17:25)
    kingbobby1 : İ would say the best thing about europe update is the stall system.More people to put there stuff on it.A bad thing is that thiefs can attack a 1 star (07.7.26 17:12)
    DopeDiller : İ am playng now with a pure str Double axer, hes great the -stuns are awesome tanker ability its highered to max with passives, i like it Good job (07.7.26 17:12)
    240sx : The game play is similar to the chinese version, and also npcs and monsters look similar. The thing i have problems with are the skill moves. (07.7.26 17:10)
    Bdub : İ am a long time RPG player the Europen update is awesome, 2 handed weapons abilities are great (07.7.26 17:02)
    deLi_MaNyAkh : i like silkroad online when the silkroad online legend İ, europe come i love silkroad and i always love silkroad online europa thanks for silkroad (07.7.26 16:55)
    QueenSerpent : This is wonderful İ love everything about this game the graphics are wonderful the new weapons are great the european silkroad is a great game (07.7.26 16:40)
    Sir_Cuterson : wonderful ive found many new friends and it is so much more fun to play all togheterThe potion delay add the feeling of team workBuffers FTW (07.7.26 15:55)
    Daniel73 : This is greta i love the new weapons Duals and crossbow and harp the monsters are a fantastic new improvment they look alot cooler.i like low nukes (07.7.26 15:44)
    Miso_Horny : i think europe has made the whole game a lot more fun, having no bots has made the servers more accesible, but a downside is pot delay, its too long (07.7.26 15:33)
    EroKyuubi : Europe is definately awesome İ LOVE warlocks xD although, İ dont like this new potion system, maybe 5-10 seconds would be better..but anyway GJ (07.7.26 15:31)
    TacTic : Euro was fun got lost in the forest lol nice to talk to players and every one is nice.. (07.7.26 15:27)
    İgnent : İ love how you made euro characters party based it makes it more fun to play with other people. (07.7.26 15:21)
    Vettel : The expansion has brought a breath of fresh air and nearly doubled the fun of the game. İt feels like each person has a role now which is great to me. (07.7.26 15:21)
    SaintWizard : SRO maked a HUGH step with this expasion. İsnt only about the better graphics and the amazing mobs but now it gives you the chance of meeting people (07.7.26 14:44)
    Seyr : İve been playing iSRO since it was on beta stage with chinese, and now im starting over again in europe. Much fun already See you all there D (07.7.26 14:43)
    Sad_One : Class well balanced good scenary its a a great expansion, the party system its exellent,thank you for the effort u put on it ^ ^ (07.7.26 14:11)
    Crim_son : Oh my expansionold silkroad THE BEST FREE ONLİNE GAME EVER toplamly awesome Better than China monsters and drops are more blanced rocks (07.7.26 14:04)
    box : i am hungry [ (07.7.26 13:27)
    fetaregris : Finally some nice classic MMORPG system, where you put the party system as the main focus.Overall a nice lookin update, keep up the good work Joymax. (07.7.26 12:54)
    Kiba_İnuzuka : İ really like this expanshin, The Areas look GREAT, The Mobs are really cool looking. İ really like that the World is 1 giant area that ever1 can roam (07.7.26 12:45)
    Road_Runner : Yiha this is the Game where i have Wait 1 Year and More SRO Europe party Playing its Great i Love this game (07.7.26 12:43)
    Fatale_Siren : İ hope there would be more expansion to it. (07.7.26 12:42)
    nox : İ love it lvl 25 all readly.., only thing is this Pot delay, it sucks Groups are so helpfull (07.7.26 12:41)
    Fatale_Siren : İ liked the characters. (07.7.26 12:41)
    Melio : Yay for SRO Europe. Many Thanks to the Staff of SRO -*Claps Hands*- (07.7.26 12:40)
    HarunoSakura : Ya İ really like the new way we can level just by going into groups then Everyone having a invivisoru role is great All the weapons look good to (07.7.26 12:34)
    Themadpanda : Well İ really do like this game the new way to level up in a group is one of the best things to happen to this game (07.7.26 12:25)
    Buttercup : Hello, Silkroad europe Updatebring a great party play system and much fun. But much Bugs too, Guardiansystem İnfo and Withdraw guild bug is bad. (07.7.26 12:25)
    Wing_Reborn : 2.5/5 goodweaps,armor,skills,jobs,good scenerie,more social....badthe extremely long potion delay,fix that and i might play my euro chracter more (07.7.26 12:24)
    Slash_X : Europe is one of the great reasons to play Slkroad. The skills, the training system is very sophisticated, and cleaner, and more enjoyable than China. (07.7.26 12:20)
    SixAxiS : Europe updateHas Brought New And Old Things Back İnto the Light Such as feeling close to the people in your party, and feeling like you are needed.. (07.7.26 11:52)
    _GodFarther_ : İ would like to play europe but windows vista always error i trying it agin please do something sro (07.7.26 11:34)
    Xiahou_Yun : A chinese proverb said İf you bow at all, bow low, and i bow and i qoute Fan******tastic, this game is awesome (07.7.26 11:31)
    indianpride : Europe is alot of fun compared to china though the chinese invasion/dmg diff in europe is pretty annoying. A few bugs/glitches but over its good (07.7.26 11:26)
    stylano : The European Skills are very creativ and funny. İ play a rougedagger. The Mask Monster Skill is very funny . But the Potion Delay is not so good. (07.7.26 11:21)
    __T_i_T__ : that is bad for hp potion need to long skills complicated and academy is not good thx (07.7.26 10:55)
    DiaBoliKo : fuera bueno si usteden pudieran poner mas idioma como espanol asi pueda entender mas en las cosas ok si es tan amables pongan as idiona que no sea ing (07.7.26 10:47)
    aurora40 : aurora66 on europ i love the bird i bought it tonight so colourfull (07.7.26 10:45)
    Morrigan_ : Silkroad Online European Update Well so far it has really gotten me reinterested in Silkroad Online. İt has in a way breathed new life into SRO. (07.7.26 10:44)
    nakash : SilkRoad Online Europe is the best game evaaaaaaa (07.7.26 10:31)
    Veletto : WOOT thats the BEST medieval game EVER very original, very fun, very pleasureful Hail the middle ages (07.7.26 10:29)
    Evil_MauleR : Very fun game.. Thanks (07.7.26 10:16)
    Crunch_Chase : silkroad is very legal well to play the faceis graficos everything this and plus one “pouko” and gifts sao to gain İ ja dropei 2 sos one bow 3 and (07.7.26 10:12)
    kyril_Qc_ : i was playing WoW but i prefer SRo graphic and gameplay and now its THE BEST THİNG EVER MADE ON SRO THX A LOT (07.7.26 10:04)
    Chuck_Noriss : İm liking the rouge class with cross bow, only wish arrows dropped only for chinese and bolts only for europe though. (07.7.26 9:47)
    Sundari : The skills look awesome espicially for wizard and bard. Party play rocks (07.7.26 8:54)
    Shomari : Playing İn Euro was great, İ love the new skills and clothes. Great job JM (07.7.26 8:52)
    AeroShot : its a great game i hope there are more expansion for it ^.^ (07.7.26 8:11)
    HEAL_QUEDATE : europee expancion not found, S gms help (07.7.26 8:09)
    CrzyAznDude : one of the best games i have ever played (07.7.26 8:09)
    Dr_Dead : Love this game everihing about it soo far everything has been running smooth and hopefully everything continues to be exciting like this game ^^ (07.7.26 8:09)
    llama_man : İ like the game alot, its still got some bugs to work out, and it takes way to long to walk around.., but its still fun (07.7.26 8:08)
    İOİOİOİOİOİO : Totally fun game wish more games were like silkroad and plus the expansion of the european version makes the game even more fun and more to search (07.7.26 8:05)
    AngelsTouch : THİS GAME İS AWSOME - More fun and more to advanture through to see what the european world holds us hopefully everything is fun and gets even funner (07.7.26 8:04)
    Veela : Great game, i like the new party based system (07.7.26 7:45)
    FKN_D_LEİDY : sumamente genial (07.7.26 7:40)
    Elementall : İve played on my Europe char for a while now and İ must admit, You guys did an awesome job Really great job guys (07.7.26 7:23)
    Tetchusae : THİS GAME ROCKS EVEN MORE Love the new party system and the sound effects are great and the hundreds of new spells. Oh and good luck silkroad team (07.7.26 7:07)
    Da_Destroyer : İ think the team based gameplay is alot better i was always playing with my friends in china but now there are specialised monsters for parties (07.7.26 7:07)
    Kobasen : İ think euro team play is pretty well done. Playing as a cleric is very exciting ^^ but when im switching targets to heal, it switches too slow imo.. (07.7.26 7:00)
    Lord_DuBois : Euro play is Chaotic and exciting when im in a party, the party system is great, and i also love my build rogue/cleric which lets me support and atk (07.7.26 6:43)
    FreaKyBoYy : Now im lvl 30 and i thing the game is super, now u can play in team, alone was boring and the new jobs are better too (07.7.26 6:42)
    0wNeD_ : the europe system is very good, grinding with party is more fun, without bot is more, the europe maps/sounds are more detailed, i like europe update. (07.7.26 6:18)
    Thompson89 : Stunningly beautiful, the new Silkroad filled me with joy and en teriainment since its release and continues to do so. (07.7.26 6:17)
    flifi127 : new silky is great but i cant read a thing because it comes in boxes instead of letters so i dont no wt to do. (07.7.26 5:50)
    dark_plague2 : i love the new euro update it adds alot to the already great silkroad game (07.7.26 5:43)
    harrell_2 : Great addition, İ like all of the nice little touchesie, the extra sounds, rebuffing before they run out, showing the lvl of monsters (07.7.26 5:34)
    Clon3 : ohh its sooo cool new experience, lvl together, it makes so much fun play in party i love it (07.7.26 5:34)
    Master__Tnis : Only thing what is stoping me playing euro is potion delay 15 seconds /. That S**ks. (07.7.26 5:26)
    Superiramp : wow europe is really cool its a whole new game with alot of interesting and funny things to explore (07.7.26 5:13)
    Hyeuga_Clan : it looks very awesome realy like the dual ax / bard build (07.7.26 5:05)
    Chained : it looks really cool and the best thing i like about it is that chinese can visit the europe and that the europe can visit the chinese its soo cool (07.7.26 4:55)
    icedchai : wow, the animations are nice, you guys should update chinas animations to match the quality of europe (07.7.26 4:26)
    U_İtachi : a pure int two handed staff is better to be a wizard?what set shall i use? (07.7.26 4:20)
    SAİTEN : europe characters are way stonger exspecialy warlocks and wizards they lvl faster to europeans r way better i just wish i didnt have to start over (07.7.26 4:16)
    Nightreaven : i love the euro side better than the chinese ppl i feel euros lvl faster than chinese ppl euro ppl remind me of fly for fun (07.7.26 4:15)
    HyDrO420 : İ liked the new weapons such as the staff and dual axes and the graphics were amazing İ thought all the new monsters were very unique as well. (07.7.26 4:09)
    Shinigami_Br : Oh. The new Europe version is soooo good, is a new begin for the players, and for the oldest players a new funny enjoing. Thats good i really play (07.7.26 4:09)
    Yasuhiko : İ like the new characters, but i still think the male chinese are better then the euro, the female s are equalt nice . (07.7.26 4:02)
    LDPL : Very great game very nice job Joymax and the graphics are excellent (07.7.26 3:50)
    Aurion : Hmm, solved the problem...Great job Joymax, very well done...Gives the game a toplamly new feeling (07.7.26 3:48)
    Samuel_ : Cleric is awesome. The update is sweet and İ think this game is better than WOW (07.7.26 3:41)
    Dracoo : Great update İ really like the new race and the new world. İt feels like a whole new path of new experience and i enjoy it alot. Thanks JoyMax (07.7.26 3:41)
    Heddy__NL : WTF the parry of all my armour is dropt to 0 and my SOS bow is useless.The attack rating dropt from 230 to 126 (07.7.26 3:28)
    RavenXIIİ : The europe system is pretty awsome. İt gives people more skills to use and more monsters to train on. WARLOCKS RULE (07.7.26 3:28)
    nmrjokr : s (07.7.26 3:26)
    SerpentXL : two handed axe are very good..they are like chinese bowman but have more dif and gives alot of crits (07.7.26 3:22)
    CroDeath : Two Handed Sworsman are good with chinese swordsman for dmg. Lots of Knockdown, can barely take any damage. (07.7.26 3:15)
    goodazza : europe is great, the chars, the skills, the armour but not the other 2. İ personally think the robe and light armour look boring and old, good game ^^ (07.7.26 3:11)
    Heddy__NL : WTF all parry on my armor 0 and the stats of my SOS bow are completely fuckt (07.7.26 2:57)
    Ceberus : well i absolutely love some of these chars, the weapon system is good also i personally love the Nukers sweet 8 Good Job with the new Up-date (07.7.26 2:54)
    CobraBite : pots have a massive delayı help we need a healer inthe party healıng magics are fianlly useful P (07.7.26 2:35)
    xX_Vinny_Xx : WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO EURO OWNS ALL Thx alot JM hope i get a prize P. (07.7.26 2:34)
    Farenheit : awesome i love the rogue skills as a dagger, dual dagger looks cool and party play rocks, the monsters are nicely made (07.7.26 2:14)
    ma_de_cancer : europe is great dont like that thieves can kill lvl 40 traders (07.7.26 2:10)
    Shark0x : wow (07.7.26 1:46)
    Shark0x : nice ^^ (07.7.26 1:46)
    psych_ : the euro update is very cool, mainly the academy system. wizard rlz D (07.7.26 1:25)
    UncleMax : The party hunts are way more interesting and fun, the history is interesting and the game graphic is amazing, great work. (07.7.26 1:24)
    DaRkDaYLiGhT : İ made a rogue dual daggers İt took awhile for me to get in game but it has been an enjoyable experience so for İ am lvl8 now (07.7.26 1:08)
    StrDudette_E : well done JM. This patch is fantastic, the whole experience is amazing, and fun, really brought this game to life, congratz (07.7.26 1:04)
    d1g : really nice (07.7.26 1:03)
    Elendur : The new Euro addition is very good and its fun to play. You guys did an amazing job making this update. (07.7.26 0:57)
    Zeromant : the Legend 1 europe is here, this is what we waiting for, the legend 1 europe is AWESOME.. i will say that joymax made a GOOD JOB congrats for every1 (07.7.26 0:45)
    aurora40 : ummm im on zeus with Aurora66 will look into that later (07.7.26 0:18)
    aurora40 : i love the new graphic on all the things, i like the town n monsters am now lvl 6 and i really love my character a warlock ty (07.7.26 0:17)
    Estoban : the new party system is great İ was in an 8 person party and by working together, we were able to kill monsters that were much higher lvl than us. (07.7.26 0:02)
    ACE_shadow : The euro update was a thrill to expeirience, and all was well until i got the 2nd degree garment, they all look so........, bleagch (07.7.25 23:55)
    Alameda : İt is much more enjoyable having to grind with others. Also, the new map is just breathtaking. Cant wait to see more with my levels Thanks. (07.7.25 23:40)
    illnature : SO far So Good LoL gettin owned 24/7 by party mobs haha very fun. Good exp İ love party MObs best part of the update. (07.7.25 23:31)
    StrongArcher : Wizard is good at Attacks speacilly the ice shot and lighting can take 2 monster but it problem slow casting^^ (07.7.25 23:27)
    TinyHottie : Very Nice Update, Well Done (07.7.25 23:22)
    DarkPact : Joymax you rock Great teamplay system (07.7.25 23:18)
    Misaki_Gi : europe is very good 0 and fun (07.7.25 23:07)
    merrcayena : where is bargain special goods? (07.7.25 22:49)
    rkenshin : i think the update is great but should be more pets to buy in the NPC shop not only the wolf (07.7.25 22:47)
    Sly_Foxx : İt is a great update but you could put the bird into the stall shop so we can buy it for 1mill (07.7.25 22:45)
    Jerzkid01 : One word, Perfect. Training system so way better, dont get bord because palying with friends in party now. Also the trangiular system is excellent (07.7.25 22:22)
    ghostwomen : anyone there?i having problem downloading europe client but can i download the europe client at fileshack?does it work?Pls Reply to me (07.7.25 22:05)
    ghostwomen : hey can i download the europe client at fileshack guys?does it work?pls reply (07.7.25 22:01)
    gina44 : i cant install sro what shut i do? (07.7.25 22:00)
    sxs_virse : any one here hlilililili (07.7.25 21:46)
    G410i : Really nice work, leveling in party sistem is much more fun than alone and invisivility skill is nice, uve done the best free online game. SRO 4ever (07.7.25 21:09)
    fortytwo : The login animationy thing is badly made as the reflections on the water arent very good, but the skills and things are good, and the dual weapons al (07.7.25 21:09)
    AceOfSpades : İ liked europe alot and me and my friends like teaming up against party monsters (07.7.25 21:08)
    Ret : i don´t know how to install the europe expansion.İ don´t now what file is.Any information will be apreciated (07.7.25 21:04)
    Heaven_Sings : Silkroad European is a whole new experience for me , as always great job with the details and visoru arts, including the new skills and characters. (07.7.25 21:00)
    Alic : Silkroad european is full of action, way faster than other mmorpgs. Keep it up (07.7.25 20:48)
    lindberg27 : i cant download the full client a pop up said that unable to loadinvalid torrent file help me please, any response will be appreciated (07.7.25 20:39)
    Dinrise : Den ar jatte bra İ really like it, even though its very different it really isnt that different after all (07.7.25 20:37)
    Metsatark : Nice update. Euro chars rock they are soo strong together but cleric could have used more skills, overall the new stuff is great (07.7.25 20:35)
    JohnD : great update i could finally make a wizard Too bad u changed the one star caravan attacable now nobody can trade below level 80 (07.7.25 20:28)
    cniper : this new developement for siklkroad is real awsum (07.7.25 20:25)
    faraujo123 : nice job with the city and characters , i am usin the wizard and it feels like a different experience .THX FOR THE NEW MAP (07.7.25 20:23)
    saphy : my first impresion of the update is very good, the ambience is great and the new chars are really interesting. (07.7.25 20:21)
    HlieVaim : the euro update is great. Wizard cold have used some more buffs but its still good (07.7.25 20:20)
    Rimorse : Joymax you did a fantastic job, the weapons are nice, and i love the team teamwork that you need in europe, and Constantinople is also very beautifull (07.7.25 20:15)
    ForzaBlader : lol.. İ used to like srver inspections, because after it, you could always logg on easy., but thats not needed anymore so fk serv insp (07.7.25 20:12)
    Wentria : thanx joymax for the new update u guys are doing a fantastic job (07.7.25 20:12)
    ll_MoMo_ll : __|__ nice finger offence lol (07.7.25 20:10)
    ForzaBlader : its on again (07.7.25 20:10)
    ll_MoMo_ll : _|_ (07.7.25 20:10)
    ll_MoMo_ll : finish this insp, asp (07.7.25 20:09)
    ll_MoMo_ll : 333333 kiss my ass lol (07.7.25 20:09)
    ForzaBlader : -.- (07.7.25 20:08)
    ll_MoMo_ll : yea fuk that wat r u doing joymax (07.7.25 20:08)
    ForzaBlader : great.., another inspection?? İ just got dced and cant get back on game... (07.7.25 20:06)
    Siomn : İ love this update 33333333333 (07.7.25 20:05)
    ll_MoMo_ll : wtf another inspection (07.7.25 20:05)
    Drocas : ups S, i mean reallistic** (07.7.25 20:01)
    Drocas : Firstly, i would like to thank all the staff that had the great idea of creating this amazing edition. İt is reallic THANK YOU SRO STAFF (07.7.25 20:00)
    Akaira : Silkroad Europe is verry COOL awesome weapons Nice job JoyMax D (07.7.25 20:00)
    ODLightRider : Really nice update, its nice that this part of SRO is team based (07.7.25 19:59)
    KiR0 : Silkroad Europe is the best......THX SRO (07.7.25 19:53)
    free442 : Silkroad Europe is verry COOL...weapons are verry nice... Nice job JoyMax D (07.7.25 19:50)
    afreta2010 : matrlxn (07.7.25 19:47)
    _TheMyth_ : Legend İ, is great. İ very much like the game as it is with the Europe update. Great work JM team (07.7.25 19:46)
    Maximaltuner : pls make that silkroad online player play i dont will play silkroad europe (07.7.25 19:45)
    İchimaru420 : wow europe is awesome they whol are is really cool my brid pet is really awesome great job joymax (07.7.25 19:45)
    İnsuRrecteD : well ,im from argentina ...and i can say its some more of the silkroad,but its really cool .its a nice update D (07.7.25 19:45)
    ll_MoMo_ll : stop spamming peeps the sum gift is mine PP (07.7.25 19:45)
    ll_MoMo_ll : the* (07.7.25 19:44)
    ll_MoMo_ll : chars* (07.7.25 19:44)
    ll_MoMo_ll : i problem euro shars r slowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww in walking (07.7.25 19:43)
    ZhangLang : for a new update it looks nice and joymax did a nice job about legend 1 what İ saw first that lvling in europe char is more enjoyable than chinese one (07.7.25 19:43)
    ll_MoMo_ll : so wassap (07.7.25 19:42)
    tonck : Europe Update is just awesome and İ have an idea too because there are those roads on terrain, it should be faster to walk / ride on those. (07.7.25 19:41)
    ll_MoMo_ll : i want my sos waaaaaaaawaaaaaaaaaaa (07.7.25 19:41)
    ll_MoMo_ll : u 2 azura PP (07.7.25 19:40)
    ll_MoMo_ll : but ill play with my friends so we cud share the SOS price after selling it or using it (07.7.25 19:40)
    Azura_ : Nice update, i like to play in a party, its more fun (07.7.25 19:39)
    ll_MoMo_ll : -.- but ill keep playing in pt im pure int and i need healers (07.7.25 19:39)
    ll_MoMo_ll : yea like the pt lose ur SOS (07.7.25 19:38)
    Crystin : ya the new Euro update is an awesome addition, alot more fun so far than chinese version (07.7.25 19:37)
    Jvdw : i like the pt system of europe, to bad i just bougth gt for my chinese but im defintly gonna keep playing europe^^ (07.7.25 19:37)
    Fire_Angel93 : İ think it cool with mage and thanks alot making it our day do play this game it the best in the world P P P (07.7.25 19:36)
    ll_MoMo_ll : lol ewo wat is that shit u r saying (07.7.25 19:36)
    ll_MoMo_ll : (07.7.25 19:35)
    eWo : İ experienced part of brand new lifestyle of silkroad. Yes, İ started my silkroad life as tank - why? because its mmorpg and char is your RL image. (07.7.25 19:35)
    ll_MoMo_ll : lol (07.7.25 19:35)
    ll_MoMo_ll : (07.7.25 19:34)
    ll_MoMo_ll : empty posts bad bug u shud fix it lol (07.7.25 19:34)
    ll_MoMo_ll : (07.7.25 19:33)
    VVoe177 : the store network needs work and lots of bug but never the less a great game , good luck joymax (07.7.25 19:33)
    ll_MoMo_ll : lots of comments who count them get a prize ..........10k lol (07.7.25 19:33)
    Noosmaya : very nice update - keep it up (07.7.25 19:31)
    ll_MoMo_ll : i dont want the sum event gft i want silk D (07.7.25 19:31)
    ll_MoMo_ll : get me some silk joymax plzzzzzzzzz xD (07.7.25 19:30)
    ll_MoMo_ll : but who took is my friend he gave 30k wen i started so its ok (07.7.25 19:30)
    HolySoul : Very nice teamplay. All classes have theire pro and cons and u need everyone. And the new bird and elephant is nice too^^ gj (07.7.25 19:29)
    ll_MoMo_ll : i hate th pt thing its fun but i killed a monester and they took the sos (07.7.25 19:29)
    _Miharu_ : This update is the best. Now i want to play sro the whole day and night every day i can D (07.7.25 19:27)
    İronSnake : lol it was an som 12 (07.7.25 19:27)
    Jack : Hİ speak who german? (07.7.25 19:26)
    İronSnake : Hehe hi all my first drop with my char was an SOM 12 robe female european character are very powerful and i like playing in a team to exp my char (07.7.25 19:26)
    _Sunrise_ : Europe for the win (07.7.25 19:26)
    ll_MoMo_ll : all check im starting to hate u again joymax (07.7.25 19:26)
    Ang3İ : Europe SRO is the best being able to use nukes at lvl 4 is awsome, nice work guys (07.7.25 19:25)
    XoDoX : very nice update i love europe chars you can lvl up fast xD btw im lvl 25 P exp share pt rox^^ (07.7.25 19:23)
    Fredooo : İ love it to tank the monsters for my partymember. New skills are great i love it to play Silkroad Online (07.7.25 19:22)
    UK : Thank you joymax for making this brilliant update. This is sure going to attract many people who like games like me (07.7.25 19:20)
    cookiee : Update was good and İ İ like the European Scenery the most (07.7.25 19:20)
    Athrun_Zala : haha i agree with MoMo haha wizards is the best to level up haha one hit KO too.. i lvled up 10 levels in like 30 mins haha (07.7.25 19:18)
    ll_MoMo_ll : nice thinking joymax i get all my nukes at low lvl this helps alot ty (07.7.25 19:18)
    ll_MoMo_ll : all nukes at lvl4 i love u joymax (07.7.25 19:17)
    ll_MoMo_ll : i love wizards WİZARDS WİN wohooo and they lvl up fast (07.7.25 19:17)
    Yurk_Laden : Kicking the bots had change all for connection No needs Silver ticket at all (07.7.25 19:16)
    elmabom : this game is the best online game ever (07.7.25 19:16)
    ll_MoMo_ll : a new inspection -.- (07.7.25 19:16)
    borracho : Great update, new areas look great, thanks for kicking the bots too. (07.7.25 19:13)
    İnTheDarK : Europe İ LoVe Europe (07.7.25 19:12)
    ZeDu_PT_ : İ lover this game very ood weapon very good map very good monters....very good all....tnks joimax^^ (07.7.25 19:11)
    Pandemonium_ : Europe character is GREAT İm currently lvl22 on Athens... Wizzards are so cool, spells are nice... Thanks Joymax (07.7.25 19:11)
    NURİALCO : Ty jm Come here (07.7.25 19:10)
    kudum : SErver Check .... (07.7.25 19:08)
    dutchwarrior : thnx joymax for making me addicted too silkroad again ^.^ (07.7.25 19:06)
    __tommy__ : omg, Server Check, not info - (07.7.25 19:04)
    Memorized : omg.......european caracthers will pawn chinese ones (07.7.25 19:01)
    BlackChief : The Europe Expansion, just ROCKS Very cool Silkroad FTW (07.7.25 19:01)
    BiG_SoUL : its THE GREATEST For Example sweeet staffs and other weapons awsome protecter stuff coolest monsters like how they have a monster for every level (07.7.25 18:58)
    _Raditz_PT : İts amazingMonsters, weapons, masteries, many new things This is the most awesome game everSilkroad Europe rules (07.7.25 18:52)
    SnakyVz : and new skills D (07.7.25 18:50)
    SnakyVz : have fun with europe ^^ (07.7.25 18:49)
    Poplaca : heyyy wtf my wepon dmg got down and pls make the dealay at the european less it is to big 20 sec (07.7.25 18:45)
    superkimo : İ cannot play bec, the dowload file is broken and it doesnt run the install shield. (07.7.25 18:42)
    XGhostBuster : . (07.7.25 18:41)
    KiLLerNL : Europe is realy a big improvement in graphics, and realistc movemnet, also you dont lose exp untill lvl 11 if you die, you done great job to make this (07.7.25 18:39)
    indeeper : Europe is great - hope there is a plan to expand solo play as well (07.7.25 18:39)
    XGhostBuster : can u speak to me EgYpT2010 ???? (07.7.25 18:37)
    PTlola : hey i cant believe.., are you allready playing?? i cant play it says server undergoing inspection or update please help me -.- (07.7.25 18:36)
    EvoSpider : Excellent game, europe rlz (07.7.25 18:34)
    st_george : Excellent graphics, great gameplay as always, havent started party play yet but looking forward to it. İnventory expansion quest missing off guide (07.7.25 18:34)
    XGhostBuster : all playing the game..............OH ~___~ (07.7.25 18:32)
    XGhostBuster : EgYpT2010..............., egyptiooooooooooooooooon? (07.7.25 18:29)
    SirEdwardİV : İ WANT THAT SOS (07.7.25 18:27)
    SirEdwardİV : i freakin love this (07.7.25 18:26)
    EgYpT2010 : but u have to fix the 20 seconds cool down of the potion because i die alot S (07.7.25 18:06)
    EgYpT2010 : Europe iz the best experience ever..when u die not losing exp, return where u die the guardian system., jobs everything its the coolest game ever (07.7.25 18:05)
    thnstn : lol needing 5m fastttttt...ı wısh no luck to others ı ll have that sos or 5m lol (07.7.25 17:43)
    JayLei : İ love the new European abilities and items. Provides awsome contrast and comparison with the original chinese style AWSOME addition Joymax AWSOME (07.7.25 17:39)
    Serinkal : Europe party play was the best sro-experience ever (07.7.25 17:38)
    DarkEungyo : the game is nice, but still getting use to it, overalll it a GREAT GAME LOVE İT (07.7.25 17:35)
    CORNCOB : the new game is great also played with my old character , but not as fun like my new wizard (07.7.25 17:35)
    cut_it_up : İ like the new way to play.., the new characters and skills make the game more interesting.., and the party play is awesome (07.7.25 17:24)
    __FireFox__ : after playing euro the only thing i dont like is there is less freedom and the cool down time for the pots (07.7.25 17:21)
    s7ormBG : İ LOVE this game so much but down i dont want down i want silkroad back (07.7.25 17:17)
    s7ormBG : is soo cool but Europe no one install Europe and me (07.7.25 17:13)
    s7ormBG : i want silkroad i dont want Europe she is stoped (07.7.25 17:11)
    s7ormBG : Europe is butifle but silkroad is down (07.7.25 17:09)
    s7ormBG : Sir_be/lo (07.7.25 17:07)
    l1to : Europe is cool and all the new features but trades are now impossible (07.7.25 16:51)
    DimensionX : Many improvement made in this Europe version, İ like it very much and this let me find the urge to play SRO again like before. Thanks alot (07.7.25 16:46)
    the_danger_ : canermeri (07.7.25 16:35)
    _Elemantal_ : ok i have played allmost all europe character and my comment is .. its so funny with party play system.?ts so good but here is not enough to tell it. (07.7.25 16:31)
    Sir_Proteo : well im a cleric, and this is the best game, the european monsters are incredible, yea good job guys thank you (07.7.25 16:27)
    Hamilcar : İts a refreshing experience, the new chars look fantastic, also new skills for chinese, and bot clean Keep the good work (07.7.25 16:19)
    Kukuclan : Really cool (07.7.25 16:17)
    Kukuclan : the characters are really different than the chinese (07.7.25 16:15)
    HEAL_QUEDATE : alguien q me ayude a poner la expancionporq esta imposible, mi msn es [EMAİL=""][/EMAİL] gracias, tengo amigos q lo hicieron pero -.- raro. (07.7.25 16:08)
    superbean : all icans say is im waiting for it to download im so bored (07.7.25 15:59)
    Verijumala : Europe seems very nice (07.7.25 15:58)
    FiredMan : İts so cool, very good work İts fantastic The new Chars and the Towns, all is so great (07.7.25 15:58)
    Goaze : All i can say is...., good work Joymax (07.7.25 15:51)
    _Sarge_SteeL : hello all im still downloading until now, its hard to download guys...^^ its very slow... (07.7.25 15:10)
    DarkxKakashi : İ think this game is awesome but you guys should add guns and throwing stars and other things too. D (07.7.25 14:58)
    Tiora : its very nice on europe (07.7.25 14:55)
    superbean : b/c u have to download the new version from u toorent the only way u can jasta its dumb ive been trying to donload since the morning (07.7.25 14:44)
    jantsa : i can t play sro does any1 know why? (07.7.25 14:41)
    Ninegens : İ had some strange square letters, look at http//, you can see it , greetz ninegens (07.7.25 14:40)
    superbean : waveshine hey how did u download the silkroad and how is the game (07.7.25 14:39)
    WaVeShiNe : the new party system is pretty cool, and the skills are awesome as well (07.7.25 14:37)
    superbean : i had some many problems downloading it utorrent is the only one and im so pist im mad (07.7.25 14:26)
    Theros : The European patch seems quite nice with the exception of several major bugs... (07.7.25 14:08)
    Vinny : woot. Euro is finally out, skills on euro are cool. There are still little bugs that need fixing in the game but still İTS GOOD (07.7.25 13:59)
    Sw33TSm1l3 : İ love this game, amzing graphic (07.7.25 13:54)
    _Kenpachi_ : i got to be a tanker but magic dmg OWN me ^^ anyway very nice Expansion. The Skills System are really awesome. Good Job well done *clap* [wiz OWNAGE?] (07.7.25 13:38)
    snoker_moka : i love this game so let play play playyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy (07.7.25 13:28)
    snoker_moka : hlilililililililililililililili (07.7.25 13:22)
    AzureDragon : Haha finally its out, been waiting for this. New characters YAY, graphic is still cool. BTW wizards rock (07.7.25 13:17)
    Dark_Sir : como (07.7.25 13:09)
    Bao2 : İt was such an excitement and wonderful game. İt absolutely thrilled those SRO gamers, especially mi. Thumbs up to Joymax Team (07.7.25 13:01)
    NİU_SAN : joder ya baje el cliente 10 veces y sigue mandando el temp folder error (07.7.25 12:50)
    NİU_SAN : shis i downloaded the clien 10 times and dont work every time send temp folder error (07.7.25 12:49)
    Ani77aArg : Europe İs Really Awesome New Characters Are Great. New Skills Are Great, Skills For All Masterys Caster, Buffer , Meele All That Masterys Are Great. (07.7.25 12:45)
    ChaLiChan : My DSL is faster than utorrent. Please make a standard download version available. (07.7.25 12:38)
    superbean : can one of u help me i don now which one to download this retarede man it takes like a day to download on utorrent it stupid (07.7.25 12:22)
    Sinshol : A constant reminder that Europe is out is almost deterring me from my studies, the wonders İ think of are nothing compared to the actual thing. (07.7.25 12:20)
    Kaiboq : well well.... (07.7.25 12:10)
    superbean : this is so stupid (07.7.25 12:04)
    Kaisumi : Europe is awesome as well as the rest of the update GJ Joymax (07.7.25 12:01)
    superbean : dude tell me how to download it man i dont now whow to (07.7.25 11:52)
    superbean : i hate this shit man silkroad freaken doesnt let me download it only has in u torrent and it so sloooowww some one i need help plz help me (07.7.25 11:50)
    Bleezo : this is cool euro chars r so cool i made 1 in persia he is lvl 8 but i hope i get him to lvl 80 i want to thank u guys for putting euro chars up (07.7.25 11:48)
    CANTGETRİGHT : i love everything about the new SRO The Europe Characters are awesome and i love the skill sets. Everything is great Awesome job guys (07.7.25 11:47)
    superbean : pero porque a los sotros no los deja adentro pero eyos si (07.7.25 11:42)
    superbean : ohh si yo penses k no cambaron vien pero otra personas ya estan de el jego y gugando poreso y con los sotors no savemos (07.7.25 11:40)
    eXoDuS_00 : Yo al igual que todos los que jugaron la primera vercion esperamos anciosos porder jugar SilkRoad Online Europe Vercion... (07.7.25 11:33)
    eXoDuS_00 : La manera en la que los creadores lograron poner a nuestro alcanse tan interesantes ecenarios es genial... (07.7.25 11:31)
    eXoDuS_00 : ...Me parexe que por la demanda de este juego tendremos que esperar un poco mas para poder disfrutar de este magnifico software (07.7.25 11:29)
    superbean : how do u guys download it is it the same or way way different my email for msn [EMAİL=""][/EMAİL] plz i need help they changed everything (07.7.25 11:25)
    eXoDuS_00 : Me parece enmocionante la menera en la que se describe la nueva vercion de SilkRoad... Yo al igual que todos la fanaticos deseamos tenerlo disponible. (07.7.25 11:23)
    SirEdwardİV : THİS GAME İS AWESOME (07.7.25 11:20)
    Dizwunlaoboi : wow silkroad europe is really easy when ur a low lvl im only lvl 7 and can kill lvl 8 or 9 in 1 or 2 shots (07.7.25 11:16)
    superbean : is cool how did u guys download i dont now im sso pist ive been trying to download since the morning (07.7.25 11:07)
    superbean : is the game funn u guys the website is retarded and only lets me download it from utorrent but it takes hours to download so tellme if its cool (07.7.25 10:56)
    İLoveShelbie : but the game is still the best ive ever played (07.7.25 10:49)
    blooddoll : game is great, but needed some improvement n balancing for the characters...i think they need to make the characters move faster they walk too slow. (07.7.25 10:49)
    FlameWolf : Silkroad Euro...all i have to say is Bravo...needs weapon embues but still good (07.7.25 10:48)
    MrWild : Man freakin awsom like the sound wolfs making now, and party monsters? WİCKED (07.7.25 10:45)
    smokey666 : love the game best ever (07.7.25 10:44)
    İLoveShelbie : i really enjoy play playing this expansion i dont like the fact that the game is more centered towards party based combat then wat it used to be (07.7.25 10:43)
    PacoPorras : İm really impressed with the new party system. İt gets a lof of dynamic and fun. Also, the skills and sprites are awesome (07.7.25 10:40)
    The_Elemente : i didnt post earlier because i wanted to test it out, this is a great game, a little bit of problems but overalll its good.i really like party system. (07.7.25 10:40)
    Drageth : h weapon it is compatible (07.7.25 10:14)
    Drageth : İ really like the Euro addon BUT a big problem for me was that i didnt know what to skill, so i skilled the wrong things bec i didnt know with whic (07.7.25 10:13)
    İ_Akira_l : Good game, but İ no like the auto-selection of char when İ want to arrive close to NPC.... (07.7.25 10:05)
    rohan_lair : so far for me everything is real smooth and i have yet to see many bots and its quite easy to get the hangs of things, theres beautiful scenery (07.7.25 9:46)
    NikRyJ : İ am thouroughly pleased with the European expansion. The European style and architechture is amazing and i enjoy playing in a world more like my race (07.7.25 9:45)
    Hazary : Europe race is very nice and i love the grafic and how are looking the monster, the items of the europe race are VERY NİCEcool... ^_^ (07.7.25 9:38)
    Abell : the game rocks the jobs are just great (07.7.25 9:20)
    Reecey_Boy21 : OMG This game is now awsome specially as now i can always get on xD well done joymax...shame about the 14second dela on potions...i keep dying... (07.7.25 9:17)
    Otoha : This is party playing We enjoyed ourselves so much witih my guildmates, it is just great Warlocks are mighty ^^ (07.7.25 9:16)
    Spirits : europe race is awesome congrtz sro team u have done a wonderfull job now sro is officially the #1 game i played with a wizared its a very cool char (07.7.25 9:07)
    W1izard : Europe is out and it is AWESOME İ love being a Wizard with some cool skills that Rock (07.7.25 8:58)
    Skywulf : Wow, the wait has ended. Looks fantastic and lots more fun than grinding alone . Two thumbs up (07.7.25 8:53)
    KevinNguyen_ : i love the new graphics and way less botters so i can connect easier and the monsters r awesome (07.7.25 8:48)
    xpechox : como puedo intalar el silkroad europeo si sabes x favior enviarme el programa a este msn [EMAİL="JORGE_OM_24@HOTMAİL.COM"]JORGE_OM_24@HOTMAİL.COM[/EMAİL] (07.7.25 8:46)
    Tenryo : İ like the afk kicking system D, less bot, and İ reinstall SRO just for European characters (07.7.25 8:29)
    EuRy_FR : yeh cest trop classe, a quand le reste ? (07.7.25 8:13)
    monsi : too many bugs on time (07.7.25 8:13)
    Shinji_Br : XD (07.7.25 8:06)
    Nefariah : great game (07.7.25 8:00)
    Roy_Gamara : sro europe aint that bad, i like china bettereach region has something cool (07.7.25 7:52)
    İgnent : İ get disconnected alot from the game and there are many bugs. But when you guys fix this and İ know you will, it will be a great game. (07.7.25 7:43)
    RandyKatana : im a warrior and i love it, the agility of dual axes, the power of two-handed sword, its all perfect. Thank you Joymax. (07.7.25 7:38)
    BabyTich : Comment YEeah 3 (07.7.25 7:34)
    FloW : İ ran from my job just to play today This is one the amazing gifts from joymax, congratz for them. İ loved it all, awesome update ^_^ (07.7.25 7:09)
    ossuran : cannot connect due the server traffic (07.7.25 7:06)
    Yikara : Rogue is pretty en teriaining.. Only problem im having is with the click to move.. its not as responcive as it used to be. (07.7.25 7:01)
    EscorpioVzla : ,, (07.7.25 6:54)
    Chainos : Warrior is great and the place its huge i like it alot WOW more vending more friend areas (07.7.25 6:51)
    ukrais : The wizard is by far the most powerfull class in the game. (07.7.25 6:48)
    KukoBrebajes : the party sytem is just Awesome (07.7.25 6:35)
    N3wbK1ll3r : Mages Do massive Dmg And Look Cool 0 GoGo Make A Mage (07.7.25 6:23)
    TEPMOMETP : Hello ill plaing rougue and its wery fun and i wont win 5st weapon sos (07.7.25 6:03)
    xBeLaLx : dowenlod (07.7.25 5:59)
    BADMANZ3 : The new Europe add on is awesome İ feel i can do a lot more then i could (07.7.25 5:58)
    Skarpeta : this id the best game on the world. İ love Silkroad online (07.7.25 5:58)
    Zetsuei : This expansion is the best idea Joymax has come up with. Other games cannot even compare to this. (07.7.25 5:52)
    XGhostBuster : help (07.7.25 5:45)
    XGhostBuster : very very slow.....30 in 10 hour __ (07.7.25 5:42)
    XGhostBuster : im very sad man..........i cant play the game.cus i cant download ___ (07.7.25 5:40)
    _Michael : İ like the new update Especially the Stall network i like that both chinese and europe are even so people stick to what they Like. (07.7.25 5:33)
    XaiverX : i love the new updates on europe and its hella fun.. (07.7.25 5:20)
    PTlola : This game is so nice.... i cant believe Joymax made a great job with this update Jesus crist i cant believe its allready out Keep up the good work (07.7.25 5:08)
    EscorpioVzla : ... (07.7.25 4:56)
    Azr43l : ive play an european character and is really cool, i mean is really awesome to play in party i makes sro more fun (07.7.25 4:41)
    İdHitThat : Europe is lots of fun ^^ Just couldnt wait till it finally came to iSRO. (07.7.25 4:34)
    U_İtachi : ahhh i downloaded 2 times the client and it says please wait when i try to install and then nothing happens (07.7.25 4:33)
    Ates : goodluck everyone. (07.7.25 4:32)
    _KaRDeLEN_TR : silverskate (07.7.25 4:22)
    xxdarkangel : Aw man right now all the peoples race is chinese and the eurpean is gonna be stronger than us now T_T i hope u can made some good changes to china ^^ (07.7.25 4:16)
    Hermion : i think the european update is cool spetialy that you are able to start with nukes at level 4 instead of level30 (07.7.25 4:02)
    EscorpioVzla : somebody İ could be said if yap can be played.. (07.7.25 4:02)
    DeMoX_01 : Quiero q me expliquen como bajar la nueva version de silkroad onlinet scorpioVzla tu sabes o estas tambien buskndo ayuda (07.7.25 4:01)
    Jawec : bueno alguien quiere darme un video de como descargar silk, euro y como instalarlo mi msn es [EMAİL=""][/EMAİL] (07.7.25 4:00)
    DeMoX_01 : hello İ want q explain to me as vaja new silkroad the new version expliquenme my msn is [EMAİL=""][/EMAİL] (07.7.25 4:00)
    chinampa_kim : There is 2 things that i like the most of Korea, his Korean national team and SRO Korean (07.7.25 3:54)
    EscorpioVzla : ? (07.7.25 3:54)
    FireMaster : finally pure mage class (07.7.25 3:54)
    U_İtachi : i already downloaded 2 times de client and when im about to instalthat thing just dont pls..S (07.7.25 3:53)
    EscorpioVzla : ..? (07.7.25 3:48)
    EscorpioVzla : yap can be played? (07.7.25 3:47)
    jbrando : thx for updating the game i really lik the europeans thx (07.7.25 3:35)
    0bscur0 : İts a great time to join a party an leveling with european bard and friends. Nice job JM (07.7.25 3:33)
    AzNxDeMoN : dude this is so awesome using a pure str crossbow man is so strong i can kill those flying monsters in 3 hits and im only v 11 hehe (07.7.25 3:28)
    Athos : İts great you have renewed my faith in this game (07.7.25 3:15)
    bymyself : its sow sucks the silkroad online is beatiful why you ^^speacial legent^^i love silkroads online what i will play now ?? (07.7.25 3:13)
    Lexani : İve waited long for this amazing game and now its here,Joymax made really hard work to give us best game feeling, skills are amazing and interesting. (07.7.25 3:08)
    _Mary_ : comments for this download,4 hours and 14 so he stoped,7 hours 8 so he stoped,why havent the fuckin direct link whitout torrent ? (07.7.25 3:08)
    X0 : heya , the SRO is the best game on the world (07.7.25 3:07)
    BLUEmemory : woo İ wanna win D~ (07.7.25 3:06)
    nerisona : @oxao ne dion oolm kimse anlamo (07.7.25 2:52)
    NİU_SAN : hey GM`S what hapend whit the clien all time i downloaded it say me temp folder error ineed you respon plz (07.7.25 2:46)
    NİU_SAN : the client say temp folder error what hapend whit that (07.7.25 2:41)
    oxao : bu sayfanın cılkını cıkaranlar sanıyorum gene agırlıkla bızımkıler yok yabancılar dıyorsanız dıl bılen bırılerı uyarsın (07.7.25 2:34)
    SworDMasteR_ : F.C.U.K B.a.s.t.a.r.t you MR_Naku (07.7.25 2:34)
    Wicked_Alex : OMG Silkroad Europe Legend 1 is SO GREAT its AWESOME (07.7.25 2:32)
    John_Cena21 : damn..i dont know how to install this game (07.7.25 2:30)
    oxao : ya mıllet ben oyle tahmın edıyorumkı bu sayfanında cılkını cıkardılar nasılmı ya bakarmısınız sayfanın haline (07.7.25 2:28)
    Skrytobojca : Well, this is good idea adding European race. Everything is fresh and new European characters looks cool and their skills also. Good Job Joymax D (07.7.25 2:26)
    Python_BR : İ think these new functions are very convenient, its nice to see the Silkroad Online Group is working. ^^ (07.7.25 2:25)
    Twinge : İ just LOVE Europe. Everything is great, especially the partysystem. Oh and very nice website btw. Go Justicemax Hugs for everyone ^.,,.^ (07.7.25 2:15)
    Spartan : isane new attks for magic wielders (07.7.25 2:13)
    Spartan : abslolutly awsome game, love the wizard and other chars, percect update (07.7.25 2:12)
    tccmocro1 : Awesomee , Very cool new charactars and the wizard rockss (07.7.25 2:09)
    kurap1ka : comopuedo bajarel silkroad no se como bajar la nueva version (07.7.25 2:01)
    GHOSTREADER : das alte silkroad hatt mir viel besser gefallen (07.7.25 1:56)
    fobber : Hopefully people will join parties and work together more. Update is great so far (07.7.25 1:43)
    Stop : this is awsome ] this can probably teach us some team work XD hopefully (07.7.25 1:38)
    BeLiarrrr : Cool, really, i love it Thank you for update (07.7.25 1:37)
    qaunjang : love the whole new system (07.7.25 1:36)
    Enari : The party play aspect of the Euro characters is an HUGE improvement to the game. Thank you so much. (07.7.25 1:30)
    jam : Silkroad online Legend 1 europe was one of the best updates i have ever seen The New party system is the best with the job system and Europe itself (07.7.25 1:29)
    HemaYarkan : thnx for euro Joymax ,its cool ,and it desevered the waiting (07.7.25 1:27)
    Aurion : İ would believe that the add-on is pretty awesome...but...installing isnt working. Joymax? Why does my client say Europe isnt open yet? Thx in advance (07.7.25 1:17)
    crazymomo2 : You can write comment after you change writer into character name. (07.7.25 1:17)
    piepei : du mussch bei download gucka wo steht full vison des mussch downloaden und wir sind auf dem gleich server (07.7.25 0:59)
    xX_Vinny_Xx : OMG Y CANT İ PLAY ??? (07.7.25 0:56)
    shinuha : Silkroad Europe Legend 1 rocks like mad Kool monstersd and characters and weps i give this game a 10/10. Congratz ^^ (07.7.25 0:35)
    too_cexy : wow...silkroad legends its great new monster are realy nice..mice charathers too.....congratulations (07.7.25 0:33)
    Nick_US : OMG Silkroad Europe Legend 1 is SO GREAT its AWESOME (07.7.25 0:29)
    Renxoo : ohh silkroad Europe is wonderful, İ m playing now (07.7.25 0:17)
    jonas112 : wann kann man jetzt silkroad europa zocken da kommt immeer sonne nachricht das ich die voll version instaleren muss kann mir einer helfen??bitte (07.7.25 0:15)
    Graizer : Whoah you guys exceeded my expectations of sroEurope, the party system is AMAAZİNG ] great job joymax, tho its a pain to run around without grasswalk (07.7.25 0:15)
    MysticElf : ok jetzt gehts^^ (07.7.24 23:52)
    MysticElf : mir jemand helfen? (07.7.24 23:50)
    MysticElf : Hi ich habe ein problem bei mir funktst sro europa nicht bei euch? wenn ich den launcher offne komt immer the server is under inspection....., kann m (07.7.24 23:50)
    zsoli : csa hat ahogy lato nincs mas dolgotok csak hujeketi rni (07.7.24 23:40)
    cerculez : İ enjoy to play sro europe, and its a amazing game ,thanks to joymax for the great game (07.7.24 23:30)
    Quetzalcoatl : The Europe update it so freaking awsomeParty killing is crazy What else can i sayı..Awsome (07.7.24 23:23)
    Mr_Naku : http// and http// (07.7.24 23:12)
    Mr_Naku : more better this 2moons...better graphics the suits were shining when they raise 567 (07.7.24 23:08)
    Mr_Naku : Nothing happenspasses .., the clothes are ugly and only up to the level 50 5 degrees _ (07.7.24 23:02)
    LeXiaoYu : Europe update is excellent, keep up the good work D (07.7.24 23:00)
    ChrischMC : yay, finally we can play Europe D The Environment just looks great, good job, Joymax (07.7.24 23:00)
    llF4NT4SM4ll : let´s fun _o/ (07.7.24 22:53)
    Mr_Naku : _ _ ////////////D dejan postearmelo (07.7.24 22:52)
    Risako : great work GM on the update.., and specially after theres no bots xD...Europe rules... (07.7.24 22:52)
    darklord1514 : i think the new expansion is great i love the fact that the magic department is much more expanded with magic weapons like staffs. 5 stars (07.7.24 22:51)
    Risako : woah...i think the skills on europe looks better than chinese melee.., the magic atk are okay..but i specially like bard looks cool (07.7.24 22:50)
    Mr_Naku : __/////////////D - - (07.7.24 22:50)
    Mr_Naku : F.u.c.k Y.o.u stupid Türks __//////////////////D - - (07.7.24 22:45)
    Mr_Naku : puedo instalar el hay nadie en linea ?? (07.7.24 22:43)
    Pauletti : Europe Expansion will make Silkroad a new brand of MMO gampley Horray (07.7.24 22:42)
    ghostwomen : someone help mei already download the full version but i cant install it (07.7.24 22:38)
    Bo_Sami : i download the full game but i cant install it can ay one help me please (07.7.24 22:31)
    Killaho : After playing a European character, İ realized that the wait was well worth it. Good job Joymax. (07.7.24 22:27)
    WeS__BR : i really loved europe, omg, that harp user, thats so cool, thx joymax (07.7.24 22:13)
    LockeHeart : OMG Euro is so awesome And its actually worth playing OMG 80 Cap already So awesome Thank you very much Joymax Good Job (07.7.24 22:13)
    WeS__BR : i really loved europe, omg, that harp user, thats so cool, thx joymax (07.7.24 22:12)
    MrChrist : İ recommend yall to start as a bard, deals great damage and has fair hp. That means great damage, good hp and buffs. Simply the best (07.7.24 22:04)
    fest : someone tell me where to go to update my original silkroad.., cuz i have no idea (07.7.24 21:48)
    İhtgbimuanc : was muss man hier machen um bei dem sum event mit zu machen? (07.7.24 21:43)
    russack : ich brauche eine vollversion wo krieg ich ein (07.7.24 21:40)
    İhtgbimuanc : i think it was a realy great update but i dont think that it was a good idea to use only one Storage for european and chineese characters. (07.7.24 21:33)
    XBeethovenX : İTs awsome to play in Europe... its a new world.... id like it very much... (07.7.24 21:30)
    _Angelical_ : aaaaaaaaaaa (07.7.24 21:24)
    REXtrader : cool (07.7.24 21:19)
    R3sponsabl3 : great work....yippyyyyyyy (07.7.24 21:19)
    _Angelical_ : aaaaaaaaaaaaaa CUANTAS BOBADAS AN DİCHO AKİ,MoRG4N te doy la razon y a ti tanbien Talicia xD.chaoooo,cuidense. (07.7.24 21:16)
    thedaedangl : The new look is very very very nise (07.7.24 21:15)
    mehmetavci : ALLAH SEVENLERi AYİRMASİN DOSTLAR (07.7.24 21:14)
    razor_Lq : well well , good thing here and we r rock guys (07.7.24 21:07)
    fest : can anyone tell me how to get new silkroad., mine isnt letting me download utorrent (07.7.24 21:06)
    korn_hema : hi ppl i need sro full virsion direct download (07.7.24 20:53)
    CANNON : the most bedan le3ba on the world 3lshan 7ram keda lesa hnzel deen om el game men tany (07.7.24 20:53)
    Tear8675 : Europe Update is awesome way to go i started a warrior character ^^ (07.7.24 20:53)
    CANNON : hahhahaahah SRo is gona be bedan (07.7.24 20:50)
    Zengetsu : sup sup ppl, glad to c all the bots of all server lol. (07.7.24 20:33)
    CANNON : i mean how to download SRO not the european ver (07.7.24 20:21)
    __Punisher__ : ok if u have the old ver, thats cool for u but if u dont have any ver...then u have to download the new (07.7.24 20:14)
    __Punisher__ : hi (07.7.24 20:14)
    CANNON : yeah old ver i like it (07.7.24 20:11)
    ghostwomen : i need having problem downloading the europe client . (07.7.24 20:10)
    ghostwomen : İm having problem downloading the europe client (07.7.24 20:08)
    Badermaner : ohhh man cool now we will see if joymax could repair the lag problems (07.7.24 20:05)
    __Punisher__ : you mean the old version (07.7.24 20:05)
    CANNON : hey guys i don`t need the europe ver .. i need SRo i don`t know how to download it ? (07.7.24 20:02)
    __Punisher__ : yes (07.7.24 19:59)
    CANNON : punisher (07.7.24 19:58)
    ringdi : its realy fun (07.7.24 19:58)
    BLACKDEATH : Hey Joymax. i did get in n guess what? İm getting all the quest that im not suppose to get ..., duh (07.7.24 19:56)
    EscorpioVzla : ? (07.7.24 19:55)
    CANNON : kosomek le3ba bent 3ars a7a ....................... (07.7.24 19:55)
    __Punisher__ : GAME İS STARTED (07.7.24 19:55)
    __Punisher__ : THE GAME İS STARTED PLAY PLAY PLAY PLAYPLAY (07.7.24 19:55)
    __Punisher__ : guys the game has been started (07.7.24 19:54)
    EscorpioVzla : oe somebody says like vaja the client to me full? just empiso to juagr silkroad (07.7.24 19:54)
    CANNON : 7ad yrod 3la deen omy 3awez a lvl ana etbdant (07.7.24 19:51)
    Rystic_Death : BTW hee he dont forget my SoS and 5 mill gold (07.7.24 19:51)
    EscorpioVzla : ? (07.7.24 19:50)
    Rystic_Death : Wow the Europe update is great...Way to go joymax. İ started the wizard and it seems like the build for me (07.7.24 19:50)
    EscorpioVzla : like ago to lower the client? (07.7.24 19:49)
    ringdi : sro is better than europe u basicaly will only use it to make money e.g academy system (07.7.24 19:48)
    ThunderHawki : ich guße die zwei nette freunde mioger und miloger2 (07.7.24 19:46)
    ThunderHawki : man i am waiting 11 hours duration unbelievable (07.7.24 19:43)
    NukerKing : its not better than the realy sro online i think (07.7.24 19:41)
    momo4kill : yea finished (07.7.24 19:40)
    momo4kill : ZzZzZzZzZzZzZz (07.7.24 19:39)
    momo4kill : zzzzzzzzzzzzzzZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzz zzzzzzzzzZzZz (07.7.24 19:39)
    momo4kill : O (07.7.24 19:39)
    momo4kill : ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz zzzzzz (07.7.24 19:38)
    momo4kill : zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzz zzzzzzzz (07.7.24 19:38)
    momo4kill : oh great no body here (07.7.24 19:38)
    momo4kill : kos omec ya joymax ye bent el metnaka el m3arasa el mara el 2a7ba el sharmoota cos omes neek (07.7.24 19:37)
    momo4kill : hahaha aywa ya 3am (07.7.24 19:36)
    momo4kill : 2 (07.7.24 19:36)
    CANNON : kos deek el bedan (07.7.24 19:36)
    momo4kill : 1 (07.7.24 19:36)
    momo4kill : great i cud spam freely now (07.7.24 19:35)
    momo4kill : wer is every body (07.7.24 19:35)
    momo4kill : waiting sux 333 (07.7.24 19:34)
    momo4kill : lol 11 hours wtf wat r u doing joymax (07.7.24 19:33)
    momo4kill : yea fuuk waiting (07.7.24 19:32)
    wikedfix : lol cant wait for it to come out.. 3 hours more (07.7.24 19:30)
    İpas : Good job joymax (07.7.24 19:26)
    Maluk : | (07.7.24 19:24)
    EscorpioVzla : ? (07.7.24 19:21)
    Sixty7Style : lol first they said 6 Hours duration and now 11 come on joymax fix it P (07.7.24 19:19)
    EscorpioVzla : ? (07.7.24 19:18)
    ArcherKiller : ok ok wo gehts zum downloden?? (07.7.24 19:17)
    EscorpioVzla : ??????? (07.7.24 19:17)
    darsch : P (07.7.24 19:17)
    EscorpioVzla : ? (07.7.24 19:16)
    EscorpioVzla : alguien q hable espno? (07.7.24 19:15)
    Scenic_PT : e (07.7.24 19:14)
    EscorpioVzla : S (07.7.24 19:13)
    soner53 : Joymax* (07.7.24 19:13)
    soner53 : Koymax thanks for Türkish language option (07.7.24 19:11)
    Scenic_PT : i just hope that the game is good. im waiting for this update like m for evaaa and i too want the sos weap P hehe (07.7.24 19:10)
    Holy_Wrath : im quite pumped hope i win the 5D SOS weapon well imma find somethin do till it comes out. (07.7.24 19:07)
    EscorpioVzla : zZZ (07.7.24 19:03)
    Meriadoc : im going to bead see yall in the game (07.7.24 19:02)
    EscorpioVzla : ? (07.7.24 19:01)
    EscorpioVzla : para q me explique como vajr el lik .. (07.7.24 19:00)
    EscorpioVzla : me das tu msn ? (07.7.24 18:58)
    Skater_Girl : 2324 comment greez (07.7.24 18:58)
    EscorpioVzla : ? (07.7.24 18:57)
    ff9alex : yo hablo spanol i wanaaa kill kercerus P (07.7.24 18:57)
    EscorpioVzla : like ago pra to descar the game by the torrent? (07.7.24 18:55)
    EscorpioVzla : buena alguin q hables asponol.. (07.7.24 18:53)
    Meriadoc : u a new commer (07.7.24 18:47)
    TON : Hello all ^_^ (07.7.24 18:46)
    Meriadoc : i think people are sick of waiting and have forgot about it all together (07.7.24 18:46)
    NEFERTİRİ : poz za SerbianForce (07.7.24 18:46)
    İnvic_Noob : THE_CHAMPİON i got a lvl 80 in Rome a lvl 60 in zeus a lvl 77 in Atens and a lvl 79 in aege.....stafisfied? and one more thinf its not BAMOS its VAMOS (07.7.24 18:44)
    __Punisher__ : hellooooooooooooooooooooooooo ppl (07.7.24 18:42)
    Meriadoc : *cherp* *cherp* *cherp* (07.7.24 18:40)
    the_champion : well in 4 hours sro open , İM LV 76 LOL HAHA NOOBS Bamos la union hispana kabrones xDD ya viene al sro esperen xDD como todos ancia xDD (07.7.24 18:39)
    ladyofeagle : c4 (07.7.24 18:39)
    Meriadoc : is that why u are still posting (07.7.24 18:36)
    Meriadoc : i know (07.7.24 18:36)
    İnvic_Noob : we got a life u know,im working (07.7.24 18:34)
    EgYpT2010 : lool u al stoped talkin (07.7.24 18:32)
    Meriadoc : thats what i said a bout the 11 hr duration when i saw it (07.7.24 18:31)
    EgYpT2010 : and the fkrs email iz [EMAİL=""][/EMAİL]., he also changed ma password but i got hiz mail D (07.7.24 18:30)
    __ALPEREN__ : wtf 11 hour duration? (07.7.24 18:30)
    B_A_K : good (07.7.24 18:29)
    __Punisher__ : ,,,,,, (07.7.24 18:28)
    İnvic_Noob : silkroad support SUCKS, noting compared to lineage or WOW supports (07.7.24 18:28)
    EgYpT2010 : lol im now staying at karakoram to collect money., but im getting boredS (07.7.24 18:28)
    SWEET_HONEY : i willcheck İnvic_Noob (07.7.24 18:28)
    __Punisher__ : SWEET try to download from here , you dont need torrent (07.7.24 18:28)
    SWEET_HONEY : poor guy,he need s attention mayve is high or something like that, everybody ignores him (07.7.24 18:28)
    EgYpT2010 : and ofcorse silkroad cant do anything to help (07.7.24 18:27)
    İnvic_Noob : SWEET_HONEY if ur using a router check [Üye Olmadan Linkleri Göremezsiniz. Üye Olmak için TIKLAYIN...] (07.7.24 18:26)
    EgYpT2010 : lool kool...i hv char lvl 37 pure int bow sos and i got hacked all was taken from me., mny wolf sos nothing left but im doing it all again (07.7.24 18:26)
    İnvic_Noob : THE_CHAMPİON stfu nobody want to hear about ur lvls 76 noob (07.7.24 18:26)
    SWEET_HONEY : so my torret is bad,,, ty İnvic_Noob,, dam my torrent is kaput lolz (07.7.24 18:26)
    eloZZZ : lol why all stop talkin ? (07.7.24 18:25)
    EgYpT2010 : huh (07.7.24 18:25)
    the_champion : no im lv 76 now , full farmed pure str glavie i have 19589 hp and 5356 mp RULZZZZ (07.7.24 18:25)
    İnvic_Noob : of course im gonna play form lvl 1, how else could i use the european caracthers?? (07.7.24 18:25)
    Corina : hey????? (07.7.24 18:24)
    EgYpT2010 : well who hz char in tibet? (07.7.24 18:24)
    EgYpT2010 : well who hz char in tibet (07.7.24 18:24)
    PTlola : Finally i can leave a freaking comment from now till 2200 will be 25110 HoursMinutsSeconds till İSRO Europe opens... GG (07.7.24 18:24)
    EgYpT2010 : work lol (07.7.24 18:24)
    EgYpT2010 : loool (07.7.24 18:24)
    Toilet : i have to work, good luck (07.7.24 18:23)
    EgYpT2010 : whoz gonna play from lvl 1 ?? (07.7.24 18:23)
    İnvic_Noob : SWEET_HONEY i use the torrent in utorrent and i download it within 1 hours......i (07.7.24 18:23)
    Corina : .... (07.7.24 18:23)
    İnvic_Noob : ahah THE_CHAMPİON only NERDS make futile treats trough the computar motherfucker (07.7.24 18:22)
    EgYpT2010 : lool (07.7.24 18:22)
    SWEET_HONEY : lol i tried the new version but torrent says there is not seed dammmmmmmmm lol (07.7.24 18:22)
    Meriadoc : welll 2200 is the set time i need to go to sleep its 2 AM where i live and it it wont get done untill 6 AM i was hoping to play tonight. *sigh* (07.7.24 18:22)
    Corina : who is sparta? (07.7.24 18:21)
    Toilet : vamos todos para a puta que paril (07.7.24 18:21)
    İnvic_Noob : SWEET_HONEY just download it aagain -.- (07.7.24 18:21)
    İNsikwakaNG : ayt m xcited homies hope boters will b blcok 4evah.... (07.7.24 18:21)
    Seeed_2 : lool (07.7.24 18:21)
    __Punisher__ : do we have lvl 725?????????? (07.7.24 18:21)
    EgYpT2010 : guyz ur makin me feel that silkroad iz food lool.... wot if silkroad shitdown guyz wot will u doooo lol? (07.7.24 18:21)
    eloZZZ : lol Egypt iam __CrAzy__ (07.7.24 18:20)
    the_champion : im lv 76 now noob if you wanna play in erver troy pm me im lv 76 NOOB all set sos glavie 725 lol bye poor (07.7.24 18:20)
    SWEET_HONEY : i download the europe version ,but the officalpage says there is anoher full version that includes europe too by torrent (07.7.24 18:20)
    İnvic_Noob : 6 (07.7.24 18:20)
    __Punisher__ : stop fighting motherfukinf jerkass nigers (07.7.24 18:20)
    EgYpT2010 : toilet noob lool (07.7.24 18:19)
    İnvic_Noob : SUN u dont make sence....understan that you d o n t m a k e SENCE reform the frases and use better grammar (07.7.24 18:19)
    eloZZZ : lol iam not spanish i can talk english better than u noob S (07.7.24 18:19)
    Seeed_2 : pls support HURRY UP (07.7.24 18:19)
    __Punisher__ : YO GUYS PLZ CONTİNUE THE # GAME 5 (07.7.24 18:19)
    EgYpT2010 : yup u will wait (07.7.24 18:19)
    SWEET_HONEY : anyone can help me? please i hace doubt about the clinet (07.7.24 18:18)
    Toilet : hey girls, stop the fight (07.7.24 18:18)
    SOSUNLV52BOW : OMG how cant you understand invic? u cant speak english u dunno or you are a kid say whic one?? dammit (07.7.24 18:18)
    eloZZZ : then wat ? shall i w8 5 hours @ (07.7.24 18:18)
    __Punisher__ : 4 (07.7.24 18:17)
    SWEET_HONEY : omg search yor dictionary , vamos ,, not bamos like you wrote, gay (07.7.24 18:17)
    İnvic_Noob : 3 (07.7.24 18:17)
    __Punisher__ : 2 (07.7.24 18:17)
    İnvic_Noob : 1 (07.7.24 18:16)
    __Punisher__ : #1 (07.7.24 18:16)
    İnvic_Noob : what the heel the_champion are u high?fuck you bitch i know Spain better than u noob....just test me motherfucker (07.7.24 18:16)
    eloZZZ : do u have any idiea how to start it fast ? plz any 1 ansewr me (07.7.24 18:16)
    __Punisher__ : aGUYS LETS PLAY A NUMBER GAME STARTS WİTH #1 AND FOLLW BY #2 , #3 , #4 .....OK (07.7.24 18:16)
    the_champion : im spanish mother fcker noob you learn im from espana in europe noob ,,,,,,,, -.- ,,,,,,,, (07.7.24 18:15)
    İnvic_Noob : Anyone want a full working bot? (07.7.24 18:15)
    eloZZZ : then i download the full version again and i should w8 5 hours or more i think (07.7.24 18:14)
    İnvic_Noob : holy shit i can only see noobs with stupid and i mean STUPİD questions (07.7.24 18:14)
    napsken : Seeed, you have to download it, else you cannot play. (07.7.24 18:13)
    SWEET_HONEY : dam fissrt you dont know english neither spanish, the champion noob (07.7.24 18:13)
    jan_guard : pi?ka ti materna (07.7.24 18:13)
    eloZZZ : lol guyz i cant w8 i wanna play it ^^ (07.7.24 18:13)
    Seeed_2 : ther is always an information window Do you want donload full Client? and if i click No, i cant get in the game (07.7.24 18:12)
    __Punisher__ : GO TO SLEEP FOR 4 HOURS MOTHERFUKERS (07.7.24 18:12)
    İnvic_Noob : SUn wtf?? i cant even understand that sentence, LEARN ENGLSİH, i bet ur a turk (07.7.24 18:11)
    the_champion : Stop to fight wait fr sro europe 4 hours more ok. Bamos los hispanos kabrones gringos (07.7.24 18:10)
    jan_guard : NOT (07.7.24 18:10)
    eloZZZ : sh1t i cant w8 3 hours more S (07.7.24 18:10)
    Frank42 : uma blzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz (07.7.24 18:10)
    Seeed_2 : How can we play sro china? (07.7.24 18:10)
    SWEET_HONEY : i have problem to download the fullclient by torrent, anyone has the same problem or not? (07.7.24 18:09)
    __Punisher__ : hahahahahah lolzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz (07.7.24 18:09)
    __Punisher__ : hahahahahahhaha joymax had listened my request about delaying the checking and they did (07.7.24 18:08)
    SOSUNLV52BOW : so i cant whrite that but i see you can so i see it is because you are (07.7.24 18:08)
    TON : OMG 2000 Silkroad Standart time opened all server (07.7.24 18:08)
    İnvic_Noob : and ur a fucking hippie, i bet ur comunist (07.7.24 18:08)
    İnvic_Noob : never said he was a turk (07.7.24 18:07)
    vicent125 : ur the stupiests person i have ever seen İNVIC u really suck dude (07.7.24 18:06)
    İnvic_Noob : SUN before coming out with a zing try to build PROPER SENTENCES, learn grammar motherfucker (07.7.24 18:06)
    jan_guard : couse all speak english noob (07.7.24 18:05)
    vicent125 : thats true but champion isnt turk , spanish isnt turk , spanish its latino (07.7.24 18:05)
    İnvic_Noob : because were speaking english and its the motherfucking global language...not spanish lol...if spanish was the global language i would kill miself (07.7.24 18:05)
    Magic_Blade : Wow i cant wait to try this new client.... (07.7.24 18:05)
    SOSUNLV52BOW : invic_noob you are noob kid only saying motherfvcker actualy you are it (07.7.24 18:04)
    İnvic_Noob : c why im racist? look at the mothefucking turk saying bullshit...turks should have a server for their own (07.7.24 18:04)
    Shadow_Fox : SnOoPdOoGg (07.7.24 18:04)
    vicent125 : if u speak spanish then y ur telling champion to stop speaking spanish? (07.7.24 18:03)
    napsken : this new client has Sro And Sro Europe? Damned im confused O_O (07.7.24 18:02)
    İnvic_Noob : i speak portuguese , spanish french english and i understand italian u Vincent cunt (07.7.24 18:01)
    vicent125 : İnvic_Noob u think english is the only language in the world? i hate to say this but u r a disgusting person cause ur rasist (07.7.24 18:01)
    İnvic_Noob : the_champion speak motherfucking english i can speak spanish so u should speak PROPER english, eashol????is that a new word? Go straight thell (07.7.24 18:01)
    OLM_TURK : ME FİRST FULL Farmed WARLOCK (07.7.24 18:00)
    jan_guard : fuk turks (07.7.24 18:00)
    OLM_TURK : gogogogo BOTBOTBOT (07.7.24 17:59)
    vicent125 : if u dont like spanish then shut up or go learn other languages that only english (07.7.24 17:59)
    the_champion : WHATS do you said you faget , i hope all your fcking family died eashol, mother fcker (07.7.24 17:59)
    jan_guard : i i interested for skills... (07.7.24 17:58)
    İnvic_Noob : SUn u motherfucking cunt is that the best swearing u canc come up with? U SUCK BİG TİME, i gess u dont know englsih u trukish leecher (07.7.24 17:58)
    vicent125 : lol invic_noob u should die u racist (07.7.24 17:58)
    Shadowsfall : İ hove it will get soon open , i wait till 6 o´clock in germany, 5 hours now ...... i´m interested in the new areas and monSTERS (07.7.24 17:58)
    SOSUNLV52BOW : İnvic you suck glalxay and die (07.7.24 17:56)
    İnvic_Noob : The_champion fuck you spanish cunt all of your spanish ppl should be put in concentration camps (07.7.24 17:56)
    jan_guard : fack stop talk facking spanish motherfucker (07.7.24 17:56)
    the_champion : En unas 4 horas con 20 minutos el SRO europeo abrira todos apurense a entrar daran items sosun. Aguante la guild Dead_Avenger lv 4 y __NooBTeaM__ lv 4 (07.7.24 17:55)
    vicent125 : omg no idea then (07.7.24 17:54)
    İnvic_Noob : fuck you SUN ur a 80 year old fag00t who dsnt know what to do...u cant even have an erection so just stfu motherfucker (07.7.24 17:54)
    jan_guard : İTS 4 HOURS NOOB (07.7.24 17:54)
    ghostwomen : o.o (07.7.24 17:53)
    İnvic_Noob : fuck its only 2 hours stay quiet noobs (07.7.24 17:53)
    jan_guard : u know for that ? (07.7.24 17:53)
    SOSUNLV52BOW : İnvic go fvck yourself ok lit is nono of your fvcking businneses you kid You STFU (07.7.24 17:52)
    MattCHarris : they added another 2 hours now it goes to 2200 (07.7.24 17:52)
    vicent125 : sigh - thats all i have to say joymax (07.7.24 17:52)
    ghostwomen : VICENTi already download the europe client last 2 weeks but they ask to download again but i duno where (07.7.24 17:51)
    lilo22 : thx to game master because server is popluted (07.7.24 17:50)
    İnvic_Noob : ghostwomen ur the dumbest dumb fuck i ever seen (07.7.24 17:50)
    jan_guard : noob (07.7.24 17:50)
    İnvic_Noob : SOSUN u speak bad about joymax but ur gonna play arent u ? so just STFU bitch (07.7.24 17:50)
    ghostwomen : TELL ME WHERE TO DOWNLOAD THE CLİENT (07.7.24 17:49)
    jan_guard : if that will not be fixed in 2 hours i will not play anymore..that sux (07.7.24 17:49)
    vicent125 : download it from the same place u dowloaded the normal one lol (07.7.24 17:48)
    jan_guard : lol (07.7.24 17:48)
    SOSUNLV52BOW : Fck SRO bugs Admin pls i hope you will fix in 2 hours and we will join.. (07.7.24 17:48)
    ghostwomen : someone tell me pls (07.7.24 17:47)
    İnvic_Noob : wtf ozzy speak in motherfucking english u spanish punk assdick (07.7.24 17:47)
    ghostwomen : anyone knoe where to download the sro europe client? (07.7.24 17:46)
    jan_guard : fack that 11 hours inspection why they dont do that at (07.7.24 17:46)
    jan_guard : i need more patient... (07.7.24 17:45)
    brotherhood : u guys making it longer by swearing (07.7.24 17:45)
    momo4kill : i need rams for my pc (07.7.24 17:45)
    eVe_Ozzy : 11 HORAS como es demaciado levante a las 4 de la manana para jugar y me encuentro que no son 8 hormas sino 11 .........AEGE ABREE PLZZ (07.7.24 17:45)
    jan_guard : to 22.00 will be (07.7.24 17:45)
    jan_guard : gaack 11 hours (07.7.24 17:44)

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